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Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the comment

Thank you :) - I had more levels and mechanic for this game, but with the 48h timeframe had to keep the scope of the game limited :p

I really enjoyed this one! The sound it makes every time you hit an exact number is very satisfying!

Great game! it looks polished, easy to learn, and fun to play, congrats!

Nice game! loved how you blend the theme of this jam with the tutorial of Blackthornprod.

The game left me wanting for more, Good job! My only feedback is that it is kinf of short.

It was quite difficult to understand the begining of the game.

Cool platformer! 

As always, you did a great job! congrats :)

Loved your take on the theme! great job!!

Amazing take on the theme! Congrats

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it

Thank you! It came out quite pleasant.

Liked the art style of the game! congrats


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the comment :)

Liked the idea, very simple and clever! Congrats on the submission. My only feedback is that the dice fall really fast.

Relaxing, easy and enjoyable! I hope you get mentioned in the video :)

Really!! Minute 12 is the best part!

Interesting way for making a Die! It was hard for me to follow through the mechanic

Cool concept! I liked the options given once you finished a level! congrats on the submission

Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback! I found out about that UI problem very late in the gamejam, did not had time to fix it :s

So cool that you managed to finish the game. Thanks 

I tried to, but 48h pass so fast :p

That's a good idea! Thanks for the comment :)

Nice take on the theme! Congrats on submitting the game! 

The game has a couple of areas where it can be improve. One of the is how the player sticks to the wall of the platforms when it jumps, an easy fix for this is to add a Physics Material 2D and set the friction of the material to 0 .

Loved the visuals! It's impressive that you managed to do this in under 48h!

Cool game! it gets chaotic in a fun way! congrats

Interesting game, loved your take on the theme!

Amazing game! Good and easy to learn puzzle mechanics! congrats! - I invite you to try my game, as I did a puzzle game that's quite similar to yours! 

Thanks for the feedback :) 

The stages only changes to yellow when you finish them in the minimum possible moves.

The aesthetics, WOW! congrats on the submission!!

Nice game and take on the theme! Congrats!

Nice game and take on the theme! Congrats!

Nice take on the theme! I struggled a little on identifying which die was I controlling.

The player's viewpoint is kind of limited. Those enemies jumped scare me a couple of time!