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Cool stuff! I will check it out :)

This concept is a bit ambitious for the time frame of the jam! congratulations on the final result as it is a nice playable game

This game is really fun! I was smiling the whole time I was walking my human! lol

Wow! I cannot believe you did this in 12 hours! Nice entry :)

Nice take on the theme! Loved the art style

Loved the art and the sfx! good entry

Thanks for playing the game! I am glad you enjoyed it. I have to work on fixing the bugs and a couple of more things to polish the game :)

thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Good concept! I enjoyed your take on the theme! congrats

Thanks for playing

Congrats on submiting your first game! The art and animation looked very nice :)

Congrats on submiting your first game! The art and animation looked very nice :)

Amazing entry!! Right on point with the theme! congrats

I placed 2 slimes way to early and got hit several times before I could affort to place a more strategic slime.

Nice entry! I loved the art style

Thanks for the feedback! at first I had the idea of having some difficulty levels, but I ran out of time :p

Thanks for playing :)

Fun game and straight forward with the theme! congrats on the entry

Congrats on your first game! This was an amazing entry! solid gameplay and good take on the theme. I hope to play more of your games in future jams :)

thanks for playing

Amazing game! one of the best i've played on this jam! congrats on the theme's take!

Cool take on the theme! I enjoyed it :D

That moment I saw the kid falling under the water I LOL

I am glad you played my game! Thanks

Thanks for the feed back :) I have to work on that error

Cool concept! I really liked the aestetic of the game! congrats

Nice take on the theme! I liked the art style

Thanks for the feedback! Im glad you enjoyed the game

Hahaha amazing idea! I though of making them famous people/characters, just to make it more fun. The problem was the lack of time :p

Really cool approch to the theme! I hope this game gets mentioned in the video! Great entry 5/5

This game change the concept of platforming! hahah nice take on the theme

Nice entry! The game is fun and well adepted to the theme

Cool game! I like how you dealt with the time constrain at the end ! "Im just going to randomize the inputs" hahaha - good entry

Im glad you played my game! thanks for the comment

Cool game! and nice take on the theme! congrats! :)

Good entry! love the art style and your take on the theme! congrats

Great art style! congrats on the game and take on the theme.

Nice game! I like the take on the theme! Also, it would be cool if one can control all the bullets at the same time

Amazing game!! I had so much fun playing it. The AI that aims where to shoot should work for the Chatgpt guys! - My only feed back is that the camara shakes a lot! Good game! 5/5

Interesting take on the theme! those sharks go straight to the raft when you are near