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I just watched the clips, so cool! Can't wait to play the game when it's finished :)

Amazing! I'm glad you liked it :)

I'll check out your game as well 🤙🤙

cool game! congrats

Cool game! nice take on the concept of moving 2 players with the same controls. The visuals are increadible!

Cool concept! congrats on the entry!

Amazing job!

Just rated your game

Here's mine :)

What a chaos! There are points where you got triangles attacking from all angles! nice game

Good take on the theme! I like the effect the platforms have when the player moved. - Could you briefly explained how you managed that? 

Wow! this game is really good, very creative! I loved your take on the theme! Thank you for this!

Good point there! maybe we are all Simon, and we hate each other! - 

On matters related to the game, mixing iso with platformer was more complicated than what I thought. I spent a looott of time just to get a "decent" collision detection for when the player lands on the lava.

I decided to add the button just for the player to drag the attention to the TV screen while the pattern was shown, I could have place it in a better position though.

Many thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. And I am glad you enjoy the game :)

Loved the concept! this idea could be further developed easily! congrats on your entry :)

Nice puzzler! It's simple and entretaining! congrats on the entry

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First of all, congrats on finishing your first game jam! - Second, the game is hard to play mainly because of the movement mechanic. It's difficult to grasp (at moments I was trying to do random stuff just to make the square move.

Thank you for your comment and for collectively hating Simon! he is a bad dude!

The end made me smile! I am giving 5 stars on Geometricness!

Thanks for the comment! I am glad you enyoed it!

Nice platformer game! Music and sfx was on point! good take on the theme

Good game! sometimes the collisions with the antivirus and the key didn't worked.

I couldn't agree more with you! The movement of the main character is quite clunky. There is definitely room for improvement :). Thanks for the comment

The first jump is really hard! I loved the graphic and gameplay! good delivery on the theme!

Great delivery! I love the simplicity of the game. You introduced the mechanic really well, and just by adding an element that doesnt rotate with the world the game becomes a platformer. I enjoyed this one! 

Definitely 5* on Geometricness

Great take on the theme! I love the learning curve on the mechanic, it is very smooth! Great job!

Brilliant game! This game is really polished!

kudos on the level design

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Thank you for the feedback! I understand the struggle of the jumping mechanic, my main intention was not to have it that difficult, but my knowledge limitations forced me to compromise some aspects of the movement mechanic.

Also, Simon.... Is... Like... Umm.... Not a nice guy.

Thanks for the comment! And yes iso-platformer is hard (I don't think I'm doing than again xD) I spent probably 70% of the time figuring out issues with 2Dcolliders and raycast detection, just to get it working on a decent matter.

Beutiful game! I enjoyed playing it!

It's quite difficult to understand what to do at the beginning

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I  really enjoyed this one! I'm giving 5 stars of Geometricness just because of your take on the Theme.

PS: 5 stars on the theme as well :)

The hard mode is way more fun than the normal mode! - Nice entry, I enjoyed it (In particular the accuracy rate)

Nice one! I finished it on my 4th to 5th try, I love platformer games. I have a few feedbacks: Sometimes its better to use a CircleCollider insted of a BoxColiider (Eventhough your character is a square). The player got stuck very often in the wall, this is because of the friction you got set for that material. I enjoyed playing it, many thanks :)

Good luck trying to get to know Simon, he is pretty difficult to talk to! Thanks for the commen :)

Thank you! I will play your game right away :)

Thanks for playing and for the comment :)

Nice concept. You should probably reduce the friction of the walls so the character doen't stick to it.

Nice game! - I played it without reading the instruction and quickly figured out what to do. It was still a bit confusing remembering where in the map the player is, but since the world is small I got through by trial and error.

Cool concept, and the deivery was good! I enjoyed the graphic style! congrats on the submission

Great job! I really enjoyed your submission. My only feed back is to be more forgiving when the snake is on the top/down edge. I remember that the original snake gave the player some frames of grace before killing it.

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EPIC game! loved this submission! 4:46

Thanks for playing Avocado Rush! Im glad you enjoyed it :))