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The Missing WitchView game page

Help bring a missing witch back for her birthday party on Halloween.
Submitted by dmarymac — 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Overall Enjoyment (Used to determine Winner)#62.8892.889

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I liked the premise and the setting.  Nice and tightly bounded, but some of the puzzles were very old school in that they needed one particular word to trigger them, and they weren't quite telegraphed as well as they could have been.  As an old-school text adventure, though, this worked really well.  I liked the graphics too, very playful :)


I really liked the premise of this game - young kid wants to wander the streets rather than take a bath! The game started off okay, but I soon found myself wondering what the goal was. I have solved the game and I can see that there were some pointers along the way, but they were probably a bit confused or maybe too subtle. If there had been some better in-game hints and a clearer goal, I would have enjoyed it more.

The puzzles were generally good (I particularly liked the costume), but the light, the bell and the rose were all a bit weird. For example, I fail to see how shining the light from the tower into the columbarium (is that like a mausoleum?) enables you to do something that doesn't need a light, especially when the room wasn't dark in the first place. The idea was good, but the implementation left a bit to be desired.

I have mixed feelings about the graphics. They were...I dunno...strange? Perhaps a bit more colour would have helped? Anyway, keep it up. I'm looking forward to your next game now that you've got some Adventuron experience under your belt.


Started off well with the exposition then I found myself wandering. Managed to figure out the curtains on the second attempt (Oh mum!) as well as acquiring the rose and the bone and then just got very stuck.  Somebody wants a rose, I don't know who and even once past the cat I couldn't find anything else to get involved with.

Opening graphics were super low-res but gave me a great retro Spectrum vibe! Then the digitized art dropped away to be replaced by a different style at the party which was a bit jarring.

Submitted (2 edits)

I had another go today. Unfortunately the only thing I managed was pushing the bench on the other side of the garden. But that had no effect on my progress and I failed to get further. Kudos for the surreal story though as that brought me back a second time.   My recommendation is that you take the player a little bit more by the hand. Give them a story to experience, or with a more puzzle oriented approach give them clear micro goals that lead to success. Failure should always result in feedback. Examining should result in hints (sometimes).  I'd also recommend to implement more synonyms so that the player doesn't need to hunt for the right verb. Guess the verb may stay in the 80s. Overall I was very satisfied until I got frustrated. But that's maybe just me. I tend to write adventures that adapt modern gaming expectations as well (you can't die, heavily simplified voabulary, experiencing a story and so on), so I'm maybe not the right person to judge a game that takes a very classic approach. Looking forward to your next game !   :) 

Submitted (1 edit)

I really like the kinda surreal setting of this one. The cat, the twins... I'm pretty stuck however. Since there are not many hints provided in-game, I ended up just trying countless things until I got a bit frustrated. I've found the bell and rang it on two different places and now I don't know how to proceed further. There are also no places left where I'm able to use the bell. I have the rose, but I don't seem to understand what to do with it. Well I see the location where it needs to be used probably but words like "place, give" have no effect. Dropping works, but doesn't change a thing. It is either the classic hunt for guessing the verb or I'm not understanding the riddle.The bench doesn't conform to words like SIT or USE  which makes me wonder how else you could make use of the object. I think a few hints would be really helpful to guide the player a bit more through the story.


Thanks for the feedback. As I worked on creating the mechanics that made so much sense to me, it did strike me later that it is not made clear enough in the game all the conditions necessary  to summon a witch. I think I need to work another clue in to describe it as welll as a hint to another hidden location to access. 


Nice little game!  I liked the mechanic with the bell.  I think it could do with a bit of tightening up for spelling and grammar, but on the whole I really enjoyed it!  Some nice graphics too.