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Thank you very much for this, looking forward playing it and I'll make sure I spread the word! Imagine worlds! <3

Glad this worked for you mate! Yay and happy Easter :)

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Ouch, I must have missed your message for some reason. Yes, that's a DAAD limitation. Cheers and thank you so much for your support!

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Yes, because of the pandemic especially overseas shipments weren't possible for many months since the German Post postponed much of their international letter services. It would have been delivered much faster if you'd chosen parcel service on the checkout process. Also in March the game was still a pre-order. It was not out at that time. Anyway, glad it arrived. Thank you very much for your support!

Hi there, I am not sure to be honest. You could trying make the HTML version run on it.

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, there will be more in the future, no worries :)

Amazing, thanks for your support! I am currently working on Hibernated 2 and unfortunately don't have much time to assist with a translation, even though the build tools are semi-automated. I've released the sources of Rabenstein here so feel free to take a look at it. The actual source is the DSF file. You would need to adapt that to the Spanish language template of our DAAD compiler, which you find here. Please ping me if you're getting somewhere. Would love a Spanish translation since our adventure system has native Spanish support. Kind regards! 

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Thank you so much, I am glad you liked and enjoyed the game! No worries, I will come back to text-/graphic adventures :)

I am not sure to be honest. Maybe 140 objects, I have never counted the verbs :)

Glad you like it! It was written with DAAD Adventure Writer

This is definitely  a bug in the Adventuron to DAAD exporter / mapper. I've chatted with Uto about this particular issue. It cannot be caused by DAAD ready. This can only be caused by code, so when Adventuron exports the code, this is where the magic happens.

What I can confirm: this is not bug in DAAD and saving a DAAD game on the Spectrum Next works fine. Same counts for loading. See as a reference, where it perfectly does the job. I just tested it on real Next hardware. Well, I did before but I wanted to be 100% sure.

Note: ERROR4 in the Spectrum interpreter means "OUT OF MEMORY". This can only occur if the commands that the interpreter tries to process are too long for the machine.

I'd like to support this! Feel free to include my adventure game "The Curse of Rabenstein"

That‘s a browser issue. You need to check your privacy settings. Also, which Browser are you using? And which version? We know that Edge for example has massive issues 

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The game can be played without issues on the Next. In fact, the Next Team and I have teamed up some time ago and Hibernated is already in the list of games that came with your Next, so you even won’t need to download it from here :)

There are unfortunately no further ports planned at this time.


Thank you very much, glad you like it :)

You could give Davide Bucci’s “The Queen’s Footsteps” a go. Very nice adventure.

We haven’t planned any translations at this point.

I felt completely lost when playing this one. The room descriptions and NPCs won’t allow you even to imagine what COULD be the goal here, so without a proper introduction and some documentation you’re missing all the context here, making this a very rough and unpolished experience. Unless someone explains me what this is all about, I would classify it as inappropriate to distribute.

Thank you so much, I‘m glad you liked it :)

yes, the SD includes images for all platforms :) 

Well, if you follow the link to PolyPlay, you see for which systems you can order. On the SD cards, there will be every version in addition

The preorder for the physical release is live now. Head over to our publisher and PREORDER RABENSTEIN

Sorry, must have missed your question for some reason. We aim for mid-March, a little bit after the first physical units from our publisher Poly.Play arrive to those who preordered the game.

I confirm this is working for Germany. Upon connection request, I’ve been asked if I use the connection primarily for private or for business purposes. All fine, thanks a lot! 

That's a limitation of the C64 filesystem itself, so for the moment it is not possible. You might want to play Eight Feet Under, which is an addon for Hibernated 1, if you haven't already. Cheers!

PS: I think a few hobby-devs like me use the "Direct To You" feature solely to get a few donations, thus without any commercial intent. Which is fine in my country. Now when Paypal forces business accounts, I suggest you guys should consider alternatives, like implementing Ko-Fi for donation-based models. I actually thought that having a Ko-Fi integration here would be wonderful feature anyway.

Same here in Germany. My games are free but users are allowed to grant me a donation. I wanted to reconnect now Paypal advised via the new method but Paypal wanted to force me to either create a separate business account or upgrade my own private account to a business account. I'm sorry but this is unacceptable. I don't have a business here and I can't found one just to get a few quid of donations which barely make me buy a coffee.

The Hibernated series will remain text only unfortunately, which kinda is my trademark. With Rabenstein I intentionally tried to create a graphic adventure. I‘m glad you like it! Cheers 

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maybe you don’t need a stake :) try to do something with the blanket in the library first before you go on with the soil. 

PS: I am currently preparing the 8-bit versions and the game will be heavily polished. 

Thank you so much for your feedback Damien! I wanted this to be more oldschool and less guided than Eight Feet Under, but I think I will add a few more hints that unfold the next goal when you triggered a progress. This is simple to add but makes it easier to understand what the next microgoal is. I have some ideas to improve this. I can’t seem to get away from my usual approach of creating adventures :D 

The mount of dirt btw. (when you examine it) says that you need light to investigate this properly. So it tells you that you should look after a light source rather than a shovel :)

Regarding the verb combinations: in my adventures, when trying to use objects you only the word USE. There are synonyms available but I want this as easy as possible. So for example when in the bedroom, you may write SLEEP but you can also write USE BED. Or USE KEY instead of UNLOCK DOOR. I know this is different to the usual adventure but I try to prevent „guess the verb“ situations as much as possible :)

Thank you very much for your feedback, thank you very much for playing my game and I’m glad you enjoyed it :) 

hi Garry, no that’s not true unfortunately. You don’t need to do anything in the Inn in order. When you talk with the villagers before the horses are in the stable, you get a reply that the time is not right. After the horses are in the stable you can talk with the villagers, provided you gave back the key. If you’re still carrying the key, you are encouraged to give it back first. That’s the trigger and nothing else. 

Your problem is that you’ve searched your way through the scenes without knowing what you’re doing and without a clear mission. The game tells you when you need to look after the coachman and when you need to search for certain things which then become obvious. There is NO shovel for you to grab now. You will know when you need one much later in game. 

Actually all you had to do now is going to the church and ringing the bell. After your talk with the villagers a few hours passed and there is someone now in the church. To sum that up:

*water from the well: the missing link and the mission is unfold in the church. Yes, in the church you would have needed to search one time again. The problem is that you’re trying to solve microgoals which you were not told yet and that’s exactly why the missing item is at a place where you have not progressed enough to enter. Someone in the church tells you what to do. The whole progress of the game is very linear and logical. You’re the first person to struggle a bit with that. I understand though that adventures come always with expectations and when you’re expecting an oldschool adventure, Rabenstein is wrong for you. it’s about experiencing a story step by step. 

*which shovel? You don’t need a shovel now. You need it later in game  at a completely different place  and when that’s the case you will know. 

*entering the church: like I said, after talking to the villagers, all you had to do is ringing the bell. Since a few hours past, someone is there now 

* there are a few „passages of time“ but you don’t force it. They happen while you progress and you know when you can trigger them. You can’t right now because you have not progressed enough.

In this game, it’s all about progressing. When you did something and triggered something, it could be that you can do things you were not able to do before. The logicial context is important. Why would you searching for a bucket if you don’t know you need water?

Like I said, you could just make more objects carriable when the backpack is present or just leave it out. It’s about the logic, not the technique behind it. Also, the game encouraged me to look inside the backpack and then I got a reply that it’s not a container, assuming these are system messages, that’s on Chris todo not on yours 

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Actually... no :D Do you still have the stable key with you? 

when the horses are in the stable you can talk to the innkeeper again to get a different reply. if you try to talk to the villagers after the horses are in the stable, the innkeeper will ask you to give her back what belongs to her. If you do so, you may finally talk to the villagers. That is the trigger to progress, not just waiting. 

You are with puzzeling just ahead of the story, that's why you're not getting the whole picture. Yes, the coachman won't return. But initially you don't know. And from a logical perspective, what you would do in that situation is asking for a room for the night, put the horses in the stable, and then ask again in the inn if somebody had seen the coachman. That's the idea behind it. You wouldn't search all the locations before you know that you're searching something, which is revealed later as you progress and then the items make sense :)

PS: if you found the torch, there is not more to do at this moment at the graveyard. there will be later. 

When I somehow tried to handle the Rucksack as a container I got the reply that I rather should look inside. Did I try to open it? Mmmh. You may try LOOK INSIDE BACKPACK for yourself and then see the result. Not sure though what triggered the first reply of the system that I rather should look inside the backpack. Anyway, if it is not added by you, then this is a system reply and you should get in touch with Chris to take care of that. Maybe it is documented somewhere, in the obj. ref?

Regarding the maze-feeling. I know that it was not actually a maze, I'm just expressing how it felt when you were wandering through the same-looking, different coloured transition rooms of the game.

Yes, having a 5 item limit may be realistic. I was more after logic with my hint. We all can can't barely carry more items with our hands than 5 or maybe six until it starts looking like a circus performance. But we can carry a lot more items with a backpack. So the player will think: hey what's up... just 5 items? I'm wearing a backpack! So you either should take the limit out or allow to carry more if the player is wearing the backpack. That would be a way to work around the issue that Adventuron doesn't support containers yet. BTW. you could try to replicate DAAD's logic of containers in code, where a container is just an inaccessible location. It uses then the LISTAT condcat to read the contents of the inaccessible location as container inventory. 

Thank you very much Manuel, I'm glad you liked it! 

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Generally a nice effort. There is plenty to explore and you definitely need to draw a map to not get lost in this one. I played Garry's game before which had a certain maze-feeling when wandering in the house, now that I played this game I kinda felt I had a Deja Vue. It generally is part of the anachronism of text adventures so there is generally nothing wrong with it when you're into that kind of game design. I enjoyed the look and I especially felt story and spookyness are great in this one, the level of gore might be a bit too mature though.  Anyway, great adventure you crafted here.

One thing I'd like to mention is that when you turn off the graphics at the beginning of the game by pressin 2, you don't really turn off the graphics. The graphics appear, but they do so below the object list. I've added a screenshot so you can see the issue. My guess is that this is a bug and not intended by you. I can't see why anyone would want to play it without graphics, if you do so, it should work :)

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Nice little game. It is quickly over once you know what to do, but I enjoyed the aspect of stumbling around and taking your time to examine and experience the secret unfolding. I think that was a very different approach to the usual adventure which was very refreshing. Kudos for creating it the way you did. Also you perfectly catched the characteristic Aventuras AD look with those images. Thumbs up from my side :)

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One can't deny that this is the mother of all oldschool adventures. It is heavily based on puzzle-driven interaction by manipulating objects, which is very contrary to my own way of writing games based on progress levels that cause further moving on in a linear story. Which is not a bad thing, just a different approach. What you did here is a solid effort that draws lots of inspiration from the 80s counterparts and therefore pretty much comes with lots of vibe those games were famous (and also infamous) for. I think Chris will enjoy this game very much.

Personally I liked playing it, even though I would like to mention a few things that I encountered "along the way":

1) Backpack: when you try to EXAMINE it, it tells you what's inside, which is fine. When you then try to LOOK INSIDE BACKPACK the game tells you that "The backpack is not a container." which is very confusing for the player. I'm guessing this is the standard Adventuron reply to an object that really is no container, so my suggestion is that you override this reply for the particular object to avoid any confusion. 

2) Maze: inside the house, navigating to the different locations had a very maze-esque look and feel. I don't like mazes in adventures so that was not my cup of tea. I also felt that if you do a maze, you could maybe make the pictures a bit more different than just changing colours. I know this is too much to ask for in the time we had, but the identical pictures hardened the maze feeling in me. 

3) Objects: Personally I felt overwhelmed by the objects you need to interact with. This is generally not a bad thing. For people who are into object puzzles, this can be heaven. I for myself found it hard though to see the "masterplan" in-between all those objects. I also have a feeling the amount of "red herrings" is too high in this one. Again, nothing bad with red herrings, I have one in Rabenstein too, I'm just reflecting my own preference and experience when playing the game. The last thing I'd like to mention regarding objects is that I felt with the massive amount of objects you can interact with, the limitation of items that could be carried felt like an unnecessary extra level of difficulty. That I was still wearing a backpack (which was not suitable to put some things in) didn't force me to cheer when the message that I'm carrying too much stuff appeared :D

Anyway, this is a very nice oldschool effort and without doubt you put much work into this, which you can feel when you play the game. It needs to be mentioned that I also loved the graphics. They didn't feel like quickly made, they actually felt very polished and give the game a professional look. I'm absolutely looking forward to your future efforts! 

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Hi Garry, I think the comments were contra-productive in your case as they brought you way too much ahead with thinking towards the goals as you actually have progressed. There are in fact more locations that open up as you progress, the church is such a location. My games are always based on progress levels, so sometimes you are doing the right thing but the time is not right.

Ok. Regarding the horses, I don't think it is a bug. You can't take the horses to the stable immediately. You first need to unlock the stable and then you need to be in the stable one time to check if there is enough room for horses / carriage. This process is pretty guided. After you did that you may take the horses to the stable and a little "cutscene" places you there together with horses and carriage. The progress is very linear. Anyway. From what I read, what you did not do is talking to the villagers in the Inn after you brought the horses to the stable. When you initially try to talk to them the reply is that this is not the right time, after you take care of the carriage and you need to wait for the coachman anyway, why shouldn't you? :)  once you did that (a few hours pass) you might want to go to the church again. And from what I read you also might want to carefully examine everything on the graveyard. I usually wouldn't give that much advice on the project website, but here in the Jam entries, it's okay :) 

Scream for help if something is not clear to you :)