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Unfortunately this is a limitation of the interpreter. It is meant to display a title screen when the game starts but just move on when there is no title screen. So this actually is a known bug in the interpreter.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so glad you like it! If you'd like to play a text-only game as well that is more of an interactive novella, you might want to play my other game Hibernated1 Director's Cut. :)

You need to deactivate any second disk drive in the config, inckuding the IEC drive, which is activated by standard. This can confuse some games as even when unused the drive is residing on the bus.

Here is a reference for setting up Fuse with a divMMC environment

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As I wrote already in the readme, if you scroll up you can see it under "requirements", the ZX Spectrum version is intended to run on real hardware with a divMMC device. You have to put all the files from the archive onto the SD card of the divMMC device. It loads the pictures from the SD while executing the .TAP file. If you really want to play Rabenstein with emulation, Fuse at least allows simulating a divMMC environment. There are quite a few tutorials out in the wild that explain how you can do that. Hope this helps!

Yay! Glad you like it <3

This won't work with the itch client. You need to download the disk image and play it on a real C64 or a C64 emulator. Hope this helps! 

I can look into that but I don't have much hope for it since the system that was used to develop the classic parser version doesn't support SID tunes. Let me check this. If so, I'll do it of course :) 

And thank you for your support! 

I don't keep track of older releases unfortunately. What do you need it for? And are you looking for a certain platform?

You mean the classic game or older versions of the Director's Cut? The classic game is here in the Downloads section. It is a separate ZIP file

Issue resolved. It was a problem with the SD device used to load the game.

I think the challenge is finding a working one xD

Mmmh. The Engine I am using for the browser based version is Adventuron. I'll ping the maker and see if there is a hidden option to change the font to a more readable style

That's a limitation of the engine I used to build this game. So unfortunately there is no way to save to HDD.

Unfortunately, no. I've automated the build process so that the output goes straight onto a disk image. What you can do though is extracting the contents of both disks using CPCDiskXP.

I had a chat with Uto, who created Maluva. He has a M4 himself and says the game works fine there, so we are not able to reproduce this. Here is what he wrote btw. you may want to try both ways, not sure how you've set the content of the game up:

There are two ways to play in M4 though: 

1) drop all the files in a folder in the SD, this way I have not tested

2) drop the two .dsk files and run emulated disks (this one I tried)

We also had a look at the USIFAC since we never heard of it before. Seems to be a good thing. From what I read it should work. My point here is that the game is running on real hardware, and if it does that it's more a problem of the device and firmware rather than of the game itself. Since we don't have such a device we are not able to dive deeper anyway. Hope you understand :) Cheers!

Nope, you can make commercial games

It has been made with DAAD + Maluva Plugin

Thank you so much! I am sure you're going to love the sequel :) 

Awesome, yes it does make use of the Extra RAM.

Hi, let me have a look into this. I am not sure if that is possible, I'll have to ask the guys who do the Ozmoo interpreter, because when you select the C128 target, the Ozmoo build script automatically generates a .D71 image. 

That's not necessary anymore. Previously the addon was only available via password but during the Pandemic I decided to give the addon to everyone :)

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I am really confused by this. The disk could be a faulty disk, which actually has to be cleared with my publisher, and they will replace it. On the other hand I am not sure if the game ever has been tested on that particular OC-118N clone. The original Oceanic is very compatible, almost 100 percent they say. You don't have the option to try with a 1541 or 1541-II? 

Regarding the disk image that's the most confusing part. The game has been loaded thousands of times on C64 machines from an SD2IEC without any issues at all. I load it from an SD2IEC myself, at least on the Plus/4. Did you download the disk image from here? Or are you using the one that came on the SD card supplied with the game? Still this must have something to do with your hardware. I don't have any other explanation as the game runs perfectly on pretty much any C64. Is the SD2IEC from "The Future was 8-bit" or is it a different manufacturer?

One more thing to add... did you load that particular disk image in an emulator to verify it works?

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That sounds much like a local problem with your C64 unfortunately. Can you give me a little bit of information? Can you see the disk contents with LOAD"$",8 and LIST afterwards? What C64 are you using? Did you modify it? Do you use a Fastloader and if so have you tried to disable it? Which hardware are you using to load the disk image (eg. 1541 Ultimate, SD2IEC and so on)? Rabenstein has been loaded on hundreds of C64 machines without issues. I could imagine a broken disk. But if it is not working on both your disk AND the disk image, it is highly likely this is your local configuration somehow.

Hi Pedro,

thank you so much, I fixed the typo! Yes, the Amiga interpreter had problems with Puny's DrawStatusLine() routine, too. That's why R9 comes with a more compatible way of drawing the status line. What Puny does is absolutely conform though. It's the interpreters who miss the implementation for all the dirty secrets of the Z-machine. But yeah, I knew when the new DrawStatusLine code was in, that this likely will fix ZXZVM's way of rendering the status bar in z5 games :) 

I'll recommend z5 again for the update for Next :) 



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Hi, no worries. Yeah I just came to the same conclusion. I tested the game on my Plus/4 and it loaded up just perfectly with the SD2IEC. It must be a local hardware issue. Fingers crossed you're able to find it! Cheers 

That's very weird. I will check if the same problem happens on my Plus/4 together with my SD2IEC. It could have something to do with the picture loader, which is not my code (provided by Ozmoo). I'll get back to you ASAP! 

Thank you so much! You're welcome! Glad you like it! 

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Thank you so much for your support! <3 Certainly it will, but you will also notice that there is literally so much new stuff in here that you think you're in an alternate reality. And it really is a completely different experience. The conversations with Io alone are 5 times more narrative content than ALL the text found in the classic game. The Director's Cut also fixes a few plotholes and adds so many new memorable scenes and pieces to the story, everything had been completely rewritten, I only kept a few of the location texts, but even those are altered, sometimes more, sometimes only slightly and sometimes completely. The sequel is planned for Q4 this year. Actually the Director's Cut was written with the engine that was created for Hibernated 2. Yes, the physical release will be a redesigned box resembling the Infocom packaging. We will continue to use the old style box but only for the all-in-one Editions where you have every system that the game is available for supplied. Because you can't put +20 disks in an Infocom style box, that's physically not possible :) 

Let me know how you liked it once you played DC through! Happy adventuring! 

Thank you very much for this, looking forward playing it and I'll make sure I spread the word! Imagine worlds! <3

Glad this worked for you mate! Yay and happy Easter :)

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Ouch, I must have missed your message for some reason. Yes, that's a DAAD limitation. Cheers and thank you so much for your support!

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Yes, because of the pandemic especially overseas shipments weren't possible for many months since the German Post postponed much of their international letter services. It would have been delivered much faster if you'd chosen parcel service on the checkout process. Also in March the game was still a pre-order. It was not out at that time. Anyway, glad it arrived. Thank you very much for your support!

Hi there, I am not sure to be honest. You could trying make the HTML version run on it.

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, there will be more in the future, no worries :)

Amazing, thanks for your support! I am currently working on Hibernated 2 and unfortunately don't have much time to assist with a translation, even though the build tools are semi-automated. I've released the sources of Rabenstein here so feel free to take a look at it. The actual source is the DSF file. You would need to adapt that to the Spanish language template of our DAAD compiler, which you find here. Please ping me if you're getting somewhere. Would love a Spanish translation since our adventure system has native Spanish support. Kind regards! 

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Thank you so much, I am glad you liked and enjoyed the game! No worries, I will come back to text-/graphic adventures :)

I am not sure to be honest. Maybe 140 objects, I have never counted the verbs :)

Glad you like it! It was written with DAAD Adventure Writer

This is definitely  a bug in the Adventuron to DAAD exporter / mapper. I've chatted with Uto about this particular issue. It cannot be caused by DAAD ready. This can only be caused by code, so when Adventuron exports the code, this is where the magic happens.

What I can confirm: this is not bug in DAAD and saving a DAAD game on the Spectrum Next works fine. Same counts for loading. See as a reference, where it perfectly does the job. I just tested it on real Next hardware. Well, I did before but I wanted to be 100% sure.

Note: ERROR4 in the Spectrum interpreter means "OUT OF MEMORY". This can only occur if the commands that the interpreter tries to process are too long for the machine.

I'd like to support this! Feel free to include my adventure game "The Curse of Rabenstein"