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The graphics and characters are delightful. I <3 your hint delivery. I have hit a couple bugs, one that I am convinced is obstructing me from moving in the game. 1, if I examine bed in east bedroom, I discover gum 2x. The second is after I get the key and unlock the west door, it says the door is unlocked, but then when I try to go in, it tells me its locked. I can't gain access. 

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I'm trapped early on. I am stuck with a splinter and a door. Not sure if it's an American language thing. My sense of splinter is a very microscopic piece of wood. I also can't understand the mechanics of the situation and would find more hints helpful there, as I am interested in the story. thanks!

ETA: I solved it! I see where the hints were built in. nice puzzles!

Fun adventure. I have to say the hints and instructions came just at the right time for the puzzles I needed to keep my flow going. 

Played this game with my 8 year old (who I'm trying to force love into IF), we both loved the graphics, the flow, and the content of the story. I particularly loved the theme of loneliness and friendship. great work!

Fun game! Love your characters and graphics.

Enjoying the game a lot! I am stuck looking for a light source as well. Also, when I am trying to read the tome, and press return to continue, I am missing some of the text that may seem vital to solving puzzles. 

Your games are wonderful. I especially love what you've captured with this one. I especially am in awe of your sophisticated 1bit graphics. 

Still trying to figure out the right questions to ask... I also discovered a bug with one of the presents. Should i post here?

SPOILERS: I have 6 of 7. Trying to find a sleigh, mix some powders, or serve up some sprouts to a certain elf.

Really love this game and its perfect holiday retro graphics!

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Delightful, positive, and love what you've done with the visuals in providing information.

I really enjoyed playing this game! I've never done IF in this format before. I like how it removes syntax and its just puzzle-solving and a fun, funny story. Looking forward to trying the others.

Sorry if that came off insensitive. I lost momentum on the game and its really hard to pick back up when you aren't in "jam mode".  Also, after I saw the projects, it occurred to me my story really needed to be reduced down a bit. I'll still be testing these. Look forward to hearing about future jams! 

I just wanted to give overall feedback to all the games. If it wasn't for all the extra work these quarantine conditions have created for me, I would love to just be testing the heck out of all of them. I've tried nearly everyone. I wasn't able to participate in this jam, so I guess I'm not able to actually vote.  I did start a project that I knew I couldn't complete, and so I recognized how hard the parameters of the two words are. but I also like the sparseness of the play. 

got the thick glass door i think. Its the gold leaf door now. 

I've gotten farther but appear to be without any clues. I have a rucksack full of sand and another door that's locked.

Enjoying this game! I like the pace of the beginning. Stumped a few sections below. Trying to find some keys or something to bridge.

What are the Mac System Requirements?

I really love these graphics. Struggled with interacting with any objects in this game. 

I also got a Maniac Mansion vibe! 

I’m so  accustomed to small maps so this game was super fun to have so much freedom. It also felt a bit unclear what I was to do with any of the many items I found. In several cases, directions that were listed that I could go in weren’t available even when a door was closed. Great mood and setting. Definitely spooky! 

you know, it hadn't occurred to me at the time because I was working so intensely through the logic of getting the light on and all the aspects of it. But yes turn light is very unsatisfying.  I think I'll work more details so that I can have a better light command.

thanks for the feedback. I tried telegraphing (I like that term) information about what happens in that space in other ways, but I think that’s a good one. I typically put a lot of verbs in my match because I don’t like to hang a player up if they know what needs to be done. Turn should work. Let me go back and look to verify. 

got it! Very good support clues! I was especially impressed with the handling of multi object puzzles in this game. I loved the idea of the locations changing and introducing time. 

Thanks for the feedback. As I worked on creating the mechanics that made so much sense to me, it did strike me later that it is not made clear enough in the game all the conditions necessary  to summon a witch. I think I need to work another clue in to describe it as welll as a hint to another hidden location to access. 

I do like the way it works! I’ll try again later. 

Ok. I'm new to that concept. Now I feel like I am at the last hurdle and I want to use the USE command, and it's asking me to be more precise.

The number of scenes and objects in this game are expansive. I love the graphics, but I feel like they are sometimes at odds with the description of the scene.  Currently stuck and wish I could get a candle I see in a bedroom. 

the in-game vampire bat egg splat is utterly delightful. 

really love the descriptions and consistency in your art. Stuck tho ...

thanks for playing and the feedback btw. Rang in places — More than 2? 

I wasn’t able to have many other people test it, so I don’t have a good sense of how difficult it is to others. I do have a several puzzles.  Have you found a bell? 

solved it! Had a good vibe! 

ok, so I have quite advanced Photoshop skills but pixel art totally baffles me. I spent a considerable amount of time with my first artwork and ended up with MS Paint-like art despite following as much good advice as I could from this website:  It gave me a lot of good tips like: turn off all anti-alias. use the pencil tool. zoom in. Use a limited palette. Show a grid.

I'm not using Photoshop. I'm using a tool called Affinity Photo which is a cheaper version without a pencil tool. Spam me with your favorite tips for making successful drawings. TIA!

Really like the art!

awesome!! This seems like it could buy me time to tweak my ending, but gotta start those pixels! :)

thumbs up!

Hi all, I missed the intros. My adventure is called the Missing Witch and it is entirely non-violent and inspired by gothic novels, but intended for middle school students. So I come from a genre of IF that offered a feature called 'maximum verbosity'. I'm trying to be kind and not do that, but writing is a stronger suit to graphics. It appears that many folks save the graphics for last. Seems like a solid process. My game is done and I'm starting down that avenue now. I'm concerned about uploading assets and needing to modify them. Is there a way to flush or view the directory? My apologies, I also haven't reviewed all the documentation in that arena. Looking forward to seeing all the solutions for this challenge.

awesome! thanks.

Last minute decision to enter! I am struggling to find the source code for the Halloween Spooky game. Where can I find it? Also, I'm worried that some of the sample scripts will open up my Adventuron Classroom window and overwrite all my work. I've been saving and downloading, but is there a feature that makes sure it won't erase without asking me first?