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Any chance of a mention/credit for the Daddy Cool font?

Thanks so much!

Any chance of a credit for the Standstill font?

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Thank you so much :) I'll also add Tiny Dungeons to my Diamond font as well.

Love the look of this game! Will add it to my playlist :)

Any chance of a credit on the page for my Diamond font used in the dialog? (It's not required but is always appreciated)


Any chance of a credit for the font?

I have made 172 typefaces (322 fonts/variants) - AGD only contains a small handful of them pre-packaged. All of them are free to use in games, you can find them at :)


The ones in Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer for sure - my names in the docs - not sure where else they ended up :) Just looked in the docs and he's missing the link to my site so I'll see if he can add that to the next release.  Something like "Blood Rain font by Damien Guard" in the readme is nice... but it is entirely your choice it's not a condition of use.

Any chance of a credit for the font in the readme? :)

Looks great, don't forget a credit for !

This game was a challenge for me as it wants to progressively reveal plot details (great) but does so without me noticing that certain areas or actions previously unavailable would now be ready.  This was especially difficult with things like the mount of dirt being discovered but spending a lot of time looking for a shovel.  Additionally despite having a bottle and a bucket I struggled to figure out the combination of verbs to do something useful with the well or even know why I'd want to.

The graphics were top-notch, probably my favorite in the whole jam, and the writing itself was excellent.

While the puzzles aren't to the extreme of Magnetic Scrolls' Corruption in terms of talking to people and revisiting situations a piece of paper to take notes on would be advised especially for areas that don't seem to do anything just yet and should be frequently revisited.  Alternative some pointers in the game itself when opportunities open to you could be more forgiving.

Did enjoy though and this made me want to fire up Hibernated 1 again and give it my proper attention as well.

Fun short adventure with some great themed 80s throwback graphics, a gorgeous font and lots of atmosphere.

The puzzles started off quite easy and didn't get too much more difficult - this would be the great start to a bigger adventure as when it ended I wanted more!

Great graphics and a really spooky atmosphere but apart from stoking the fire and washing my hands I just found myself wandering around somewhat aimlessly not sure what to do and having far too much to explore while I figure it out.  Some amount of fencing the player off until they've done some of the starting tasks and guiding them along would go a long way.

Definitely had me feeling uneasy as I moved through the house unlike most games!

Started off well with the exposition then I found myself wandering. Managed to figure out the curtains on the second attempt (Oh mum!) as well as acquiring the rose and the bone and then just got very stuck.  Somebody wants a rose, I don't know who and even once past the cat I couldn't find anything else to get involved with.

Opening graphics were super low-res but gave me a great retro Spectrum vibe! Then the digitized art dropped away to be replaced by a different style at the party which was a bit jarring.

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Loved the feel and the graphics on this one and thought I'd got off to a good start getting the moss but then struggled with any of the others.  So many rooms and objects plus a limited inventory meant a lot of walking around trying to figure out which one to do next and where it could possibly be.

Nice atmosphere and writing, felt a little bit like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams in places and the graphics gave me a nice Manic Mansion vibe!

Looks very atmospheric!  I think this is the first use of the District Digital font I've seen too :)

Looks like ZX Times font?  Great to see it in use, game looks sweet.  Will try it out.