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You wake up and you have two problems: you don't remember anything and you're a skeleton.
Submitted by Manuel Sagra (@manuelsagra) — 9 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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Overall Enjoyment (Used to determine Winner)#53.5363.750

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Fun short adventure with some great themed 80s throwback graphics, a gorgeous font and lots of atmosphere.

The puzzles started off quite easy and didn't get too much more difficult - this would be the great start to a bigger adventure as when it ended I wanted more!


Thanks Damien! I'm glad you liked it.

That was the idea: creating an adventure suitable for all ages and easy to complete.


Even though it's only small, I really enjoyed this game. It's not too difficult and the story develops gradually. The graphics were nice, but there's not enough contrast, so it's sometimes hard to make out details. The font is fantastic! There were a few bugs and spelling/punctuation errors, but most people wouldn't have noticed these.

Please write some more, perhaps for the next Adventuron game jam.


Thanks Garry. Yes, I'm aware of some spelling errors and I'm planning to publish another version when the jams ends.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I wanted to create something really small so people can finish the game without many problems in a short time.

BTW, I'm about to finish your game but I'm not able to get a bat wing ^_^ I really liked the cartoon graphics and the history!


If you're missing the bat, note what happens when you enter the cave. Maybe you could catch one? Examine everything in the graveyard. Use something you find there in conjunction with something you find in the bathroom.

If you've got the bat, but you can't get the wing, examine everything in the kitchen.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice little game. It is quickly over once you know what to do, but I enjoyed the aspect of stumbling around and taking your time to examine and experience the secret unfolding. I think that was a very different approach to the usual adventure which was very refreshing. Kudos for creating it the way you did. Also you perfectly catched the characteristic Aventuras AD look with those images. Thumbs up from my side :)


Thanks Stefan, it means a lot coming from you. I really enjoyed your adventure too!


Thank you very much Manuel, I'm glad you liked it! 



Some minor issues

1) If you keep digging, you can get another bone.

2) "a big metal armour" should be "some big metal armour"

Not sure where the pendant is. Pretty sure I'm one puzzle away from completing the game.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks. I'll fix this when the voting ends and I'll also add a custom message for the inventory limit.

BTW, the pendant is where it seems it is ;-)


Right, I finished it ! 

Thanks for the tip.


I liked the story in this one!  Also loved all the references (especially the Monkey Island grog recipe).


Thank you. I tried to create a fun (and short) experience for everyone.


Loved the graphics, and it is a great font choice. I got out of the first room, and then wandered around aimlessly picking up and dropping things and trying VERB/NOUN combinations until I got bored (that happens a lot -- I get bored easily in situations like this). I think the game needs some hints! But I liked it a lot, including the Spanish Inquisition joke!


Thanks for your comment. The game is really short once you know what you have to do (maybe two minutes or less) so part of the charm is examining things, figure out which objects are useful and knowing where to go and what to carry. Take your time!