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Great game. Good music, smooth movement and nice room design. The only problem, as someone has noted, is when the enemies push you to death when they get hurt by traps. You have to be very careful about everything that moves in every screen :)

Hola, gracias por los comentarios. Siento no haber contestado antes, pero hace tiempo que no entraba en itch :)

La verdad es que quise hacer algo corto y accesible. Los gráficos, efectivamente, son fotos pixeladas y con una gama concreta de colores. Tampoco domino demasiado el inglés, pero como habrás visto la estructura de las frases es sencilla... y hay gente que me ayudó a depurar algunos textos. Echaré un ojo a las tuyas cuando tenga un hueco :)

Wow, that poor man is seriously IN TROUBLE. My condolences.

Hi Jonne!

What do you think about lazy people who doesn't properly code demo effects? :D

Hahahaha, you made me laugh. 

Maybe next time!

Hi, I'm Manuel and I participated in the last Halloween Jam. It was a really great experience and I hope to create something fun for this one. I've helped Chris a little bit with the Spanish translation of TWO so I think I know at least the basic concept ^_^ Let's embrace minimalism!

Thanks for the comments! And I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Maybe it can be easier (using more synonyms and offering more help) but as you said it's a short (and rushed) game made for a jam. BTW, there's no audio in this game, the engine allows that but I decided to make a classic and soundless game.

For me, you didn't have to make this so convoluted. I trust you 100%.

Anyway, thanks for thinking a fair solution and... good luck everyone! (Everyone wins anyway)

Congratulations everyone, specially to Garry!

I'm really glad I've participated.

Thanks Damien! I'm glad you liked it.

That was the idea: creating an adventure suitable for all ages and easy to complete.

Thanks Garry. Yes, I'm aware of some spelling errors and I'm planning to publish another version when the jams ends.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I wanted to create something really small so people can finish the game without many problems in a short time.

BTW, I'm about to finish your game but I'm not able to get a bat wing ^_^ I really liked the cartoon graphics and the history!

Thanks Stefan, it means a lot coming from you. I really enjoyed your adventure too!

I really like the game, but I'm stuck trying to fill the bottle with water from the well... or at least I guess that's what I have to do ^_^

By the way, the copyright notice is from the Hibernated 1 expansion...

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Thanks. I'll fix this when the voting ends and I'll also add a custom message for the inventory limit.

BTW, the pendant is where it seems it is ;-)

Thanks, I fixed the typo. By the way, my twitter handle is @manuelsagra.

Thank you. I tried to create a fun (and short) experience for everyone.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing!

I'm sure I won't be alone. I want to play other scary adventures ^_^

Yes, there was a little bug in my code that was fixed. Sorry for that...

Thanks a lot for playing!

There was a bug in the hall in the previous version. In the current one you should be able to open the door trying to pick an object there.

You are absolutely right, there was a bug in the uploaded version that prevented the player from progressing in the hall. I've uploaded a fixed version and now, trying to pick a certain object opens the door.

Thank you for noticing and sorry for the bug!

Let me know if you can finish the game now.

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Have you unlocked the door in the hall? That's really important in order to advance...

There was a small bug in the previous version. You should unlock the door now when you try to pick certain object in the hall.

In order to get the object buried in the soil you need a tool. That tool is stored somewhere near the hall...

Yes, you need to unlock the door in the hall to advance. There's an important object there. In order to unlock the door you need to take something in the hall. Maybe something heavy...

I thought it was really easy :-)

Examine everything, try to pick everything and new objects will appear and a new room will be unveiled.

Once you arrive st the graveyard only one object is needed to finish the game...

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Once you know what to do, the game is really easy. Some tips:

  • Pay attention to room descriptions and examine everything (X NOUN). And then, examine anything that strikes you.
  • Not every object is useful, but sometimes picking (or trying to pick) an object reveals a new path.
  • Your inventory limit is two objects, and that's for a reason: you're a skeleton. You may need some objects through the game, but only one is important to finish it.
  • Enjoy the game! :-)

I really like the style. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your comment. The game is really short once you know what you have to do (maybe two minutes or less) so part of the charm is examining things, figure out which objects are useful and knowing where to go and what to carry. Take your time!

Hi again. Thanks for playing and for the advice.

About the inventory limit: yes, that's on purpose... because you're a skeleton! No backpack, no pockets, and just two fragile hands to carry things. In fact, there are many objects in the game and one of the "puzzles" is to figure out which ones are useful and which ones are not.

The dog is not really dangerous -in fact, you can even pet it!-, it's there just to block the path. Thanks for the code suggestion, but I don't want to put "menacing" things in the game, the only scary thing is being a skeleton :)

To advance, you need to use something in a room you haven't discovered yet. There's no key to enter that room, you have to do something in the hall.

And I've just uploaded a new version of the game with the Monty Python image removed. The joke is almost the same.

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Thanks. The graphics are eight color renditions of some pictures I've taken in the past and some royalty free photos I've found in the net. Many of them with a little touches. They are all processed with GIMP.

By the way, if you found the Monty Python image I hope it's valid :D

Thanks. Please, play the game if you have some minutes to spare :)

That's cool but I decided to use a custom font this time. In fact, I've just submitted the game to the jam if you want to try it. I hope I didn't miss any step in the process...

I wanted to replicate the style of the AD adventures in Spain that were released for the Amiga and the Atari ST. They digitized images in ocher tones and I've used eight tones of blue.

My game is called "The Mansion" and it's almost ready to publish. You awake in a closed room and you have to escape... but that's not your real problem, because you discover you're a skeleton and you don't remember anything. It's a very short game (about 5-10 minutes), and everything is written to have fun while examining things. I hope you like it :)

Great, that speeds up the development process. Thanks!

You bet!

Hi. My name is Manuel and I'm from Spain. I found out about this Jam and I really like interactive fiction from the 8-bit era, so I'm making a little game ^_^