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Scheduled Prize Draw + Methodology

A topic by Adventuron created Nov 17, 2019 Views: 742 Replies: 3
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As we have a donor in amongst the prize recipients this for this jam (thank you Stefan), I have had to think of a verifyably fair process for selecting prizes. It's a bit long winded, but I wanted to prove that the prize draw was fair.

Something for everyone

There are 6 entrants, and 5 prizes, so I decided to add in another copy of "Usborne's World of the Unknown: Ghosts", to the prize pool.

But first, the prizes.

  • 1 x boxed edition of Hibernated, fulfilled by Stefan Vogt, thank you Stefan.
  • 1x printed economy edition of Classic Adventurer, thank you Mark Hardisty.
  • 2 x brand new copy of Usborne's World of the Unknown: Ghosts (2019 reprint), fulfilled by yours truly.
  • 2 x brand new copy of "Computer Adventures : The Secret Art", a book by Gil Williamson, fulfilled by yours truly.


Prizes will be drawn in the following order.

  1. Hibernated.
  2. Classic Adventurer.
  3. Ghosts Book (1).
  4. Ghosts Book (2).
  5. Secret Art Book (1).
  6. Secret Art Book (2).

We assign numbers to each of the participants.

  1. Manuel
  2. dmarymax
  3. Dark Blue Monkey
  4. Garry 
  5. Dee 
  6. Stefan

We will use a stream of random numbers between 1 and 6. Numbers may be repeated several times. The stream of numbers will be scheduled and ticketed to be supplied by a 3rd party website ( ).

We will obtain a list of 100 numbers which will all but guarantee that we will obtain all 6 numbers at least once (we only technically need 5 numbers, as each winner is taken out of the prize pool after winning a prize).

We iterate through the random numbers in first to last order, and the numbers in the sequence correspond to the represent the winner of the next prize in the sequence shown above (assuming the participant has not won a prize previously). After each person wins a prize, if their number comes up again, it is ignored. Each participant can only win one prize.

IMPORTANT: The numbers in the sequence do not represent prize numbers, they represent participant numbers.

For the first prize, if Stefan's number comes up first, this will be ignored, and the first number corresponding to NOT Stefan will be used.

For the second prize(classic adventurer)  onwards, Stefan is eligible to win.


The make this prize draw fair, I have scheduled the delivery of random numbers via the use of a third party random number generator, and the numbers will be drawn at 17th November 2019, 15:00 GMT.  The URL of the ticket will be the first post in this thread (posted shortly after this message).

The time of schedule is proof of fairness.


Results will be listed in this thread later or can be deduced yourself using the above methodology after the scheduled draw (draw result is public).


The scheduled prize draw will occur at 15:00 GMT on 17th November 2019:

Scheduled 11 hours prior to drawing ...

I will summarise the results after the draw.


For me, you didn't have to make this so convoluted. I trust you 100%.

Anyway, thanks for thinking a fair solution and... good luck everyone! (Everyone wins anyway)


Winners are shown below. Well done to all.

Winner - Hibernated 1: This Place is Death - Collector's Edition - by Stefan Vogt (signed by Stefan).

Manuel Sagra

Winner - Any selected issue of "The Classic Adventurer" by Mark Hardisty (Economy Edition)

Dee Cooke

Winners - Usborne's World of the Unknown: Ghosts (2019 reissue)

Garry Francis & Stefan Vogt.

Winners - "Computer Adventures : The Secret Art", a book by Gil Williamson

DMaryMax & Dark Blue Monkey

Nitty Gritty

Please can Garry, Stefan, DMaryMax, and DarkBlueMonkey, mail their postal details to

Your information will be retained only as long as it takes to confirm you received the prize, and will never ever be used for marketing, or shared with any third parties.

For Manuel and Dee, please mail your email address to and I'll put you in touch with the prize donor.

Final Words

Thank you once again to everyone that participated, and particularly to those that let the jam take over their lives for a month. The value of items in the prize draw is nothing compared to the value of your time, so it's very much appreciated. 

Take care,