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Winners are shown below. Well done to all.

Winner - Hibernated 1: This Place is Death - Collector's Edition - by Stefan Vogt (signed by Stefan).

Manuel Sagra

Winner - Any selected issue of "The Classic Adventurer" by Mark Hardisty (Economy Edition)

Dee Cooke

Winners - Usborne's World of the Unknown: Ghosts (2019 reissue)

Garry Francis & Stefan Vogt.

Winners - "Computer Adventures : The Secret Art", a book by Gil Williamson

DMaryMax & Dark Blue Monkey

Nitty Gritty

Please can Garry, Stefan, DMaryMax, and DarkBlueMonkey, mail their postal details to

Your information will be retained only as long as it takes to confirm you received the prize, and will never ever be used for marketing, or shared with any third parties.

For Manuel and Dee, please mail your email address to and I'll put you in touch with the prize donor.

Final Words

Thank you once again to everyone that participated, and particularly to those that let the jam take over their lives for a month. The value of items in the prize draw is nothing compared to the value of your time, so it's very much appreciated. 

Take care,