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Murder Most FoulView game page

A Procedurally-Generated Murder Mystery
Submitted by Lone Spelunker (@LoneSpelunker) — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline
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Roguelike Elements
This is a procedurally-generated murder mystery. Turn-based, grid-based UI. Doesn't have combat like most roguelikes, because it's about solving a mystery, but the gameplay of moving around and nudging things is very similar to the UI of most roguelikes.



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great job, especially on the ui and tileset, but there are a few thing that could use some polish: some of the text when going through a door is incorrect (for example when going from the ballroom to the great hall, it says you are going to the entry hall), and some the doors are missing from the minimap (for example the one connecting the kitchen and the den). these are of course just litle mistakes that do not compromise the enjoyabilty of the game, which is great. the only actual flaw, in my opinion, is the big separation between the first phase of the game, when you just go around collecting clues, and the second one, where you make your hypotheses, but it’s not a big deal. adding a randomized map, or just randomizing the connection between already existant rooms would be an easy way to increase the replayablity of the game.

really good artstyle, unique game mechanics, although i think the clues are a bit too vague and lacking, i practically had to guess, but i'd love to see the mechanics expanded upon, especially that deduction chart, love that. finally, i don't know if it was just me but it was super laggy for some reason.


Love it! I think there is so, so much here that could be expanded into a larger game. I could see it even becoming a sub-genre of rogue-likes. I started off in over my head with a 6 suspect game and would have sent poor Konstantin Jacob off to the gallows if it weren't for the keen mind of Inspector Brown (Who is clearly better at the job than you). The tileset is great and fits the mood of the game perfectly. The UI/UX is wonderful, especially for a game made under time constraints. I can tell a lot of thought went into the UI because of all the little details (like carrying over your current clue into the mind castle). My one piece of criticism is that I think the game very much gets broken up into 2 games. Game 1: Collecting clues and Game 2: Solving the puzzle. As it stands, I feel the purpose of Game 1 is mostly for atmosphere building, as mechanically you are really just going into each room and bumping the clues. It would be really cool to intertwine Game 1 and Game 2 more, but I'm not really sure what that would look like. Maybe you spend several days in the mansion, and different random scripted events can happen throughout the course of the visit ("You notice Oscar Raven tip-toeing through the Library at midnight"). Perhaps more NPCs get murdered if you can't solve the case in time. Anyways great job, and I'd love to see the concept evolve!

Developer (1 edit)

Wow, those are some really cool ideas for expanding the game.

I agree that it does currently have a "two-part" game setup, getting the clues then solving the logic puzzle.  Technically you could enter the clues you find into your mind castle as you collect them, but while I was testing the game myself, I ended up doing exactly what you describe, getting all the clues first.  Even if you were determined to enter them as you go, some clue types require you to wait until you have other clues to do something with them, which would stymie you on that front.  I had a few ideas on how to break that up, but ultimately, I had to cut them to keep the scope manageable.  But maybe for a future version!

Thanks for playing!


while the concept seemed weird at first seeing as there is no combat, the game proved more fun than expected, it flows well and the pixel art retro visuals really gave it a strong artstyle that fits the style of the game, overall I am very impressed! for this is one of the more unique ones in the jam, well done!


Thanks, glad you liked it!


I really enjoy the murder-mystery vibe, and exploring the big old castle is a lot of fun. Very Agatha Christie, and I’m all for it.


Nice, glad you enjoyed the game!