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The chattering teeth are cute! I got 41.

Impressive for around an hour’s work!

These two were submissions to 7DRL:

I’d played a couple of games inspired by this – so I thought I ought to check out the original. And wow, I can see why it’s inspired so many people! It’s rare to create a new genre and captivate people so; I’m really impressed by how simple yet unique the concept is.

I’ve bought the game on Steam (it’s a shame you can’t buy on Itch!) : )

This was really fun. I thought I’d found a winning strategy when I was in a room with only one entrance…and then enemies destroyed the walls. What a glorious moment!

I love how you’ve consrainted yourself to 1d, and managed to make it work really nicely. The items are interesting, and learning how to beat the different enemy types is fun.

The controls are intuitive, and I really appreciate that there are hints for the controls in-game (e.g. it tells you F picks up when you are standing on a weapon).

This game is incredible! I love how interesting the item placement in the backpack becomes. It’s a fun puzzle trying to work out how to get the best of all items.

This movement + rock/paper/scissors idea is a neat mechanic. It looks really nice too. I died by arriving to the last level with only 4 steps remaining, I’m going in again, wish me luck this time!

Boss defeated! That was fun, and I like the concept a lot. It’s cool you were able to make three different heroes in the time available.

An update to my highscore!

I like how finding items in chests and defeating enemies awards you those letters. It’s exciting to find a “Card Pack” in a chest, for example, and there’s no need to code specific effects for every item!

I found myself using the same attack a lot at the start. I know I unlock more as I defeat enemies, but I would have liked to start with 3 or 4, allowing me to pick which letters I use, and how much damage I deal.

All in all, a very cool concept : )

This is a really cool idea! I love how you go improving your board as you descend; it’s a great implementation of levelling up. I really enjoyed trying to figure out what the custom pieces do.

I like the way you show the hp/strength of the characters when you hover over them. Very intuitive, and avoids the need for numbers everywhere!

The spell mechanic is very cool, I like how learning new spells doesn’t necessarily make you stronger, but increases complexity.

The room generation and animations are very satisfying. The random clue descriptions are funny too! I really felt I was investigating something : )

This is a really cool idea! I like how the two sides of each card are related to each other in some way. It feels very natural to switch between a cute dog and a big bad wolf. I’m impressed this was a game jam entry!

Sorry to hear that! Would you be able to let me know which type of phone (Android, iPhone, other) and which browser?

I like how many upgrades there are, and how you level up really quite quickly.

It’s a good idle game! I was surprised how quickly you can bounce back to the millions after a rebirth.

Man, that was inTENse.

I think it’s a good concept, and I enjoyed this. You have to split your time between damaging enemies yourself, and building up your defences. I would have liked a longer game!

I did find there to be too many resources, I never managed to find out how to make stone for the stone turret.

The attack system is cool! I’ve not seen it before, but it’s enjoyable and easy to understand. Game looks very nice too.

Funny idea, certainly makes the sudoku much harder!

This is super fun. I really enjoyed unlocking and playing with all the characters. You’ve managed to make them all unique and fun.

(I also love the animation of walking down the stairs!)

Agreed! I spent so long on it, but it was worth it : )

I think it would be fun if my human was off adventuring, whilst the pet does their best to protect and support them. I look forward to seeing how the game develops : )

This is my favourite entry I’ve played so far. Beautiful, and draws on well understood concepts.

Nice game, I would have liked to play more than 6 chambers! I couldn’t work out what the yellow stars on the dice and door mean, I’ll have to play some more : )

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This game is beautiful! I am in love with the way the level “unwraps” when you enter it.

When I opened the game, saw some scissors on the floor, and a paper enemy, I immediately knew what I was meant to do. I love games which draw on common knowledge like that. When the more advanced items start appearing, it’s a good challenge to try and work out what their weaknesses are. My current score is only 33, but I’ll be playing more : )

Superb job.

Edit: new highscore 57.

This is a cool addition to the Wordle trend. It’s clever how the strength of the guess informs the difficulty of the roguelike portion.

I would like some more gameplay to the roguelike part: right now can either kill the enemies or not (I think?). Maybe the possibility to skip enemies by going to the exit, however you must include enemies you don’t kill in your guesses – meaning your next guess will also be wrong. Or something?

Nice job in any case!

I really like the movement system here!

This is a great idea for a game. I like how you’ve added time pressure here, brings some excitement to the matches!

I do find the blur effect on a swap a bit hard on the eyes, though.

This is impressive! I love a good deck-builder anyway, but in this one I think you’ve done a good job getting the theme across. I really feel like I’m getting my reactors and weapons online, as I play them in front of me.

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The puzzles are good, and I like how you are introduced to the game bit by bit.

(Note: on macOS I had to manually make the binary executable in order to run it.)

This is a great idea, and from the name alone, I knew I was gonna be controlling a cute little “f”!

I’m glad to see the Wordle and roguelike universes collide. This is really elegant; I love how the game gets harder as you make more guesses. Better get the answer quickly, or life becomes pretty difficult.

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I thought a 2x2 couldn’t be done, and how wrong I was! I love the aesthetic, theme and puzzle. Great job.

Ah, nice, it feels a lot harder now that the seeds don’t clear the board!

Very simple and moreish! Aesthetically it is elegant and clear. Nice game : )

I really enjoyed this. I found the first level tricky to work out, but it was just the right level of challenge for me. Once I got it, the other levels were not quite so hard, but still enjoyable.

Impressive for a <48 hour job! I’d love to see the game developed more.

This is good fun, the idea of staying in the acceptable range is clever - and it gives you a chance to rectify any mistakes you make. I don’t think I have the coordination to use WASD and arrow keys independently, so I didn’t get all that far…but I’m diving in again. Wish me luck : )

As a lover of RTS games and puzzle games, Magic Frontier is right up my alley! Although the screenshots look like your typical RTS, it’s a deterministic and clever puzzle game. I truly love the concept behind this game.