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I am really enjoying this one. Neat concept!

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Rrretu vf gur bccbfvgr bs gurve byqre fvoyvat, Nnnetu, jub nyjnlf gryyf gur gehgu.

This is a lot of fun! Flicking through the book trying to find the references feels really detective-y. I want more!

Really nice game! I love the system of organising clues together, which give you some text to explain what they imply together.

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Superb. Just superb.

I keep coming back to try pinning the case on each of the different suspects, and to truly get to the bottom of each case.

I’m also constantly discovering new things about how the game works, and it blows my mind. Sincerely well done : )

Impressive, but very satisfying to complete!

Creating a game as a slideshow is a great idea! It was fun, and certainly got me excitedly jotting down various notes.

Definitely you did a great job of transmitting the jam’s vibe.

I’m in! Felt like a real hacker, was good fun.

Really nice! I loved all the references, so many of my favourite games featured.

So cute! And I really love the mechanic. The tree one took a while until it twigged : ) Happy ▲ day!

This is so clever!

Concept is brilliant. And the music fits so well. Very enjoyable experience!

(And it turns out I can’t dance well, neither physically nor digitally.)

The shifting sword mechanic is one I’ve not seen before, and it works really nicely. A great way to make moving around very important.

I love it all: the gameplay, the art, the sound.

I would love this also.


  • to be able to save user data remotely (so that it’s not cleared as is often the case with localStorage)
  • to support paid content in embedded apps, if the client-side API returns whether or not the user owns the game

Succeptible to trickery from the end-user, of course, but as is everything 😅

Thanks for alerting me! It’s fixed now. I’m glad you are still enjoying the game.

Sounds scary! I hope you made it out ok!

This is just incredible. The idea of playing Blackjack with all kinds of other cards mixed in is very funny, and the fact you have made such interesting and related effects for those cards I find supremely clever!

This is really clever. I like how you become more powerful as you keep playing and learning how everything works.

Thank you for the kind words!

I feel a bit bad about nerfing it. I didn’t like the reliance on one specific egg…maybe I needed to buff the other eggs instead?

This makes me happy, thank you for playing!

I would love this also.

Thanks for pointing it out. Scores removed. A shame.

Good spot, and thanks for letting me now!

I’m not planning to update the game now, though, so sadly the bug will remain.

Thanks for playing! Sale is “Score 50 points with only 1-cost tiles.”

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I love trying to piece together whose letter is whose, and learning about the characters and their stories along the way.

A very cute and original game.

Indeed, this time it worked well! The theme is superb in this game: “Child of a giant” is especially fantastic.

Is this a work in progress? I tried playing but the enemy doesn’t take any moves.

In any case, looking through the tutorial, this is a neat concept. In particular, I like the difference between ranged and melee units attacking forwards or sideways.

I just don’t like plain bread that much! If they were sweets, I’d be gobbling them right up.

Cool concept! The idea of upgrading your army as you progress is fun, and you end up feeling quite powerful!

I would have liked the attacked squares to be highlighted in red without needing to hover the enemy pieces (but I did get used to it).

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This is really good! I love the spell-casting mechanic, and the way spells are randomised each run. Looks great and is very smooth to play. The dungeon generation is also nice.

I think experimenting to find new spells could be made more exiting: mana is so precious, and on top of that you suffer mana-burn for getting it wrong! Maybe you could unlock partial information about spells when you fail…

(Fwiw, your Rust+WebAssembly engine is really smooth. I’d like to know more about it!)

Juego divertido! Ya me resultaba bastante difícil el juego básico, no me atrevo a intentar los niveles con mas tiempos verbales…

I couldn’t use backspace to fix errors I’d typed, and if I cycled back round, I had to type all the answers from scratch.

This is exceptionally cute! I found the controls a bit hard to get my fingers around, but I fell into the swing of it pretty quickly. I definitely felt the stress of running a popular café! I would have liked the bots to be a bit cheaper, so the player can have fun with them a bit sooner: I never got up to 3000 gold.

The first time I played, items got generated around me such that I couldn’t move – that confused me a lot until I restarted.

This is haaard (especially for someone musically inept like me)!! But it’s a really moreish game, exploring the dungeon and smashing enemies along to the beat.

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Took my a while to get the hang of using the recipes and eating the results, but this works really nicely once you get the hang of it. It feels like you managed to create two completely different games in the 7 days, I’m impressed! Had a good laugh also, it’s funny : )

Just as I felt I was doing really well, and had accumulated a few greens, the whole game got turned on it’s head, so to speak. And I died very quickly. 10/10 moment.

I’m impressed by how rougelike it feels, despite, at first appearances looking like a completely different type of game.

I love the addition of line-of-sight here, and the fact you have to learn bit-by-bit what the various pickups do.

And even the helpful green blocks, can kill you if you’re not careful. And I was not careful. A lot.

Really good game.

I really like this: an interesting take on Minesweeper.

Really nice to have it set up like this, as it means your hands aren’t tied when it comes to innovating and making some wacky effects!

I’m looking forward to seeing the game progress.