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Thanks for playing! Sale is “Score 50 points with only 1-cost tiles.”

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I love trying to piece together whose letter is whose, and learning about the characters and their stories along the way.

A very cute and original game.

Indeed, this time it worked well! The theme is superb in this game: “Child of a giant” is especially fantastic.

Is this a work in progress? I tried playing but the enemy doesn’t take any moves.

In any case, looking through the tutorial, this is a neat concept. In particular, I like the difference between ranged and melee units attacking forwards or sideways.

I just don’t like plain bread that much! If they were sweets, I’d be gobbling them right up.

Cool concept! The idea of upgrading your army as you progress is fun, and you end up feeling quite powerful!

I would have liked the attacked squares to be highlighted in red without needing to hover the enemy pieces (but I did get used to it).

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This is really good! I love the spell-casting mechanic, and the way spells are randomised each run. Looks great and is very smooth to play. The dungeon generation is also nice.

I think experimenting to find new spells could be made more exiting: mana is so precious, and on top of that you suffer mana-burn for getting it wrong! Maybe you could unlock partial information about spells when you fail…

(Fwiw, your Rust+WebAssembly engine is really smooth. I’d like to know more about it!)

Juego divertido! Ya me resultaba bastante difícil el juego básico, no me atrevo a intentar los niveles con mas tiempos verbales…

I couldn’t use backspace to fix errors I’d typed, and if I cycled back round, I had to type all the answers from scratch.

This is exceptionally cute! I found the controls a bit hard to get my fingers around, but I fell into the swing of it pretty quickly. I definitely felt the stress of running a popular café! I would have liked the bots to be a bit cheaper, so the player can have fun with them a bit sooner: I never got up to 3000 gold.

The first time I played, items got generated around me such that I couldn’t move – that confused me a lot until I restarted.

This is haaard (especially for someone musically inept like me)!! But it’s a really moreish game, exploring the dungeon and smashing enemies along to the beat.

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Took my a while to get the hang of using the recipes and eating the results, but this works really nicely once you get the hang of it. It feels like you managed to create two completely different games in the 7 days, I’m impressed! Had a good laugh also, it’s funny : )

Just as I felt I was doing really well, and had accumulated a few greens, the whole game got turned on it’s head, so to speak. And I died very quickly. 10/10 moment.

I’m impressed by how rougelike it feels, despite, at first appearances looking like a completely different type of game.

I love the addition of line-of-sight here, and the fact you have to learn bit-by-bit what the various pickups do.

And even the helpful green blocks, can kill you if you’re not careful. And I was not careful. A lot.

Really good game.

I really like this: an interesting take on Minesweeper.

Really nice to have it set up like this, as it means your hands aren’t tied when it comes to innovating and making some wacky effects!

I’m looking forward to seeing the game progress.

Very nice for your first cryptic crossword! I hope you make more.

I am not sure if I have correct the cryptic part of 4a (by my reasoning “travel” is superfluous).

Very useful! I am surprised Agendas are not more commonplace in game frameworks. I, similarly, made an “Actions” library in PixiJS which amounts to the same thing.

With an auto-battler this is less relevant, but for “normal” Hearthstone, I really like how the effects are calculated immediately, it’s just the animation which is queued up (as evidenced by cards losing or gaining a green border as soon as they would be playable, regardless of if the animation has shown you the current game state yet).

An excellent game. Having achieved this in 7 days is a really impressive feat.

The game is super fun – but I will admit, I think it’s a bit too easy! I would have liked there to be no end, to see how far I could make it into the dungeon.

The art style is super cute. The deconstruction into 2 dimensions is done very well: you still always feel you are making interesting decisions.

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A fun dominion-like game, with an innovative sell mechanic. Do you eke out that extra gold by delaying the kill, or do you play it safe… Nice controls and addictive gameplay. I enjoy randomly generated cards too.

I really enjoy the murder-mystery vibe, and exploring the big old castle is a lot of fun. Very Agatha Christie, and I’m all for it.

I have a big soft spot for new takes on classic games, and this is an excellent example! The cells updating as you kill monsters or take treasure is so cool. Great job.

This is fun! I like having randomly generated cards: it means you have to keep making your own evaluations of what’s strong.

The constant possibility to sell good cards to hopefully improve the deck in the long run is interesting, and I’ve not seen that in a deck builder before.

I died often to my own greed: especially for those cards which increase in value when you play them!

Also, it seems birds-picking-trinkets is in the collective subconscious this year, my entry also features this!

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This game is very good.

That you’ve crafted interesting decisions when you can (mainly) only choose left or right is impressive. I enjoyed all the choices, and was very satisfied when making cool combos with items and upgrades (boosting damage on the cross was excellent!).

I would have liked the item descriptions to appear without needing to hover with the mouse to make it more friendly to keyboard-only play.

ok, I added them!

Yriu. Mvip yriu. Z nrj efk rscv kf jlidflek kyv tyrccvexvj fw tifjj-gfcczerkzfe.

I love how you’ve managed to compact interesting decisions into such a simple base. I keep forgetting which enemies I should be using each type of attack on. :’)

I enjoyed using PixiJS for the last 2 years, and will be using it again this year.

It’s a custom-made api.

Really nice use of Decker! A fun choose-your-adventure, and a funny story too.

I’ve not used inheritance. Custom widgets certainly sounds like something I’d be more excited about!

A puzzle box! Really fun and great use of Decker.

(Though, I think I cheated at the start, not sure if my “solution” was the intended or not…)

Very cute game, I’m loving it.

Nice and responsive feel, clear and cute graphics, fun puzzles, excellent theme. Works really well on Mac. I have nothing to fault.

These kobolds are tremendously cute, and “unsure- never had a friend before” especially so.

Very cool and enjoyable solve.

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This game is genius. I need to keep thinking about the unbeatable strategy, I love the concept of it.

If you have a canvas containing the image, you can change visibility using the show attribute: "none" "solid"

To show or hide it on a delay, there is a simple way and a more complex way.

The simple way uses the sleep function. It (mostly) pauses the whole program until it’s finished sleeping. For example, you could use it in a button’s click action:

# Simple, e.g. button script
on click do "none"
  sleep[60] # number of frames to sleep for "solid"

Complex uses and recursive go[] functions to allow other things to occur in the meanwhile. You’d need a hidden field to store some extra data. Here the image shows after 1s.

# Complex, with a field called hidden_time
# Button script
on click do "none"
# Card script
on view do
  elapsed: - card.widgets.hidden_time.text
  if elapsed > 1000 "solid"
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Edit: solved!

Is there a way to include multiple where conditions?


data: select num:("1","2","3","4","5") parity:("odd","even","odd","even","odd") prime:(0,1,1,0,1) from 0

What I want:

extract num where parity="even" and prime from data

Edit: Of course I find it as soon as I post. The answer is brackets!

extract num where (parity="even") & prime from data

Really nicely designed. The way the level space grows as you play, effectively having multiple difficulties within the one level is clever!

Very satisfying solve (although I did have extensive use of Z) : )

Thanks for the answer! Cool that it works for .html files too.

I was hoping for a shortcut for playing/editing - but it’s just laziness on my part, navigating via file > open is a bit slow.