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Using hand-drawn maps, navigate an open world with nothing but the environment to help you find your way!
Submitted by JadonZen, goldie4101, Vyck21, HaloVincent, fluxsauce (@fluxsauce), Hanushi — 14 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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This game is amazing! Controls felt really good, and I loved the hand drawn pictures as clues to where the crystals were. Truly a well done game.


Sorry it took me a few days to try this game out… Aesthetically, I this thing game is quite lovely and peaceful! The environmental effects fit wonderfully.

While I love the grapple mechanic in general… I feel the gliding mechanic bothers me. After playing for about 20 minutes I think the issue came down to a disconnect in the controls for me. I can grasp the “Hold Space to Glide” part, but the needing to use “A” and “D” to turn while gliding breaks with my expectations. When I go for a glide, I totally expect to be able to move my mouse to turn. As my brain is constantly trying to figure out why I can’t move, though I’m moving my mouse, I’m loosing altitude and by the time I remember what I’m doing wrong, I’ve lost too much height. Similarly, going into glide mode seems to force my view downward. While I understand a glider does not go upwards, it almost feels like it’s forcing the downward view and I loose sight of the grapple point I’m aiming for.

I feel the glide mechanic irks me more as I can freely use my mouse to turn when grappling. So, I finally gain some altitude and I’m trying to line up the next grapple point, but I’m falling, so I go to glide and between the downward view and now needing to remember to use “A” or “D” to steer instead of my mouse, I loose sight of my goal and I hit a wall or a tree and I fall, having lost all momentum.

I think it would have been easier (for me in any case) if both the grappel and glider kept the same control scheme. That is to say, let them both use the mouse to look. That’s what my brain is used to. Swapping between using the keyboard to turn and using the mouse (especially when these two mechanics are supposed to be used interchangeably and quickly), I fail more than I succeed.

Don’t get me wrong, for the (short) durations when I can keep these two mechanics locked in my aging brain, the sensation of the movement is wonderful! But, sadly, that happens far too infrequently for me.

I managed to make it to and through the first cave, out the top to the open forest valley. After that, because of my difficulty with the mixed controls, I just couldn’t make it out of the valley. I keep hitting a tree or a rock, killing my momentum, and it takes me forever to get to a height when using either mechanic is actually fun (trying to get off the ground is difficult. Grappling a tree or one of those rock ledges takes sooo long to bring me up and I feel like I get stuck in the geometry too much).

Over all, I think this is a lovely game, and it could be so very satisfying, but I just can’t get the key movement system down to get very far.


Cool game.

I did get stuck a bit. I agree with the sentiment that there’s too much brainless waypointing these days, but it takes a lot of user experience testing to get that right. For example, when I first got the maps, I did (correctly) assume that I should try grappling up the red things above me, but completely missed the door and kept going up until I clipped through the ceiling and died, and then assumed I wasn’t supposed to go up…

Have you seen the treasure maps in Sea of Thieves? Those are a bit more literal, but I’m a bit reminded of that – my instinct was to hold the RMB/aim down sights button to raise the map, lol.

Can never go wrong with a grappling hook, they make any game more fun.


seconding the spiderman with wings comment

once i got the hang of the grappling hook, the game felt amazing. so amazing in fact that i almost forgot that i need to collect three of something (until i accidentally fell on one of the gems lol)

also, great job with the music and the sound design! the whooshes are sufficiently whooshy, and the music does a great job of further enhancing the moments of beauty

great job overall!


Finally, I'm Spiderman with wings. 10/10


We were really hoping someone would say the game really made you feel like Spider-Man. Thank you for fulfilling our dreams


really awesome exploration game, but man some of it was hard to find certain places. but really fantastic what was achieved in 7 days well done!


Congrats on finishing this game!  LOTS of level to see considering this was done in 7 days.  Overall a relaxing exploration game.  Had a few moments of surprise that I won't talk about here (not sure how to spoiler tag on itch comments...)

A couple of thoughts on the technical side:

  • It makes sense considering the focus of the game was gliding and grappling, but it would have been nice if the walking wasn't so slippery on some surfaces (the grass that declines into the river for example).  If it's an exploration game, I wanna look around and explore!
  • Riding the glider feels ok, but again I'd like to be able to look around at least a little, if not to line up a shot without turning the glider but also to look around at the scenery as I'm flying around. 
  • It's a small thing, but if you might want to consider rendering the grappling hook using a separate camera; the handful of times I was meant to walk around, it rendered part way through the ground.  Here's an example.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to flex some of the muscle memory I gained from using the Ninja Rope in Worms 2 😄

Again, the amount of stuff in this is pretty staggering, from the music to the serene levels down to the hand drawn maps.  Well done!  

Finally, definitely relating to the ending having a "final hour addition" feel which My Game Also Had. 🤫


Thank you for taking the time to play! And thank you for the valuable feedback!

  • It would've been very nice if we could've refined the movement a lot more. With all the game's moving parts, several mechanics didn't get the love they deserved. The player movement and the glider are prime examples.
  • I had a real fight with Unity trying to get a separate camera for the grappling hook. Unity has a very easy way of doing this, but a different member of our team handled rendering stuff, which somehow made Unity's camera overlay system not work at all. I couldn't find a simple solution, so I embraced the wall clipping and moved on!
  • The glider and the grappling hook came later in development, but they originally weren't in the game. The main premise of the game was the maps - but they actually got the least attention XD. I'm glad the movement mechanics were at least functional and did their job, even if they didn't do it so well. Hopefully their inclusion made the game more fun!

Thanks for your feedback! I adore detailed comments like this and I really appreciate you taking the time to share!


The kazoo of VICTORY!!!! It was not clear that I should drop the crystals off in the sound bowls but darn tootin', I did it anyways. Cool use of double mechanics.

Developer (1 edit)

The kazoo of VICTORY!!!!

heehee, thank you for playing AND completing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

That felt great. Both the traversal and interpreting the maps. 

I'm a bit tired of Ubisoft style games where you can turn your brain off while you follow a UI waypoint. Being only given imprecise hints, and having to figure out the rest was very refreshing. It felt like a big discovery everytime I found those new spaces hidden in the nook and crannies of the level.

I feel the world is just the right size as well. I thought I would get lost and frustrated but that wasn't the case.

Being given multiple maps at the beginning is cool as well, in other games with similar mechanics I tend to obsess over a specific landmark, but here I could stroll around I was more likely to find something that matched a map. Nice touch btw to have to look down to look at the map, I think it adds to the immersion.

I can tell a lot of polish went in the grappling hook feel as well, it felt nice to combine it with the gliding. I even found this neat trick to gain infinite height thanks to the hook momentum conserving so well, maybe it allowed for unintended shortcuts but it felt great xD

Nice ending btw, made me laugh x)


Thanks so much for playing - AND completing! Ending was a joke that stuck

"I'm a bit tired of Ubisoft style games where you can turn your brain off while you follow a UI waypoint."

You just described our design philosophy! Thank you for taking the time to play the game and let us know what you thought. I really appreciate knowing what you like about the game. It helps us know that our design decisions worked as intended. I'm glad you had a good time!