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Face the FurnaceView game page

Push your limits in this challenging boss fight.
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Hades heat works surprisingly well here! I was definitely encouraged to play past where I normally would have stopped, though the pace of unlocks was a bit slow and I’m not sure if I missed some cooler ones later (Extreme Measures?? lol) because I decided I was good without doing several more 10% adjustment runs to find out.

Excellent boss look and proof of concept.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

great work on this one! as the other commenters said, the amount of polish and fidelity here is astounding - and not just in a "for a jam game" sense; i really like how it executes its premise and delivers a very complete, even holistic experience

also, i really dig the push-pull, attack-counterattack rythm of play. it's almost a rythm game in that sense, some very impressive design work imo

oh, also, just noticed looking at the screenshots, someone on your team needs to activate their windows ;D


Thanks a lot!

I'm glad you felt there was an attack-counterattack rhythm, that's something we really hoped would come together^^

Nah I'll never activate windows, my mind evolved to not see it anymore :p


The amount of polish on this game is absolutely stunning. This is easily the most polished and professional-looking game I've ever seen in a game jam. The modeling, animation, and effects all make this look like a fully-complete triple-A game. The presentation is absolutely top-notch. 

Not only that, the gameplay is very solid and well-balanced. Movement feels great and fighting the boss feels skill-based and fair. There are several fun ways to dodge and attack him through the various sequences. All of these things also feel very triple-A.

The progression and ability to customize and upgrade the boss is unlike anything I've seen before. It's so interesting how it rewards you for punishing yourself. It makes your interactions with the boss quite personal - because you made him that way!

Your team has serious talent and you all should be proud. This is probably the finest jam game I've ever played...


Wow thanks a lot, that warms all our hearts! I'm glad you were still able to find openings in his attacks, as I was worried it was too fast. To be fair the upgrade system we use is heavily inspired from the game Hades x)


Oh, well you did a great job of implementing your own unique system. I played Hades and I didn't make the connection XD

Also, I just noticed from the gifs on the itch page that you can shoot into his back. I didn't realize that during the game and I was only shooting into the top of his head. But it still felt fair though! I'm not bad at FPS games. I'm not a pro either. But the difficulty felt good for me.


My face was melted by the furnace, why is it so hard to get the right thermostat controls!? And why do my furnaces always try and murder me!? (What did  you use to rig the Furnace?) Thanks for this.


Yeah we really wanted to capture the frustration of trying to set your heater to the right temperature, but always being too cold or too warm :P
We used Blender for the furnace's rig.


Yaah Blender! I used it for everything too. A+ rig.


This game was honestly fantastic im just… blown away by how much you guys got done in the timeframe.

yall even got some metagame progression in a gamejam project never seen that before.

How was the boss animated? Is it pure normal animations or was there some procedural IK-type stuff going on?


Hey thanks a lot for playing !

Oh I see you have an eye for procedural animation xD Indeed the legs are using procedural IK. The body itself is using normal animations though (but well it just has one bone so quite easy to animate).

Yeah metagame is something we wanted from the start, to see if we could make the small content last longer, and one of us spent a lot of time during the jam working on it.

I saw some videos of your game on the discord (and the cool smart gun) but I have yet to play it, I'll probably give it a shot soon.


This is fantastic! Really cool animations and boss model. I was hoping the upgrades would help me not the boss haha. It would be cool to have a choice between player upgrades too. Maybe you could balance them between making it easier/harder so you can still feel like you are making progress. Then once you have played a bit you can come back and make the boss harder? Would be cool to see more boss designs with this level of animation and polish!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a lot Peter ! Yeah it can be quite counter-intuitive that the upgrades apply to the boss. Your idea of balancing player and boss upgrades is quite cool. That's actually something we wanted to try early in the jam (increasing the boss difficulty would give you more skill points to invest in player upgrades) but sadly we didn't have the time to implement it.