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Thanks so much for playing - AND completing! Ending was a joke that stuck

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The kazoo of VICTORY!!!!

heehee, thank you for playing AND completing!

Really, cool, enjoying the 6DOF and giving me a solid Descent vibe - and amazing that you did this within the scope of a 7DFPS!

Hah, great job! There’s a very (singular) narrow path to victory! If I end up iterating on it, it’ll have more emergence that will require at least one loop. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yes, that was pretty lucky, there’s a lot of ways to… try again :-)

That was quite lovely, thank you for this!

Big smile on my face, this was a really cool concept!

Bonkers in a good way, and stressful! Great fast implementation!

Delivered into my heart!

The knife is a lie! That was fun and weird, thank you!

Love the art style, has a Void Bastards kind of feel. This game has a lot of suspense and creepiness in it. Thanks!

That was SO WEIRD, love it!