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Thanks so much for playing - AND completing! Ending was a joke that stuck

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The kazoo of VICTORY!!!!

heehee, thank you for playing AND completing!

Really, cool, enjoying the 6DOF and giving me a solid Descent vibe - and amazing that you did this within the scope of a 7DFPS!

Hah, great job! There’s a very (singular) narrow path to victory! If I end up iterating on it, it’ll have more emergence that will require at least one loop. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yes, that was pretty lucky, there’s a lot of ways to… try again :-)

That was quite lovely, thank you for this!

Big smile on my face, this was a really cool concept!

Bonkers in a good way, and stressful! Great fast implementation!

My 4yo said “YOUR PUMPKIN DIED, when you tried, you will fall down and will die.” Truer words never spoken. Love it!

Delivered into my heart!

The knife is a lie! That was fun and weird, thank you!

Love the art style, has a Void Bastards kind of feel. This game has a lot of suspense and creepiness in it. Thanks!

That was SO WEIRD, love it!