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From the JR Rail station in Tochigi prefecture Japan, congrats to anyone who finished something new and to everyone who tried something new I hope you learned something new about something new!  If even after the extension you finished something after time, lemmie know and I'll try to figure out how to get ya on the list.  Great work, every!

I posted a post mortem for my game on my cohost!

Great work everyone who participated!  Hope it was fun and educational!

I'm away from the computer for a bit, but when I get back you better believe I'll play it!  Great work!


Hi, thanks for playing!  I really appreciate it and appreciate your thorough write-up! 😁

I definitely agree with qLinearize; there's a lot of room to make it less strict, more user friendly and generally more responsive in notifying what was wrong with an input while still controlling the pace of the game; I tried to hint at the format through the placeholder text that the text boxes prefill with, but yeah mostly a time constraint.  If I were to do it again, I'd spend more time on the tools side which came in late.  I'm glad that you were still able to get through it!

I agree with the pacing on the story... I had the main plot points that I was working towards, but I didn't really know how to build the earlier beats to get there, how to spread it out more evenly or how to include the other characters in the story... it was also an interesting challenge to have a story still be ambiguous with half the conversation, so that when qLinearize got through it, it would still be a decent reveal.  I hope that came across!

Again, thanks for the thoughtful feedback and kind words... it means a lot!  AND I'm glad acidjazzed evening was pointed out on the first review.  😌

will be posting my devlog on cohost and linking to it here for people who like to read things.  feel free to post a devlog for your game in a new topic!

here's entry number one, wherein i say the name of the game (spoilers its in the title of this post) and talk about the challenges & tech i see in my future

depending on where you're at, the Try Something New Game Jam should be kicking off if not now then soon!  cue the game jam's theme song!

a good thing to consider claiming in general for prototyping, but will be a big boon if you're gonna be too busy figuring out how to set up a dictionary class in a new language or whatever

hi erwin


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  • Don't be an asshole! - Respect the boundaries of other people on this board (and other people in general; this is good advice to adopt broadly).  Keep conversation constructive, polite, and with some measure of grace.  Remember, we're all trying something new so be patient with one another.
  • Respect the Mods (ME!!) - I'll try my best to keep my intentions in dialog but like I'm also making something for this lol... So, if you don't feel like you got a fair shake before some sort of moderation action took place, Mods have the first and last say.
  • Stay on target - This board is mostly for asking specific questions about things you're have questions about or if you need help more generally.  I won't say no if you want to post a picture or two of some animals (especially if its particularly cute) but try not to overwhelm the board.  EDIT - Of course, having a Devlog and sharing your progress here is okay too!
  • DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE! - Seriously, we're already doing this because of one asshole we don't need another one.

You made it to the end!



^s ^d dingdingding one ^d dingdingding two three

Seems to skip the second dingdingding.  However, the following works as expected:

^s ^d dingding one ^d dingding two three


On build v1.2.0.3, inputting:

^s ^bpm=150 hl_hev>.28 +0* *

...will output audio as if though a plus is on the last ditto, or: 

^s ^bpm=150 hl_hev>.28 +0* +*

Note: the same behaviors happens even if the +0* is -0*, but with any number other than 0 it works as expected.

howdy!  if you see any bugs please feel free to reply to this topic and i'll take a look at it when i get a chance... OR if you're feeling adventurous you can take a peek at the code yourself!  if u do that UHHHHH good luck!!!!!

Wow, very polished FPS!  The graphics and UI are so crisp and clean, and the rendering shows a very high level of polish (love how the lighting affects your cockpit and the way the scan looks).  It's also impressive how the rotation assist helps make the corridor traversal look so smooth and effortless.  Deaths usually catch me by surprise and I'm not sure why...  clearer indicators of taking damage might help.  Great work!

The enemies are menacing!  Very oppressive when you hatch and the sky is filled with them.

Still think the jump could benefit from this SFX 😁

This is sooo videogame.  Love the humor and the different combos feel good to execute on.  Would like some way to know how far back I've pushed back the Forest King as it's hard to see when I'm buried deep between his loins is not a sentence I thought I'd type today but here we are I guess.

Love me some deckbuilders!  Great cohesive style; a clarity of vision is apparent in the art style.  A bit on the easier side, but imbalance is to be expected given the time frame... and to that point, I think there may be some cards I didn't see after one playthrough which is pretty impressive for a game jam!

Hope to see this built on after the jam!  Would certainly sink a bunch of time into this if it had between session progression, branching paths and that sort of thing.

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You guessed it, but checkpoints were dropped due to time constraints, as well as options (mouse sens, input settings, volume controls) and some general gameplay changes for clarity (looking at what shot you during death cam, having a fragment shader zero out the uninitialized back buffer pixels a little more aggressively, that sort of thing).  I wanted to focus on (what little) content I could get done, but if I were to put a team on this it would definitely be content heavy; imagining a facility with rooms densely packed and such that full exploration would be viable, and where out of bounds death would be less of an occurrence.

As to your points: I probably could have just had it so letting go of RMB would just teleport you, RMB -> LMB was more a hold over from some ideas I had about how the game might work before it became a stealth game... I was thinking maybe the player would want to no-clip somewhere to gather some information but not teleport to that location, or like a player would want to teleport but only at a specific time so feathering on the RMB would be an option.

I'll look into the itch build suggestion!  I want to have the WebGL available to players to play to make it more accessible to players, but I didn't know it affected the desktop app in that way... wondering if there's a way to have it default to WebGL for web users, and PC for desktop app users...?

Damn this game has a lot of physics objects flopping around.  I also pressed the R button to reload my gun LOL.  What method did you use to model these characters?

The shooting felt pretty tight and had a nice kick to it.  One suggestion is I would make the bullets (but especially the enemy fire) more visible.

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Great!  One of the handful of games that I will probably come back to and play later.  

Love how important the sound cues are for planning your next move and also how the rate in which spawns happen usually gives you an opportunity to breath and plan out your next move without stopping the pacing.  Some small criticisms: I did find that bouncing off eyes sometimes did not trigger a jump leading to death, and some of the spawns were a little cruel (like when they hover immediately over the eye I'm on).

Overall a well scoped game with a cohesive aesthetic.  Great job!

Congrats on finishing this game!  LOTS of level to see considering this was done in 7 days.  Overall a relaxing exploration game.  Had a few moments of surprise that I won't talk about here (not sure how to spoiler tag on itch comments...)

A couple of thoughts on the technical side:

  • It makes sense considering the focus of the game was gliding and grappling, but it would have been nice if the walking wasn't so slippery on some surfaces (the grass that declines into the river for example).  If it's an exploration game, I wanna look around and explore!
  • Riding the glider feels ok, but again I'd like to be able to look around at least a little, if not to line up a shot without turning the glider but also to look around at the scenery as I'm flying around. 
  • It's a small thing, but if you might want to consider rendering the grappling hook using a separate camera; the handful of times I was meant to walk around, it rendered part way through the ground.  Here's an example.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to flex some of the muscle memory I gained from using the Ninja Rope in Worms 2 😄

Again, the amount of stuff in this is pretty staggering, from the music to the serene levels down to the hand drawn maps.  Well done!  

Finally, definitely relating to the ending having a "final hour addition" feel which My Game Also Had. 🤫

The idea of a driver/shooter gets the gears turning...  would be a very cool multiplayer co-op (like Lucky and Wild, or Subspace).  Solid work considering the new libraries you were exploring at the same time.  Love the pile up post game over.

Hey JadonTheDev, thanks for the feedback!  7+ days ended up being a little too ambitious for me so things like the itch page and mouse sens ended up being secondary to getting the game done.  I've already updated the page with some screenshots as per your advice though!  

As for the rooms, I tried to give a rough idea of room layout using locked doors but yeah flying around would ideally be a viable way to explore; I wish I could have had a densely packed facility so you could conceivably just teleport around in any direction and land in a room, but as I mentioned before I didn't get enough time to do this (I have to learn to scope better 😅).

Again thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you liked it!  I'll have to take a look at Traversal (once I've recovered a bit haha).

Cozy feel, cute art and interesting puzzle concept!  I can definitely imagine this being expanded into more levels if y'all wanted to continue working on it, but regardless great work given the time constraint!

^song ^bpm=240 ^l=16 n8 +-* +* +2* ^l=8 * * * ^l=4 * ^l=8. ^l=4 -* ^l=8. ^l=4 +-* ^l=8. ^l=4 +2* ^l=8 +-* ^l=1 +2* ^song

Nice! Gonna remove this comment then as it's now out of date.  I'll let you know how it goes after I assemble my party :)

Is the space you're occupying empty?

A serene and simple game.  We found ourselves playing this one multiple times.

Simple, clean style.  A nice experience.

There's definitely a fun game here.  I hope you'll spend some time after the jam to do a balance, polish and bug pass, because I can definitely see myself playing this one more!

You nailed Psychedelia, Lonesomeness and the Void!

I agree with getting lost, even though there's an audio cue when you're kind of to the gates.  It may have been cool to have the bits you accumulate try and gravitate in the direction of the gate, like how the fish move in FATHOM (

Beautiful and quirky game!  I had a lot of fun trying to figure it out; had to play twice to really get what was going on.  Love the little noises.

The part where you have to turn in your bounty is interesting.  I'm wondering if this game would be fun as a competitive local multplayer game...

I suspect a story driven action adventure game with expansive environments was probably a little overambitious for a 2 week game, but I definitely think this holds potential!  Hoping that you / your team will follow up on this one.

A very cool story about actual cow rustling. Great music and humour, and surprisingly long considering the time constraints.  A very solid, well put together game!  Great job!