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Cozy feel, cute art and interesting puzzle concept!  I can definitely imagine this being expanded into more levels if y'all wanted to continue working on it, but regardless great work given the time constraint!

^song ^bpm=240 ^l=16 n8 +-* +* +2* ^l=8 * * * ^l=4 * ^l=8. ^l=4 -* ^l=8. ^l=4 +-* ^l=8. ^l=4 +2* ^l=8 +-* ^l=1 +2* ^song

Nice! Gonna remove this comment then as it's now out of date.  I'll let you know how it goes after I assemble my party :)

Is the space you're occupying empty?

A serene and simple game.  We found ourselves playing this one multiple times.

Simple, clean style.  A nice experience.

There's definitely a fun game here.  I hope you'll spend some time after the jam to do a balance, polish and bug pass, because I can definitely see myself playing this one more!

You nailed Psychedelia, Lonesomeness and the Void!

I agree with getting lost, even though there's an audio cue when you're kind of to the gates.  It may have been cool to have the bits you accumulate try and gravitate in the direction of the gate, like how the fish move in FATHOM (

Beautiful and quirky game!  I had a lot of fun trying to figure it out; had to play twice to really get what was going on.  Love the little noises.

The part where you have to turn in your bounty is interesting.  I'm wondering if this game would be fun as a competitive local multplayer game...

I suspect a story driven action adventure game with expansive environments was probably a little overambitious for a 2 week game, but I definitely think this holds potential!  Hoping that you / your team will follow up on this one.

A very cool story about actual cow rustling. Great music and humour, and surprisingly long considering the time constraints.  A very solid, well put together game!  Great job!

I also tried running the game, but get a crash on boot.  I have QT installed, but it won't work on my laptop (Win 8.1 x64)

Stack Trace:

(0x705DBDCB) (CoreFoundation): (filename not available): CFStreamCreateBoundPair + 0x3fd

(0x01001386) (always_stuck_minding_the_store): (filename not available): Behaviour::Transfer<StreamedBinaryWrite<0> > + 0xf4d26

(0x7067C894) (CoreFoundation): (filename not available): _CFDefaultEightBitStringEncoding + 0x2174

(0x7067C864) (CoreFoundation): (filename not available): _CFDefaultEightBitStringEncoding + 0x2144


(0x7067FFFC) (CoreFoundation): (filename not available): _CFDefaultEightBitStringEncoding + 0x58dc

(0x7067FFFC) (CoreFoundation): (filename not available): _CFDefaultEightBitStringEncoding + 0x58dc

Unfortunately I think I hit a progress blocking bug.  Fun while it lasted though!