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The Ballad of Sir GatlingView game page

Push back the ravaging horde with your gatling sword and shield.
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Nice enemy sprites, lol. Cool state engine. The gatling namesake feels a bit weak compared to spamming leaping lunges. I wonder if there would be a better balance there, where it’s a lot harder to get started spinning, like you have to connect on some other melee hits first, but once you do it’s really strong?

Pushing this big guy back on an endless bridge feels a bit sisyphean right now and I bet your combat mechanics would be even more fun in a different environment.


Hey Zackartto! Thanks for the feedback. Definitely some good thoughts there.

FYI the bridge is not endless, there are eight spans before you banish the Forest King. Perhaps a progress bar or something would help dispel this perception.

We do have a gatling mechanic something like your suggestion (if I follow). If you hold attack from leap or from guard you will perform a slash, if you continue to hold attack the gun will spin up into "half gatling". This is significantly faster than holding fire from cold and once you get it down it's the only way to start shooting.

We're currently doing a push to improve the communication of these mechanics. It's definitely quite opaque!


To clarify I thought the gatling was weaker than the shield/jump attacks at any point in its charge, but maybe I never even held it long enough to get to full gatling. Sounds cool though, I also like the idea of adding a progress bar.


Thanks for the clarification. We'll keep it in mind while tuning. ♥


This is sooo videogame.  Love the humor and the different combos feel good to execute on.  Would like some way to know how far back I've pushed back the Forest King as it's hard to see when I'm buried deep between his loins is not a sentence I thought I'd type today but here we are I guess.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Haha "so videogame". I did some work on the crotch-blindness issue last night actually. I added a visual indicator under the arch so you can see when you cross into the next "span" and increased the depth of the collider so you don't get quite so close while you're drilling into him. Got a few other things we can try after this iteration too.

Thanks for the feedback. 🙏


Very satisfying gibs!


Nice one! I really enjoyed the style and the unique mechanics. This is one of the best entries in this jam I've played so far.


The art work is really good and the gameplay was amazing.


The green dogs wore vests, so of course they had to die. Impressive attack tree shown after I died many times, and very nice giblets! Hooray for giblets.


Absolutely gorgeous artwork! Noticed a good strategy is ignoring the enemies and bunnyhop with whield up until reach the boss, but could not finish the game even doing that.