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Thanks! We had planned to have doors that open as time continues (or was it doors that closed?) in any case we ended up running out of time. So it goes!

Oh I see! I didn't notice it. I think you could go so far as to turn the movement arrows as well if it's generally seen as a problem.

Love the name, love the art, love the music. Super cool concept.

Felt a little unfair how the enemies just appear and disappear out of nowhere, but overall a very well executed, fun and funny entry. Nice work!

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A good idea, but not fully explored. Missed an opportunity to spawn waves of enemies offscreen, forced you to line up multiple projectiles to kill them in batches. The game needs to ramp up difficulty faster with more enemies spawning and faster enemies.

Extremely funny and well presented game. 😹

I didn't realize that the "info" command was different to "help", so I was just guessing commands for the couple of tries. After seeing the command list I understood how to play and delivered gato successfully!

I think some screenshake & metal noises when damaging the car would increase the stress levels a bit.

Wow, incredible art & music, very well done. Clearly a very talented team.

I think this is a strong concept, but for me a lot of the challenge came from being confused by cw + ccw rotations. A little preview of which way the map will turn when hovering the rotate buttons would be nice addition. I couldn't work out how to beat level 5, but I could believe it's possible haha.

Thank you! It is endless, the timer is your high score.

Damn this is great! Nailed the aesthetic and the tutorial is perfect. It's a lot trickier than I expected. Haven't defeated the human yet, so I guess my people will not get a new rubbish dump 😢.

P.S. I had one run where the "lone human" wasn't destroyed on game over and I had to defend against two of them.

Ah, somehow I never saw this comment. I disabled physics update and then manually run it myself using Physics2D.Simulate with a time step determined by an easing function. In this case the function is CircInOut.

You can come and pick my brain in our discord server if you like.

Elegant little game that's deceptively difficult!

Thank you for the kind works dap005!

We are still working on the game and will give it a proper accessibility pass in the Steam version. I hope it wasn't a problem for you to play the game. Thank you for the resource. ❤️

I did not!

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Haha "so videogame". I did some work on the crotch-blindness issue last night actually. I added a visual indicator under the arch so you can see when you cross into the next "span" and increased the depth of the collider so you don't get quite so close while you're drilling into him. Got a few other things we can try after this iteration too.

Thanks for the feedback. 🙏

Graphics are perfect. Mechanics are a bit strange though... The explosive ammo does almost no damage? And I can't tell when I'm being attacked so dying was always a surprise. Also maybe you could center the visible area by having half the UI on the right hand side?

Hey Piggy. Tough game. Love the aesthetic (as usual). Definitely had a tense atmosphere, I did not enjoy seeing those monsters, which was alright because I had a convenient book to hide them with. I did however feel a few times that the monsters spawned on my position and instakilled me which felt a little unfair.

Okay wow, really nice, polished descent-like! Immediately impressed that you got a full options menu in. The art style is very efficient  and effective (I knew I had to play as soon as I saw the thumbnail). The world looks great and feels appropriately claustrophobic. Is the maze procedurally generated?

In terms of areas of improvement, I feel like the maze may be too complicated to grok (especially coming into the game).  I see the alert about hostiles in the "green zone" but even with audio queues it's just an exercise of turning randomly until I see some green. Without landmarks I immediately decided that it was not going to be possible to learn the map. This meant that I didn't really get to experience that much combat (which I was aching for). When I encounter enemies I died a pretty easily (given how few opportunities I had to practise). I think simply increasing the density of enemies would improve this game, I'd like to spend more time dodging and less time searching.

Great jam entry. The team obviously knows what they're doing.

Played with DeltaDaedelus in a US vs Australia game, which ran impressively well despite the ping! Awesome achievement for a jam game.

I love the simplicity of weapons pushing opponents into level hazards. The control system is pretty rough, I had a some trouble staying on the track (let along enduring attacks from my gracious host) but as I got the hang of it I could see how this could be heaps of fun and have a lot  of depth. Really nice proof of concept, the team should be proud.

Thanks for the game DeltaDaedelus. ♥

ha thanks ❤️. I was just surprised. It seems the voting has sorted all the FPS to the top so the entries page is less noisy now.

yeah. I mean I get the positive vibes but this doesn't look right to me.

Not to suppose to tell you how to run the jam but to me it really takes the excitement out of the event if there's not even an expectation of making an fps in seven days. I just busted my arse for seven days and largely sleepless nights for a challenge I'd been looking forward to for literally months. It feels like of sucky to share the limelight with some loveless shovelware.

Maybe consider changing the name next time to make it clearer that is not an fps jam?

There are like 30 jams going at any given time and I chose this one because I'd participated years ago and expected to share feedback with other FPS devs. The real reward is making the project so I'm not disappointed, but I think it's worth sharing the feedback.

Perhaps I'll just run my own fps jam next year haha

Sure, I didn't understand how liberal the rules were. It just looked like a few ppl were essentially spamming titles they'd made previously into the event.

I mean I get third person shooters but one of these games is a number guessing game!

I just checked out the submission page and there's a pretty big number of random spam non-fps games. What's the deal with that? Can the host boot them?

It's like the majority of submissions haha. I think ppl just trying to promote their game using the jam?

That loading animation is actually generating the whole game level by level so it's quite expensive. The rest of the game should run faster once it's done. I could consider doing a Linux build, that might run on a Chromebook?

I was laughing aloud scrolling through them. You should link to the jam from this page too, I don't think I'll be able to participate in this one while I'm prepping for a release, but I am very tempted.

This is so much better than every other game name generator I've seen. I wanna do the jam.


16 hours between first comment and victory? Not bad.

Fixed in version 5. ✌️

Just letting you know this has been fixed in v5. Added spacebar as a secondary aim button.

Thanks Swoopie ❤ We'd love to have you in our Discord if you're interested. It's early days but we're starting to make some plans.

I love almost everything about this game. The character, theme, item descriptions, the music, the writing is great too! Some of the enemies are pretty brutal (the blue mushrooms), but that's okay, I just have to run away.

That said, I think it needs some pretty serious balancing. It seems like every time you dig down there's a chance that you'll fall to your death! The fall damage is absolutely punishing.

The other thing that feels unfair is the air system. I worked out that AP is "air points" (nor armor points as I originally thought). But it seems like there isn't always a way to get more air, and worst of all I never notice that it runs out until I'm suffocating, and by then it's too late.

The other bit of feedback is that it can be very confusing when you fall, or destroy sand. Some tweening to move the character and camera would would really enhance the experience.

Despite the above I'm a big fan and I'm going to give it a few more spins even though it seems like I'd have to get very lucky to win. I see you're still updating it so I'll stay tuned.

Awesome! Let me know if you make it to the end.

It's not so much a predecessor as a failed attempt at the same idea. I made this for the 7 day roguelike challenge 2020 . I made some poor tech decisions for this one and ended up not achieving what I'd set out to. I do not consider this to be a good game haha, I'm not even sure if I've beaten it myself.

Hahah, there has only been one update (changelog) and actually no new enemies or weapons have been added. There was always a lot of stuff in there.

Oh yeah, that's true of a touch screen too (it's almost possible to play on phone in browser). For what it's worth you can beat the game without aiming so long as you don't pick up the splitter gun.

Thanks for the feedback. I've logged an issue but we're not expecting to push an update in the immediate future.

An simple but original concept. Really interesting exploration of a unique mechanic, it really sells the experience of climbing the hill. Great work!

I like to think of it has some philosophical significance (but in reality it's a bug).

lol nice one 🧠

Heads up you can link your itch page to your LDJam submission page by adding the #ludum-dare-48 tag in your "edit game" page. ✌

You've missed the DLL file that should be at the root of the built project.