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Submitted by Effort Star (@EffortStarGames), Crime Dog (@BoyWhoCriedGame), Rhys van der Waerden (@Rhys_vdw), Matt Davis (@MattDavisGames), Atezian — 28 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You're a rare Loot Goblin being attacked by heroes. Your gold is your health, survive as long as you can.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I managed to survive ALMOST 5 minutes ! That was pretty fun, i relly liked to have a dash, and the fact that the adventurers have friendly fire (really satifying when they damage each other). I would have liked maybe a win condition, or a secondary objective other than survive, because running in circles can get repetitive after a while. I dunno maybe you can get "taunt" points by getting really close to enemies, or you have to go get something at different points of the map. Many of the best games that ask you to avoid stuff often have someting to collect, so it's a constant  push and pull between avoiding and going for the objective. The most fun i had was when i tried to collect my coins back. 

Edit : I found out by reading other comments that you can jump on enemies heads, the game is even better than i thought !


Fun game! I enjoyed the overall feel of the movement, and how you could jump off of the walls and enemies!
I do wish that there had been some kind of things that happened as you continued (something to look forward to, like a way to earn more money; or a new area opening every minute; or even just a like a "Good job!" to the player every minute). Nice entry, and goodluck in the jam!


Thanks! We had planned to have doors that open as time continues (or was it doors that closed?) in any case we ended up running out of time. So it goes!


Cute game!  Managed to survive just over 5 minutes. I loved the fact that you have to rely on friendly fire to thin out the enemies, and that you could try to retrieve some coins after being hit. 


This was a fun time, thank you for making it! Final time for me was 4:45 :)


Neat game! Had so much fun playing it! Nice theme approach and execution


Instead of endlessly circling the dungeon and leaving the adventurers behind, it was even more fun when jumping over their heads and watching them kill each other. If they dropped coins on death, it'd create an even more fun risk and reward loop :)


Great game! Had lot's of fun 


Love the sound effects!
Managed to get to 6:12. Do I get a prize?


Shout to to my guy Gobby, just wants to feed his family...


This is super cool! I was a little confused and I'm not sure if its an endless game or is there an amount of time I have to survive for?


Thank you! It is endless, the timer is your high score.


Feelin the Diablo vibes here. Life sucks as a goblin! Nice job, lots of fun.