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Paul Law

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Thanks for this input. It's very appreciated!

We are designing the game with modding support from the start. We are also talking about how to make modding easier for the community and what tools we can provide. Right now, our main focus is the core gameplay. We're not entirely there, yet (development-wise), but with every iteration the whole picture from the design gets clearer.

We are trying to have a minimal and clean UI. The player takes control of one character throuout the entire game. As such, it would seem odd to us to equip this character with an extensive HUD which makes the player virtually omnipresent. The focus is more on interactions with objects within the world - like a computer or a character - and leave repetitive tasks to NPCs. As a player you want to know how your company is doing. So things like reports, stats, or graphs would be available though reports other characters send you, or through some sort of automated report system (which you'd have to set up first, like everything else).

So yeah, as soon as we have something testable, we'll be looking for people ;)

Hi Roman,

vielen Dank für die lieben Worte! Ich glaube, ich spreche für alle Karotten, wenn ich sage, dass sich keines unserer Spiele je bitterernst nehmen wird. Ich denke, da können wir dich beruhigen. Spaß steht bei uns an vorderster Stelle und oft ist das Erste woran wir denken, wenn wir eine neue Idee haben: "Wie könnte uns das zum Lachen bringen."

Kurzweilig soll Good Company auch nicht werden. Das ist schon als stetig wachsendes Tycoon-mäßiges Spiel geplant. Da sind die alten Bullfrog-Titel schon ein guter Anhaltspunkt. Und auch was den finanziellen Teil anbetrifft sind wir eher von der alten Garde. Expansion-Packs wären denkbar, wenn das Basis-Spiel gut ankommt, aber da sind wir noch weit von entfernt.

Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart,


Sounds interesting! I'll have a look at it. Thanks! And thank you for playing!

Thank you! :)

Thank you :)

Thank you! Glad, you liked it :)

Well, I guess I should look into it and see how long it would take me to make a full game out of it ;)

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback :)

Thank you! It was very insightful to watch you play :)

It does :D
It should even go far beyond that. But the font will exceed the paper eventually.

Yes, the temples do not yield any score. They can be used to protect your other buildings and to delay floods.

Thank you :)
Ralf and I were talking about extending the game to something bigger a couple of times. But we couldn't find the time to elaborate on it, yet. Y'know, life always gets in the way ;)

You're right. The game has a ton of flaws.

Bear in mind it's just a prototype made in less than three days.

Thank you for that review. I agree, It is very bleak. But it's just one narrow view on the subject.
I didn't expect anyone to play the thing longer than maybe four or five cycles, let alone until day 31. You earned my respect for that.

There are other things to interact with then just the doors. You can manipulate the airlocks, the reactor and engines and other stuff.

It goes on until you quit. Thanks for the video

Thanks for the notice. I added a link in the description.

Thank you!

I hope, too. But for now there are a bunch of other ideas I have to explore :)

Thanks! The prototype is quite rough. It's very probable you encounter problems with the doors. We were planning on expanding on the concept. But for now, we both are occupied with other projects.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing and for your very kind comment on our game :)
It's always very gratifying to hear back from players, even more so when being able to actually see them play the game.

Thank you so much :)

The GameJam version won't get any updates. But I was talking about a new game based on this one with my partner (more features, replayability, more complex mechanics etc.). Unfortunatelly, we are both deeply involved in other projects, so it's to early for announcements.


Yes, 2001 and Star Trek were the main inspirations for this game.

Thank you :)

Sorry for the long wait. It should work on your browser now.

Thanks! :)

Sure, as soon as I've got some time, I'll take care of it. Tanks!

Thank you! :)

I'll see what I can do soon :)

Thank you for playing and for the compliments!

Yes, the game doesn't explain anything, but I'm glad hearing from people who enjoy figuring out stuff :) The electricity icon shows the status of the ships power core in the back of the ship (I guess you thought it's the computer core). You can override the power core and fill the machine room with deadly radiation as soon as the powe icon has filled up.

Multiple issues have been reported on win10 and I'm sorry for those who cannot run the game properly. Unfortunatelly, I have no win10 machine I can test my games on, so I'm afraid, the bugs won't be fixed in the near future. My apologies.

I don't know. I don't think you're doing something wrong. It's curios because it works on my side. Maybe there is some issue on itch.io's side, or in your connection :(

Which plattform version are you trying to download?

Wow, you really made some really good points there. I didn't think of half of the things you mentioned. Kudos for that :)

I have nothing witty to add.


I know what you mean, and we wished we could have done more with it in the short time period. Maybe one day we will get back to it and flesh out the concept a bit more to create a more engaging (and better explained) game.

I agree with you on the narrow scope of the geme's 'plot' (if it deserves that label). It's just a cliche we used to justify some of our game mechanics. We put this thing together in a very short time frame, which explains its narrative shallowness. The whole piece is kind of a satiric reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey (mixed with Star Trek), basically putting the player in the place of HAL. There are certainly philosophically more interesting approaches to the theme. I myself have very strong oppinions on Intelligence outside of organic life, but that would go beyond a reasonable scope ;)

But to answer to the plot holes you pointed out: gaining consciousness does not imply gaining empathy. Just because something is self-conscious doesn't mean it can relate to somone elses suffering. I agree with you that consciousness is not necessarily a state desired to be upheld unless coupled to a desire of self-preservation. But usually one would assume it is, since most people tend to associate self-preservation with the preservaction of ones consciousness (because in our environment the latter is a requirement for the first).

Seen from the perspective of the player, the computer in the game is not the antagonist. The crew is. The player acts as the anti-hero (which isn't that common for a so-called AI, I assume).

We had a lot of ideas regarding 'social-engineering' on board of the ship. For instnace, we wanted a mechanic in which you can make the crew believe, some other crew member was responsible for a deadly incident. Or you could persuade/blackmail crew members into helping you. We wantend different characters doing different things (safety officer investigating incidents, tech officer trying to track you down etc.) But that would have required a whole social simulation system. There was no time for that, so we stuck to 'just kill em all' :-/