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Hi there! Thank you! I really enjoyed your podcast. I'll definitely follow you guys.

Yes, the lack of a menu is a bit annoying. But, you know: time constraints.

Have you tried Alt + F4?

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Well, I'm not sure but my guess is that you get the warning because the APK you download here from is not signed with the google play store.

On which platform are you trying to start it?

Haha, don't get too excited, yet. I'm full time on Good Company  And I'm on vacation next week. So it will take some time. And it will be tiny ;)

I'll drop you a line if it's going somewhere, though.

Thank you!

It was the best jam experience I've ever had. I remember lurking on notch's  twitch channel while he was working on his entry "Last Minute Christmas Chopping".

I've had few happier moments in my life than these 48h home alone. And sadly, jamming never was this way again. I guess that's how you get used to happiness. I've learned to appreciate being content since then.

Hugs to you, too, pal <3

Ok, Sebastian, that's it!

because of you I'm actively planning my next solo project. I hope you're happy with yourself!



this is very high praise, and I don't know what to say. Reading your previous comments on my other games made my day. But this is genuinely heart-warming. Thanks, man :)

Oh, hello again,

thank you for your kind words and for the time you spent with GRAIL. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. This one means a lot to me. It was the first jam game I ever made. Every time I see someone playing it I remember that I intended to make it into a longer experience. I still think I should...

Also, nice playthrough you did there :)


thank you for checking out and recommending this old piece of mine. I forget about it sometimes, and seeing that it still manages to catch someone's attention -- even for a short while -- feels comforting and encouraging. Your oppinion in particular means a lot to me.

P.S.: Sorry that our glitch demon startled you. But it's the only purpose it has in its exsistence, and I'd hate to take that away from it.

Sounds interesting! I'll have a look at it. Thanks! And thank you for playing!

Thank you :)

Thank you! Glad, you liked it :)

Well, I guess I should look into it and see how long it would take me to make a full game out of it ;)

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback :)

Thank you! It was very insightful to watch you play :)

It does :D
It should even go far beyond that. But the font will exceed the paper eventually.

Yes, the temples do not yield any score. They can be used to protect your other buildings and to delay floods.

Thank you :)
Ralf and I were talking about extending the game to something bigger a couple of times. But we couldn't find the time to elaborate on it, yet. Y'know, life always gets in the way ;)

You're right. The game has a ton of flaws.

Bear in mind it's just a prototype made in less than three days.

Thank you for that review. I agree, It is very bleak. But it's just one narrow view on the subject.
I didn't expect anyone to play the thing longer than maybe four or five cycles, let alone until day 31. You earned my respect for that.

There are other things to interact with then just the doors. You can manipulate the airlocks, the reactor and engines and other stuff.

It goes on until you quit. Thanks for the video

Thanks for the notice. I added a link in the description.

Thank you!

I hope, too. But for now there are a bunch of other ideas I have to explore :)

Thanks! The prototype is quite rough. It's very probable you encounter problems with the doors. We were planning on expanding on the concept. But for now, we both are occupied with other projects.

Thanks for playing!

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Oh, sounds awesome! Can't wait to see what your idea is :)

I somehow managed to solve a puzzle via a glitch that occurred with the box physics.
When I changed the gravity the box fell in the opposite direction and got stuck on an edge of the room geometry.

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I'm not sure how this world is called in which I encountered this bug bot it seems to be a transitional area after world_002. At the top of a tower I picked up a yellow box and decided to bring it back through the portal I came through. The result was glitchy (see video below):

After the yellow box glitched out I couldn't grab another one to progress in the area. The tree didn't spawn any further boxes.

I can affim what F1nn said.

The game so far is really enthralling and captivating. I loved how the core mechanics are introduced at the beginning, especially the first button that is descretely 'hidden' behind your back so you can discover it going full circle. Then the world opens up and you get to explore whats beyond the introductory spaces. It takes you a few moments to understand the first wold's structure but it's still gratifying to comprehend it.

after trying to grasp what's going on in world_002 (after finishing the worlds intrductory rooms with the first bidirectional blocks, which was still capturing my attention), I reached a point of exhaustion and told myself: "I'll deal with that later." which was the point at which I took a break. Now I'm here :)

I'd recommend to simplify the levels design or find an elegant way to guide the player's attention so she/he doesn't get lost in this vast complex contraption. It definitely came as a suprising revelation to me that there are giant blocks that could move depending on the gravity state I'm in. I thought it was brilliant. But then I noticed there were several of them, some of them geometrically entangled and I felt like it was too tiresome to analyze how this whole beast was supposed to work. Maybe It would be smart to add an intermediate level that introduces a more trivial case of a moving giant structure.

This seems to be a general problem with how the state of the doors are rendered. If you open a door and pass through the tunnel to a different area, the door remains physically open but the model of the door is reset to its closed state when revisiting the area.

You can reproduce this quite easily:
1. open door
2. go halfway through the tunnel
3. turn around and walk back
4. see that the door you previously opened appears to be closed (although it's not blocking you)

Thank you for playing and for your very kind comment on our game :)
It's always very gratifying to hear back from players, even more so when being able to actually see them play the game.

Thank you so much :)

The GameJam version won't get any updates. But I was talking about a new game based on this one with my partner (more features, replayability, more complex mechanics etc.). Unfortunatelly, we are both deeply involved in other projects, so it's to early for announcements.


Yes, 2001 and Star Trek were the main inspirations for this game.

Thank you :)

Sorry for the long wait. It should work on your browser now.