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This game slaps

This game is gorgeous! ❤️

Thank you! 🙏

Yeah, it rules.

Feeling this. Didn't finish but only because I don't have time rn. I got up to the bridge made of two balls without too many missteps.

Nice one queenfaith2022. We have a much improved version available for download now btw!

Hey General_Red, thanks for playing!

We clearly still need to do some work on communicating what the "spans" are. FYI every time you push the boss back past one of the arches it progresses to the next span. You'll see a banner drop from the top of the screen telling you which span you've reached (same time as your health gets recharged).

The goal is to push to the end of the bridge, at which point you'll win the game. Once you knock him down he's vulnerable so you can keep pushing him for a bit before he gets back up.

Also: You can perform a horizontal slash by pressing attach while holding your shield up, and then hold attack to spin your gun up quicker.

That's great to hear, Shafla. Flattered by your compliments on the art. It was a bit of experiment for us so I'm very glad to hear that it resonates.

I was concerned about the performance impact of all the particle effects, especially the fire and such. We've actually put almost no time into optimising the game yet (besides making some high level decisions like limiting the number of enemies) so it's possible that we could get it running even better in the future.

If you're having trouble getting past span 4 I could suggest using leap a lot more to stay nimble (esp. to dodge the boss's seeker shots), and always using the shortcut transition from slash to high gatling instead of holding attack from neutral.

I hope that you get to see the "cinematic" at the end of the bridge. I worked all night on it. 😁 If you want any more tips or to chat feel free to join our Discord server.


Thanks for the clarification. We'll keep it in mind while tuning. ♥

Hey Zackartto! Thanks for the feedback. Definitely some good thoughts there.

FYI the bridge is not endless, there are eight spans before you banish the Forest King. Perhaps a progress bar or something would help dispel this perception.

We do have a gatling mechanic something like your suggestion (if I follow). If you hold attack from leap or from guard you will perform a slash, if you continue to hold attack the gun will spin up into "half gatling". This is significantly faster than holding fire from cold and once you get it down it's the only way to start shooting.

We're currently doing a push to improve the communication of these mechanics. It's definitely quite opaque!

Thank you crazypanda47. That is not a bug, you're going to be needing that technique in the later levels. Refer to your training notes!

👌 Radical.

Thank you, Jake Gaming!

You must have the gatling at full spin to do the 💥MIGHTY THRUST💥, the most powerful technique. Also it's great for mowing down those pesky sloblins!

Hey Shafla. Thanks so much 🙏. Could you go into a bit more detail on what you were confused by? We'd like to smooth out the experience.