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A historical fiction game based on a Cajun boy who woke up and seeing no family.
Submitted by MinisterJay with 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline

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Puzzle Design#92.0002.000

Ranked from 3 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Historical Event
This game is based on the voyage leading to one of the earliest Cajun settlements in southern Louisiana. The expedition was lead by Joseph Broussard. After being exiled from Nova Scotia, many Cajuns were sent to Sainte-Dominique, modern day Haiti, and then left due to unbearable weather conditions. They sailed to the Louisiana coast, traveled up the Atchafalaya River, and then entered Bayou Teche. The area they settled in was known was the Atakapas District, which later became St. Martin Parish, which in modern times is divided into five parishes (counties). Note: I not only come from a Cajun heritage, but also have taught in this historical events region.

This game is about a boy that gets separated from his family, that have yet to make the settlement. He encounters local creatures, including nasty mosquitoes. With flashbacks, the history of the voyage from Novia Scotia to Sainte-Dominique to Louisiana is told.

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Jam Judge(+1)

Story and characters are well fleshed out, but this is a common attribute of RPG's. This jam was for adventure games. Everything else was ok with a lot of the assets being out the RPG maker engine.

Best of luck.


I actually only used the animation assets from the game engine.  The rest of the images were not.  I personally made most of the assets.   I have played too many hybrid games, and unfortunately did not know that hybrids were not allowed.  I appreciate the critique.  

Thanks for that best of luck.  I am submitting to a very big game jam that's first place is currently over $8,000.

Jam Judge

Extra luck then! I hope you become $8k richer!


Thanks.  We would use it for a down payment on a house and property.  They allow two submissions per person/team.  There is a popular vote prize and three place prizes.  It is mathematically possible, yet highly improbable, that someone could win three of the prizes.

have a blessed day. :)

Jam Judge

Interesting game, love the graphics of the enemies. I included it in my $101 Adventure Challenge compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for the comment about the enemies.  My current project has all the artwork done in that style.  The main character and all encounters are wisps.  I even made the spell animations fit that 2D style.  I appreciate the observation.  Thanks.


I liked the choice of region; it seems very uncovered, and to have a lot of cultural weight.  The specificity when mentioning specific places and events was great.

Mechanically, the high-frequency of enemy encounters was a bit painful for me, as well as the limited strategies. That said, with the short time frame.


Thanks for commenting Glassed.  You may or may not laugh at this, before the last modification, the random events, which were taken out, were somehow making a battle encounter every two steps, instead of a desired ten steps.   I should have intentionally focused on a lot of mosquitoes, and less of the other encounters.  Historically the mosquitoes back then caused yellow fever, in this region.  Just yesterday, we got news that West Nile virus was found again in this area, about 20 miles away. 


This game gives some interesting history in the context of a single family, including the dangers they faced in this place and time as well as superstitions.

The Art is very well-done, although I do wonder why the mosquitoes don't look anything like mosquitoes. Maybe because it's a dream I guess.

The music and sounds doesn't seem to fit the time period and setting. They are fine, but it would be really cool if it was traditional music from this time period. This just sounded like generic RPG music.

The gameplay itself is rather uninteresting. Just eat onions, hit monsters repeatedly until they die, eat onions, repeat. Even if you die, there doesn't seem to be any consequence. I found myself kind of wishing I was playing the story that was being told in the flashbacks.

The most significant negative factor about this game as far as this jam is concerned, though, is that it is not an adventure game. It's an RPG. Which is a bit of a shame because I think this story would have been better told as an adventure game.


I greatly appreciate the critiquing.  Most of my games have aspects of multiple genres, and it looks like the game jam was looking for more of a strict adventure game , without any hybrids.  It was a great learning experience, and I thank for the opportunity to participate.  

As mentioned in the final scene, T' Jacques had been in a deep fever, specifically the yellow fever, and had been unconscious multiple days, that is why all enemy encounters were of a fantasy nature. 

You are correct, in regards to the music; it a modification of the standard music that came with the game engine. 

I almost put what you mentioned about putting more  game time of flashbacks, but unfortunately decided not too. 

I may have to redefine my definitions of what are strict adventure games and what are strict RPGs.  This may also describe why I was having such a challenge playing a majority of the submissions.  I had not played games like that since the late 80s/early 90s.

Most of all thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain some of the conditions that some of my ancestors may have faced when they first settled southern Louisiana.



Nice RPG ! 

The game is fluid and dynamic =)

I didn't know this part of history so i discover this =) thank ^^


Merci beaucoup.  My ancestors were not only from Nova Scotia, we also had some direct immigrants from France.  I am glad you liked this adventure.


The graphics are nice, and you're giving a lot of historical information (maybe too much for some people, but I personally liked it).

That being said, it doesn't really feel like an adventure game, it's more of an RPG (as the name RPG Maker implies), albeit simplified.


Thank you for the critique.  This game is indeed a story driven hybrid where the character faces the common elements of southcentral Louisiana. 


Love the art style. The pacing on the fights is nice. Reminds me of the old school RPGs.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you ripter.  I actually lived during the old school RPGs, well...actually back when they were paper, pencil, and dice.  ;)