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Thanks for the very useful critique.  I guess, I should have said that Chart was the nickname for chartreuse., and they had to find the two colors that when combined make it.  The reds would always attack.  The white would attack a percentage of the time.  Indigo chased the player character wanting contact.   I like the idea of making Violet an octagon shape, but I would make it a hexagon or heptagon, most likely.  If it was a heptagon, it would show support for having Indigo put back in.   I should have made it where incorrect guesses plainly went back to the semi-maze entrance, instead of battling.  I too found the battling awkward after playing multiple times.

I love your idea of using puzzles instead of using the typical MV battle system.  I am making more and more games they theme wise do not need the standard battles.  I tried to think of different ways to show that the six colors were being absorbed by Roy G Beevee,  That is why they intentionally lost the last two battles.  

I greatly appreciate your input.  I found out about IGMC about midway, and have been waiting for it since the previous one.  I look forward to the next one, and try to show a non-traditional way of the using the RPG Maker game engines.

I appreciate your feedback.  I agree.  Many challenges should have been explained better, or given better dialogue results with undesired choices made.

I love how detailed your storyline is.  

Within some battles, there are options that can be chosen at the beginning.  I predict that you chose the same option every time.  Is that correct?  When an undesired action was chosen, it prompted a message stating. "It is time to reassess."  When seeing this, you chose an opposite action.  This probably happened when encountering the giant Muddy Brown.  

Thanks for your input.

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Spent over an hour googling why a SV Actor plugin was not functioning properly.  I kept on getting error after error.  I then realized I had not checked off the SV battle option in the System part of the Database.  I almost messaged the plugin creator.

Imagine spending a couple hours or so making customized sv actors and sv battlers, and then realizing there are all the wrong set.  I had made ice themed instead of water themed.  I can keep them for the future...

I understand.  I am working by myself too.  This morning, I am starting from scratch.  I changed what kind of game the first submission is going to be, and it will have custom images.  There is less than two weeks left.  That is why it is important for game devs to motivate each other.  This game jam can be successfully won by a soloist.  The game does not need a big team for it to be loved by many.

I was one of the admin/mods from  Are there any in this game jam that used to frequent that forum?  I was known as MinisterJay back then.  I sold some educational games made from MV, on Teachers Pay Teachers.  That is one reason that I changed my name.  I also make and sell card games.

According to Rule 17, the judged game must be able to run on Windows.  Does it matter if it is boxed using Enigma Virtual Box?

There is plenty of time to get your game completed.  I also noticed this game jam late.  In the past, I have made two IGMC submissions in the time that is left, so you can definitely get this one done.  I have faith in you and your team to complete a viable submission.

I think that the judge that I had last time around is not judging this time, unless he did a name change.  Mine had a lot of flashing, and some of it was quick.  They warning screen is an awesome idea.

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Thanks Tea.  They can see the concept of the multi-player aspect, as a single player.  That's one reason why I always make 2 entrees for IGMC. 

Will the judges consider a game made by an RPG Maker game that is multiplayer?  There are many things that can be done with it that are not within the traditional intended applications.

I just found out about this today.  I have been asking about when the next one was for months/years.

Hi.  This is MinisterJay from the past.  I learned this from the last IGMC jam.  Flashing images may cause seizures.  I unfortunately had a judge that got seizures playing my game about wisps.

I know submission and public voting have ended.  The judge team will turn in results, and this will have 70% weight.  I will update in the next few days to let everyone know a projected placement announcement date.



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There have been two major hurricanes, in my local area.  I have updated the length of voting duration.

I caught this question too late.

I will allow this exception to the rule.  You may use a script/plugin that converts Italian to English.

Kids Generator, since it is DLC is not allowed.

Have you tried modifying the TERMS, within the DATABASE section of TOOLS?

Only front view battlers could be cut and pasted.   Sideview would look odd showing all of those poses.

Facesets would not work, with cut and pasting, since an outside application would have to be used to get a single face.

Only entire images can be cut and pasted, from one original RTP file to another.

I do not know.

Science Fiction and Modern assets are not allowed at all, no matter what version.

1.  That is correct.  Nothing from the Science Fiction assets may be used.

2.  Rule explaining copying from one Original RTP folder to another has been added.

They are allowed.  I have added this rule.  

Yes, it may.

Correct. No DLC usage, at all.  With a little work, you can show different emotions with the generator that is included, with most RPG Maker engines.  I have done this before.

Correct.  Cars, lights, flashlights, etc., are not allowed.

You can make your own maps, with the RTP.

Thanks for reminding me.  I could see them, but you couldn't.  The three areas of the criteria are: Creativity, Enjoyability, and Lack of 'Bugs'.  They are of equal weight. These are for public voting.

 I have various criteria, for the judge(s) that are found, in the community posts.  Playing length will also have a score

I have updated the page.

Since these require outside software, they are not allowed.  There are other ways to make cutscenes using just the game engine.

1.  Yes, you are allowed to work in teams.  This does count towards the one game per person rule.

2. How you create names, is up to you.  Historical fantasy is allowed.

3. Yes, please do submit.  I will create a point value system towards length, with 30+ plus having the highest score.

4. Parody games will be allowed, though they creativity score may be lowered.

5. There is a section of events, where scripts can be entered.  That is what I mean by scriptcalling.

6. I am open to many interpretations of this.  You may Messenger me, if you have face book.  My name is Jay Harrison and it is the one that says Minister/Teacher/Game Maker.  I think that may have create a message system too.

I am trying to remember.  Is the picture folder typically empty?  Where are the variables inputted for movie cut screens?

I am afraid not.  RTP assets from different RPG Maker versions are not allowed.  Furthermore, it is a remake of an RTP.

I am talking about the event scriptcalling option.

I will allow formula modifications for damage calculations, spells, etc.  Those fall in a different category than event scriptcalling.

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1. In the animation section, you may combine the animations as desired.  This is not considered as editing the actual images.

2. That is correct.  Turn all plugins off, if they are in the on position.

They are a few that are going to use MZ.  It has the same rules as the other engines.

It does not have to be strictly medieval error, just not modern.

I am afraid not.  No outside software is allowed.

You are welcome.