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Submitted by stevemcwin — 4 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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By how creative and fun it is#153.6153.615

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Feels great to shoot and slide around. I like the logo of the cowboy and his two guns. A bit easy considering the player can just shoot and fly off in a direction, I headed south for the border, haha. Great work!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a lot! Pixel art is my strong suit atm since I am relatively new to Godot, but yeah, will have to fix that in the future 😅


Good job. Enjoyable game and the user feedback is great.  the movement mechanics is spot on for the theme and tone of the game.


Thank you a lot, I did my best :D


has an amazing feel to it. ^,..,^

wish there where an indicator for how many rounds you have left in the cylinder. :P


The feature is there, but as I mentioned in the description of the game, there was a bug in the browser version where the UI for the bullets is shown as a black box which I couldn't fix ://


Really cool game, the art looks really great! Some western background music would have been the icing on the cake. The knockback is an amazing way to move. Just two little things that think could be better. 

First, the world doesn't seem limited, if you don't want the player to move too far away, how about a fence? I think that would also look cool with your art style. 

The other thing is a score system. Right now you just try to survive and there doesn't seem to be a goal.


Thank you for the kind words and for the feedback! I was already planning on adding those two features but yeah, time restrictions, tho I'll do my best to touch up a little after the rating period :D


Congrats on the submition! Nice art!

The shoot knockback was a nice mechanic. But there were one point that I just kept shooting down and moving up and could keep that infinitely.

Keep it up!


Thank you a lot!

Yeah I wanted to make a border or something along those lines but deadlines......


Suggestion: add a way to walk but you have a walk meter that last for about a second. that way you can have more ways to move around. 

also if you shoot strait up forever you can't get hurt.


That's a good suggestion, and I did think about giving more movement options to the player but I had the limitation of only one button so that's how it is, but I'll keep that in mind!
And yeah, didn't manage to think up a solution to that in time...


The knockback from the gun was really smart, and I like the overall idea.  The little limit on how many bullets you can rapidly shoot is a great touch too.  My only critiques are that there isn't much visual feedback to really sell destroying tumbleweeds, and you can wander away from the cacti that are supposed to make it harder to dodge.


Hey thank you a lot! I planned on somehow generating the cacti and tumbleweed as you move along the map, but I wasted so much time on trying to fix the UI problem that I didn't have enough time to even think about that anymore... But still thanks for the feedback :D