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Really interesting. The mechanic is quite special and I wish there would be a longer race track. Cool game :)

Great concept! Some sounds would be cool but I really enjoyed the game

Great concept, it looks amazing, sounds great and just feels really cool to play. I think there are a few things that could be improved like having a Key action to switch bewteen cats. Another thing that I noticed is that the dead cat can push blocks outside the screen. I am not sure if that was intended :)

But who cares, here are your 5*

Oh ok that's new..

I will take a look at it, thanks for pointing it out!

Really great concept, cool sounds and art looks amazing :)

Cute art but would have liked to have atleast a cat enemy. The QUIT button seems to crash the game

Nice game! Some sound effects would be cool. A few more levels would be cool too or a messge that all levels were completed

Cool idea and nice art! The overall positioning could be improved so that the cat is in the center of the screen and the live bar can be seen completely. 

Otherwise cool game :)

A dealing cat that's new.. XD

Really cool idea! The game can be improved obviously but you said that you were lazy so I hope this will be a future project of yours :D

Really like the music, idea is very cool :)

I like the idea but a another minigame would be cool. The flappy bird one feels really weird and I restart where I died before.

Really cool! The art is great and the music is amazing! I think it would be better to let the music continue on the game over screen

Nice game! I really like the music!!! One thing that is missing for me is that the mouse doesn't have a move animation, the smoke particle is great though!

Great music, cool idea! The text was a bit hard to read. Otherwise really great!

Really cool idea! I love these rage games XD

Two little things, however, I got stuck in the upper right corner and wasn't able to move further (the cat's huge cry face was up the entire time; which is a cool effect btw)

Another thing is that the beeping in the music was kind of annoying.

Great game :)

Really nice art! I think it would be better if the cat could walk on diagonal platforms 

Coop tetris is a really cool idea, I think during a game jam it is more like a play to tetris games at once but overall really cool.

I would have liked to hear some good old tetris music though :)

Really cool! Some background music and it would be perfect :D

The darkness mechanic is a bit confusing at first but when I understood it, it was really great!!

Beautiful game! The music and sprites are amazing! I really love these kind of games. Unfortunately, these games need a ton of explanation and I think it would be better to have that inside the game. But otherwise perfect :)

I really like the idea of this game. And I disagree with what others said. It doesn't matter if it is "basic" the idea is cool and it would be nice if you work on the game after the jam too :)

The music is amazing and the controls are super easy and yet extremely frustrating when I accidentally cool 4 cats at once (which is good because you really have to wait for the right moment). Some sound effects would be cool :D

Two things that I didn't like that is that the game takes really long to load (with your name and title screen; I think it would be better to have them on one screen). And the other one is that the canvas is kind of too small for 20 cats (but also this is the challenge, right? :D)

Do you remember this Mario 64 game! The idea is reall cool and I really like that it just gets harder the longer you take! The cats look a bit blurry but otherwise it's really nice

The movement didn't work at first. When I refreshed the page it was working again.

Amazing art and music! Really cool idea...very unfortunate ending :(

Wow I suck at these kind of games.. 5* :)

I think it was a light green one

Mhh maybe you can try that when the cat collides with a wall that the player's input is not used

The concept is really cool altough I have to say that I didn't see the dog at first :D

Great game! I know the cat theme was optional but I think at least one cat would have been nice :)

However, this is a really cool game and I love how you made a story with just some buttons :D

The idea is so cool! The game looks so amazing BUT a srag and drop mechanic would have been so nice! This is such an awesome idea.. please continue this project after the jam :)

Really great art style!! The cat looks super cool! I think that it is a bit unclear what the cat is supposed to do and the controls are a bit shaky. But overall this is really cute :)

Super cute game! The cats seem to be enormous compared to tha granny but that just makes the game look even cuter!

Two things that seem a bit weird, why can this old lady hold onto the edge of a platform XD The other thing is that the game would be even more challenging if you could only pick up one cat at a time

Great game! The way you control the game is very unique and extremely fun!

Cool idea! It would be better to have the text in the smaller window too or make the window be fullscreen as default.

But I really enjoyed this and my brain hurts now :P

Art looks really cool.. although the cat's arms are a bit too long XD

The potatoes kinda look like the toast from teletubbies. Personally, I'm not a fan of loosing a live when you can't collect the potato but that's just me. Overall, really cute game :)

Looks cool and is easy to understand! Great game! Only thing that is weird to me is that the auto-clicker needs some help at the end because it seems to click random spots

This looks really cool!

Cool game! I really like that you made so many different play modes! I think going with the style of a retro game it would have been cool to only use the green tones. 

One thing that looks a bit weird, the water game starts with 9999 points.

Overall, really cute game

Yeah that was part of the first sketch.. didn't have the time to make a crafting system :(

Cool idea, great art and nice music! Only thing that I would change is that the ground could have some more variation

Really cool game! Great music and even though the pattern stays the same the game is fairly difficult! Full on 5*

Really cute design and cool idea! I had to figure out that the up arrow does something as well :D

Some sounds would have been cool though :)