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yeah not sure what the deal is there, I have to refresh sometimes to get my Space to recognize in the game-window and not the web page

Thanks for playing!

Because the player falls in sub-pixels and I don't do sub-pixel collision checks, there is a chance he gets stuck in the floor collision and requires two jumps to get out. 

Annoys me too!

GameMakerStudio2! and thank you!

Ahhhh I was so close! 
no no, thank YOU for joining and making something great 

I like the unique 'flip' aspect to the endless runner. The score isn't visible, its being drawn ontop of the word "Score". Also there doesn't seem to be an increasing difficulty factor. Good work though!

Simple enough idea, I liked the interpretation of "One Button". My only wish would be a juicy visual pop (already got a juicy sound) for pressing the 1 button. Good work!

Liked the usage of the bridge troll. Creative way to get around the "one button" limitation by having the mouse movement be a factor. Some music and munchy sound effects would have helped but the sounds were cute none the less. Added difficulty is the last thing, a bit too easy being a troll! Good work!

Great writing. Great use of wavy text to punctuate the words. Fantastic work.

Simple enough game, cute art and sounds. Good work!

A bit confused on what the yellow screen does. Fun music and art though. Good job!

I dig it. A funny sense of humor and storytelling. My only wish is some music and sounds! Good job!

Cool music, creative use of both limitations and the music was epic. Good job!

Cute game, decent concept. Some music and sounds would have added to it. Good work!

Interesting mechanic having to switch between the health and energy. Once the big circle enemies showed up I was done for! Good work!

Haha I liked the story behind it! Very meta having it played on a phone UI and obviously the "distracting apps" story. Good work!

Loved everything about it! The story, the Jojo reference, the pit pat of his footsteps sound. Fantastic work guys!

An interesting idea although with the lack of AI its strange playing against ones self. The board becomes hard to move around in at a certain point because of the color rules + lack of grid outlines. Good work though!

Unique idea, wish there were more levels!

Really cool perspective and rotation, I had one enemy right at the start and then no more. Good work though!

Really liked the story and atmosphere, the movement was unique and I got used to it. What I couldn't understand was how to fight back and restore the world, it seemed when I touched the enemies I would lose hearts always. Great job though!

This is fantastic! I love the morality dilemma and the fact there are two endings, I had to go back and play the other ending afterwards! Sounds and music would have made it even better! 

Creative idea, satisfying sound effects and wholesome music. Good work! 

Fun gameplay having to time your punches with their punches. Some sounds would have made the punches more satisfying to the player than they are already! Good job!

Cute character, fun puzzles. Difficulty spikes fast! Good work guys!

Cute little game, I liked the run cycle of the player and the smashing apart effect of the ceiling beams. Good work!

Beautiful art, loved the different characters showing up to the bar. Gameplay was neat, having to remember whose been waiting the longest. Good work guys!

Beautiful art, loved the different characters showing up to the bar. Gameplay was neat, having to remember whose been waiting the longest. Good work guys!

Great animation, love the cute character and his dash. Would have loved a boing sound when he hit the button, fantastic work overall!

Feels great to shoot and slide around. I like the logo of the cowboy and his two guns. A bit easy considering the player can just shoot and fly off in a direction, I headed south for the border, haha. Great work!

Really good presentation, both the screen effect and the music. The idea is pretty wild and the fact the levels scream chaos at first but after time make sense speaks to the craftsmanship. I had to stop at a certain point out of frustration, good work!

Fantastic visuals and music, the atmosphere is great. The control scheme is interesting but leads to frustration and difficulty. Great work!

Good work! I liked the white hill mechanic, it was unique. I think combining the jumping and the white hills to make larger levels would have worked rather than splitting the game up.

Fun game, I like the little story at the beginning. A lot of different spells which was very cool. I only wish there was sounds/music! Good job!

Cool idea and mechanic, good use of the One Button theme and the black and white limitation. Some sounds and music would have bumped it up a notch. 

Wasn't 100% understanding the controls, instructions would have been nice. Great work though, the bouncing physics were good!

Nicely done! Good idea, funny music that added to it. Great work!

Really creative idea, at first I forgot I could release and I was trying them all in one go! That would have been impossible haha. Really liked the levels with the moving pieces, added a lot of challenge! Good work!

Legitimately spooky game, did great with the two themes. I jumped at least once! Great work guys

The idea of the controls is interesting but results in frustrating gameplay. The music complimented the game great though!

The movement feels fantastic, the music was great. My only wish is to shoot the asteroids! Or have something else to do other than dodge. Good work!