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Cool and simple game. Congrats.

Congrats on the submission!!

Got 64 high score.

Congrats on the submission! Really fun and creative!

Congrats on the submission! The game is beautiful and pretty challenging. I got stuck at one point and judging by the screenshots, that wasn't even the last level haha

Congrats on the submission! The game is pretty fun!

Congrats on the submission! Nice concept. I really missed a in-game tutorial and some music.

Looking foward to the new levels.

Congrats on the submission! Try to make a tutorial in-game. I just undestood how to play after I read the description. Nice art!

Congrats on the submission! Nice art and concept.

Congrats on the submission! Pretty challenging game.

Congrats on the submission!! The art is beautiful, but I had a hard time figuring out what was an enemy or not.

Congrats on the submission!

Nice art! Touching story.

Congrats on the submission! Such agressive bugs haha

Easy one of the best games in the jam. Congrats on the submission! Funny easter egg as well haha

Congrats on the submission! The music was amazing and the gameplay was really challenging!!

Congrats on the submission! The animation was nice, but the controls felt a bit laggy.

Nice story! Congrats on the submission!

Congrats on the submission!

The game was nice and relaxing. The game over sound felt a little bit louder than the background music.

Congrats on the submission! Nice game. 

The dash sound effect is louder than the music, that annoyed me a little bit.

The last phase is relly tough.

Nice and creative! Congrats on the submission!

Thanks for the feedback!! 

I agree with you about the controls, we could definitely work on that.

Thanks for playing! Glad you've enjoyed!

Thanks for the feedback!!

Glad you've enjoyed the game.

Thanks for the feedback! 

We thought that using the space button to jump would difficult things up, but we thank you for the suggestion. The platforms follow a parttern based on time, we understand that it's hard, but that is the purpose of the mechanic. Maybe we can increse the time that the platform remains visible, I think that it would help.

Thanks for the feedback!! I was responsible for the music and it warms my heart to the read this words. Thanks a lot! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game :D

Congrats on the submition! One of the nicest I've played until now, deserved 5 stars.

Well polished, nice sounds and nice graphics. Good job!

Congrats on the submission!

I felt lost during the game. I tried playing blind some times and got lost. Even after reading the description I still don't know what to do :(

Nice art tho!

Congrats on the submition! Astonishing art. Feel like the level could be longer.

Such a cute main character haha

Congrats on the submition! Nice premise. Feel like a nice competitive game, chess with a twist.

Nice art and music!

I got stuck sometimes and couldn't play the game until the end.

Congrats on the submition! Nice art!

The shoot knockback was a nice mechanic. But there were one point that I just kept shooting down and moving up and could keep that infinitely.

Keep it up!

Congrats on the submition!

Nice animation and music! I felt like the screen was too small and I couldn't react in time to avoid the enemies. Cool minigame overall. I would make the screen size bigger or make the characters smaller. That would make the game more enjoyable. Congrats again.

Pretty enjoyable game! Congrats on the submition. I missed some music to level up the atmosphere.

If you are gonig to improve the game, consider putting more mechanics and a tutorial panel with the controls. Other levels with some different patterns of bullet would also be great!

First of all, congrats on the submition.

The game isn't hard on itself, but the controls made it very hard. I feel like if the jump was on W or up arrow it would be much better.

I liked the ideia of activating and deactivating the platforms on shoot. I also found the hidden area on phase 1. Enjoyed the game overall. Nice one.