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The Lone Button CellView game page

You have one button cell in a power cut, so try not to kill your family off!
Submitted by X1 Games (@TheRealX1Games) — 10 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline
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By how creative and fun it is#333.0713.071

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Nice concept. I had a bit of trouble moving the battery around, it was hard to remove it from places or it got stuck on the wrong thing as I was moving it across the screen. The middle left room kept filling with smoke without me noticing and I wasn't sure what I was meant to do.
Cool idea though and it could be really fun with a bit more polish.


Very creative! Great music! I love the idea, the house, the setting. The different rooms each having their own obstacle was great. Only constructive criticism would be more feedback on the battery, trying to drag it and having it not respond to clicks was frustrating.


Game is neat.  I like the concept.  The controls though feel unresponsive and frustrating.  I realize that is part of the challenge.  I would have liked to have more user feed back. 


Can you elaborate? Is it the lack of sound effects, the unforgiving collider, the messy shaking, the lack of camera movement?

Sound certainly.  For the most part though, I didn't really know when I was shaking the battery and I wasn't clear where I could put the battery? Granted normally, that would be done with coloration highlighting the node where it goes but with black and white, that is a challenge.  That was the main thing.


The game looks cool and the music increased my heart beat! With some accidents I was really lost ad didn't know what to do. Smoke was obviously not good and easy to fix but sometimes the people looked so shocked and lost health and I just didn't know how to help them


Thanks for playing my game: that was my way of representing carbon monoxide- you needed to plug the battery into the detector next to the fireplace :)


Cool idea - that’s a lot going on and it’s pretty hard to keep track of all the things that can go wrong- fun though :)


Thanks for the feedback!


Congrats on the submission!

I felt lost during the game. I tried playing blind some times and got lost. Even after reading the description I still don't know what to do :(

Nice art tho!


hmm... I guess I was to successful at making the game look hectic. The aim of the game is to drag the button cell over to various points in the house, where it will snap into place. 

Every 10-15 seconds, a few incidents will happen in the house, which will stay to kill of the lemming-like people in the house. Plugging the button cell battery into the room (typically on a high-resolution area) will stop the incident from happening. To win, you need to last 120 seconds with no one dying.

If you want to give another go at it, try watching the trailer, but thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

game looks great. ^,..,^ 

i might be blind, they lose HP and i dont know why. xD

played it again, im just stupid. :.)


Haha! They lose hp for no reason through:

  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning
  • Boiler being broken (sparks coming from top floor)
  • Falling down the ladder with no lightbulb