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thanks. xD

what was hard to understand? ^,..,^

thank you ^,..,^

i managed to run it with visual studio. ^,..,^

really fun game. i dont like the movement and sounds would have been nice. xD

im using windows 10, Alienware laptop. :P

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dont know why i rated this without playing. xD

very cool way to use UI. became boring quite quick. :P

i can see this becoming more fun if you add stuff or made it faster. ^,..,^

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most have already been said, but it was a bit short. ^,..,^

great job, wish it was more interactable tho. ^,..,^

most have already been said. ^,..,^

it was a bit slow which made it less fun. ^,..,^

i think think your game could get better with a speedup or more interesting obstacles.

the game is unnamed on my phone. it was a bit confusing at first when the ball collided horizontally and the button image didnt change. not sure if its the code/my phone but every time the ball collided vertically i got some lag/delay. xD

you did a great job at finishing the game at least, which i didnt. :P

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i kept it running for awhile, 30 min but only cmd opened. ^,..,^

i dont know how to build it from source? :P

only game i havent rated/played.

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dont get it at all, other people seem to understand, i must be stupid. ^,..,^

edit: i played without audio first time. guess i got some kind of bug cuz there was to many things on screen at the same time. xD would have been fun to keep trying to help him and always fail :)

thank you.^,..,^

I probably will. :)

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thanks for playing. ^,..,^

the lines where there for testing the code, i kept them for know since i didnt finish the game and it kinda made it a bit more interesting. xD

thank you for playing. ^,..,^

you can actually shoot asteroids by scrolling the mouse wheel to the other icon, but it takes to many hits. :P

I'll look at it when I get home ^,..,^

thank you :)


cool game, was a bit hard to press ww. ^,..,^

i enjoyed the game a lot. but after the second stop my train wouldnt move. ^,..,^

not much to say if you didnt finish, nice art tho. ^,..,^

great way to move with one button. ^,..,^

cant get it to start, only opens cmd?

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i must be so stupid, cant get past the first level. xD edit: got it now. maybe i shouldnt give spoilers.

great animation and art. the problem with this type of game is that it could be impossible for some to finish it. like not knowing about a movie or things that are obvious in your country but not in others... other than that i liked it alot. ^,..,^

why does my steam vr start when i start the game? xD

couldnt really play it, cuz i died so fast. you should have made it slower or more zoomed out. ^,..,^

or im just bad. xD

i might learn godot in the future. seems to be easy to use and quicker. :)

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i thought about learning godot, but my friend insisted that i should learn unity. we are working on a big project. no much progress so far, my fault tho. xD

ill play it after the voting if i remember. ^,..,^

thanks for playing ^,..,^

i might work more on it this Wednesday. :)

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i guess there is a delay before jumping and the character stops moving horizontally right away after i release A or D when mid air. xD

adding horizontal gravity is usually how i do it, might be a better way. ^,..,^

1-Bit Jam community · Created a new topic 1 bit Jam
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i really had fun playing all your games. a bit to many for me tho. ^,..,^

thanks for playing, yea maybe in the future.

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thanks for playing ^,..,^

thats all you can do for now. was not sure where to go from there, so i stopped.

not really fun to play. ^,..,^

sounds was great tho. :P

very nice graphics and animation, but could win every time by just holding up and spamming space. ^,..,^

cool game. ^,..,^

nice mechanics. but no score or objective? felt like i was replaying the levels after a few. ^,..,^

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didnt have time to understand. ^,..,^

movement felt a bit weird to me. ^,..,^

i liked the game alot, hope you do more. ^,..,^

could possibly be the best game in this jam. ^,..,^

cool game ^,..,^

not much to say, needed music. great job. ^,..,^