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Rhythm action game attempt for 1-Bit Jam
Submitted by Unedible — 1 hour, 3 minutes before the deadline
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By how creative and fun it is#442.7393.000

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really nice looking style! For 1-bit, I really enjoyed the art. And the beats you had in the game sounded nice for a short time. Definitely could have used some sort of tutorial at the beginning, but nice style.


Wow, it looks so good! The concept is very funny :)


Had to spam the keyboard a bit until I found that X was the button to press (with Q switching icons?) also seems like the rhythm/song ends early, wish there was more!


I accidently left in 'Q' for switching tracks!
If you hold down the Z button for a second it goes into track select mode, where it changes on the beat and you let go to select.
I way overestimated what I could do in 2 days and didn't get round to making much of the music or implementing turning on/off music tracks and many things!
Next jam I take part in I'll really have to scope down my idea!
Thanks for looking!
I'm going to keep working on it! 


The art is awesome, if you improve the interface it could be a real good game :)


Thanks very much! I learned a lot even if it's not really working at the moment. I want to try and finish it soon as this is the first game I've actually let anyone see :)


not much to say if you didnt finish, nice art tho. ^,..,^


Thanks! I'll try and get the game working and to par with the art!

I enjoyed that.  The screen was a bit busy and controls were a little hard to understand.  I caught on.  however, I had no sound.  Not sure why but that's a thing.  Overall, good game.


I got quite confused with what I was doing as time went on and how the controls should be.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cool game! I'm very bad at this type of game(guitar hero, etc), but I liked it. 

Unfortunately you couldn't finish, but I hope you do. Congrats for your submission!

Oh, and the art was very good!


Thank you!
I haven't really played any rhythm games so I'm not sure why I tried to make one, but the idea just came to me and I started!


this game looks really cool! unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working on my computer I get an error message saying “ERROR: Request for nonexistent InputMap action ‘escape’. At: core/input_map.cpp:195”


I've re-uploaded and it should open now. There isn't much else working in the game right now unfortunately!
Thanks for letting me know :)