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Thank you - I really wanted to make a minimap, but didn't have the time.

Interesting concept, and the style was very nice! Of course some balance issues, but quite neat for such a short time!

Very nice looking game, it feels lively for the simplicity of it. Nice work!

Nice game, and funny concept. I enjoyed how the mechanic was more in-depth, having to direct them in particular directions!

I am glad, thank you!

Haha, I had more fun with that too than the gameplay :P thanks!

Thanks! I used Godot

Thank you!

I agree, thanks!

Thank you! Yeah, I know what's causing that blue artifact, didn't have time to fix. I also wished the map was a bit more open, or at least zoomed out a bit. Thanks for the feedback!

suuUppper justIiice! Funny game, and I love how you were able to incorporate more and more requirements with each level, which made it nicely difficult! Well done!

Fun concept! I loved the art style, and the music fit. I definitely wished it got faster sooner or had some variation, but for under 3 hours well done!

Siiick music! Quite a fun simple concept, great job!

Very fun and addicting!

Thank you! Yeah, it is a bit difficult, especially with some of the busy art covering up some enemies. It's sort of procedurally generated, in the sense that it uses pre-made level chunks with randomization within them, and some parameters to ensure the next chunk is reachable, etc. but not by any traditional means.

Really nice looking style! For 1-bit, I really enjoyed the art. And the beats you had in the game sounded nice for a short time. Definitely could have used some sort of tutorial at the beginning, but nice style.

Really loved the stick figure animation; that looked really good! I found hitting the jump button was way too slow, as some of the others said. But the look of the game was quite simple and crisp.

I like the concept; reversing the bullets by attacking them felt very responsive/satisfying! However, I'd find sometimes if I pressed jump just a bit too late, I'd fall off, even though it looked like I was definitely on the ground, and sometimes couldn't dodge a bullet without falling. Aside from that though, it was a fun play.

It was definitely a bit tricky, and the visuals got a bit busy, making that spike enemy be super hard to notice, I agree. Thanks for the kind words!

Really cool concept, I thought it was quite unique. As you said, some additional polish would make this even better, and I can definitely see ways to expand upon the levels. Nice job!

I actually liked the simplicity of just having to hide, I enjoyed it. The final few rooms didn't feel like they fit though, which kind of took away from the atmosphere, as I was having a blast with just trying to hide. Nonetheless, well done! Nice little game

Thanks for the comment! I agree it's a bit too busy on screen sometimes. I'm glad you enjoyed!

Cool little game/ It seems I would instantly die when starting most of the time, but once I got past that it was an interesting movement system made in such a short time!

I'm glad you liked the changing levels - I cam up with the system on-the-spot, and it wound up working really well (aside from me making the levels a bit too difficult). It's randomized pre-made chunks, but the items are also randomized, and the system ensures that the minimum "exit" of a chunk is guaranteed to enter the next chunk. I also wish I could have gotten away without a tutorial, but couldn't think of how to explain the dash control well. Thanks for the comment!

I made an after-jam quick change to use this service (noted in the game description that it was done after the jam); so far I'm pleased with how easy it was to use, and the scoreboard now works here on itch. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Man, great effects/visuals, loved them! A super simple/easy game, but the graphics and small details throughout made it cool.

Thank you for the kind comment! I agree a bit too hard, but I am glad you enjoyed it.

I'm glad you liked the art. And thanks for the leaderboard suggestion! I will definitely check it out, and thank you for the comment!

I really enjoyed the feel of controlling the player the most; being able to chaotically wall-jump and still have a bit of control felt nice. The over-exaggerated jump sound effects were funny too. Nice simple game!

I agree it was hard to begin with; great idea with maybe having multiple lives, wish I had thought of that for this. Thanks for the comment!

Loved the style, and jumping on the enemies was satisfying! I was bummed I had to start all the way over, so maybe checkpoints would have been cool, but a fun game! I had a love-hate relationship with having to build up speed on the ground before jumping, but it felt perfectly fine, just took some getting used to!

I'm glad you enjoyed the style! I only ever managed to get 55, haha, you got me!

Man, awesome game, straight to the boss battle! I love how the pickups just kept adding guns to the ship, absolutely great touch! And the bullet-hell was also just enjoyable to begin with.

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I like the added intro sequence to get to the rocket, nice little touch! The speeding enemies not too far up were super hard, but I liked how you could let the rocket fall back down and sort of "hover" to wait for things!

Man, really well made mechanic! It feels very nice even though it's so fast, and the attacking of enemies is nice. Well made!

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the art; it definitely had a steep difficulty.

I really like the simple style here, and the animation of the player is nice. Music also fit well!

I really like how you turned this into a soccer/football theme, made it better than an average plain pong game. I also enjoy how the ball bounced back still if you missed the net, allowing for longer games and less failure! Cool game!

I'm glad you enjoyed the art! I think things could have definitely made it a bit easier/more fun, especially at the start of the level. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you!