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I could easily see this being a popular game in the app store on mobile.

Paint Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic discord?

Is there a discord? Will there be one?

I use BFXr -

I've heard good things about Musagi for music

I normally use Bosca Ceoil -

Good luck! :D

shrug, 1-bit art restriction with a one button theme. But like I said, I did enjoy it.

Sound certainly.  For the most part though, I didn't really know when I was shaking the battery and I wasn't clear where I could put the battery? Granted normally, that would be done with coloration highlighting the node where it goes but with black and white, that is a challenge.  That was the main thing.

So... like the other commenters, I didn't meet any enemies.  Also... not sure how it fits the theme.  Looks ok, could use a lot of polish though.

Interesting concept.  Took a second to really understand what was going on.  I enjoyed feathering the accelerator to make the bomb guys fall off.  That was fun.

Good job. Enjoyable game and the user feedback is great.  the movement mechanics is spot on for the theme and tone of the game.

Great game.  Wonderful graphics, great controls. Took a second for me to get what was going on but didn't take long.  The music/sound was great.  Amazing job.  

so... not sure why it needs internet connection. When it opened, it opened full screen and seemed to already be playing... very strange. No button seemed to affect what I was seeing on screen.

great job.  I liked the way you organized the gameplay.  Re-organizing the buttons at the top sets up a lot of potential for strategy.  Music was well executed. 

Well made.  Very difficult. nice music, good graphics, responsive controls.  Large learning curve.  Still, I appreciate it. Great game.

liked the art.  Game was well made. I enjoyed the endless runner.  It's a bit brutal at parts but I enjoyed it. Way to stay with the theme.

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weird game.  Interesting concept.  Not really my jam but well made.
EDIT: Also, thanks to the user that put a link to an online version.

Great job.  I really liked how this played.  

great job with the graphics.  I enjoyed it.  Reminded me of Dr. Who.

Great concept.  I really enjoyed the game play.  The level changing sound was a bit shrill though.  I also have no idea how this relates to the theme.  Fun game either way.

Great job.  Wonderful idea and execution.  Sound was great.  Would have like to have music.  The controls were spot on and overall really enjoyable.  I don't know how it relates to the theme but great job.

interesting take on a pong style game.  well done!

I enjoyed that.  The screen was a bit busy and controls were a little hard to understand.  I caught on.  however, I had no sound.  Not sure why but that's a thing.  Overall, good game.

that was interesting. I felt like I didn't have any control over the arrows or at least not enough to really be effective at guarding the bridge.  The sound was good, the art work was good.  

... I didn't get game so much as story.  I didn't get through all of it before it crashed and quit. 

Glad I'm not the only one that was confused.  I won't rehash all the other comments here.

Game is neat.  I like the concept.  The controls though feel unresponsive and frustrating.  I realize that is part of the challenge.  I would have liked to have more user feed back. 

I enjoyed it. It was dark!!!! But good game.  True to the theme and art restrictions.  Enjoyable.   

neat. Leon called it an arcade game and I'd agree.  It was fun. A bit fast paced but fun.  The controls were easy and wasn't hard to balance. Even with the speed there was still time to strategize.  The art was well made.  I'm not sure how it works with the theme of one button.  I still enjoyed it.

interesting idea.  I didn't have any sound and forced fullscreen with no options isn't great.  Seemed like you have a good sense of humor.  I didn't get to see too much, the movement combined with the level design was very wonkie.  Also, I had to ctrl-alt-del to kill it cause I couldn't find a menu :(. 

I really like the concept.  Great idea.  I would have liked more user feedback as I was tapping. Or sound? I won so there's that. Good job.

art is pretty cool.  The music is... kind of jarring.  I kept glitching into the wall.  Shrug. Didn't get to play much of it.

interesting idea.  The art style was great, interesting effects.  Controls felt a bit disconnected, little wonky but I figure part of the feel of the game given the theme and execution.  Good music too.

good music, good job, but these things come out of no where.  Pretty fast on the webversion.  Good idea, funny.  

Like downwell meets ikaruga.  Nice job.  Simple mechanic, well executed.  Good job.

This is a great idea.  The dungeon is well built.  The visuals are great.  I didn't have any sound.  Overall though, I played this a lot longer than many of the other entries in here.  Great job.

interesting idea, controls are part of the puzzle. :) lot of effort put into the art.  Individually they look great, on screen in a group, kind of busy.  But good job.

Very creative.  The game seemed great. Good sense of humor.  Very few complaints.  Main one is that the volume sliders don't work.  They move but they don't affect the volume of the game.  Second, the instructions for the game flew by the screen and I had no idea what I just saw.  Took a second to sort it out.

Interesting concept, very well executed.  I didn't care for the game play but I don't have very steady hands.  If only?!!! Could have been a surgeon. LOL  Good job though with the game.  I can recognize good work even if it isn't my cup of tea.  

The art style is great.  The controls... They were very confusing especially with the map of the other buttons at the beginning.  Sound was good. Tedious to play given the control restraints. 

I liked it, the art was great, the mechanics were simple.  Room for expansion but good job.

I enjoyed it.  Game mechanics are solid. It was interesting basically doing a platformer with invisible blocks.  

great game. Lots of polish.  Great idea and wonderful execution.  I really enjoyed it.