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An LGBT romance romp through a fantasy plot with sinister twists
Knowledge Is Dangerous
A story about freedom, power and leadership, set in an exotic far-future city.
A curse that splits the soul
Post-fantasy teenpop lit
Fight the war within to survive the war without. A diverse, dramatic grand strategic fantasy novel.
A bounty hunter and his daughter have an unexpected guest over Christmas.
A reclusive author meets an young adventurer who's a fan of his most notorious book.
A traveler on a mission arrives at an ancient city under siege.
A young soldier tries to persuade a war hero to lead an insurgency.
A master blacksmith's daughter sets out to win fame and fortune.
Two mercenaries uncover a secret that could bring them fame and fortune.
A novella and album about a bar where people go to die.
A lighthearted fantasy comedy book you won't be able to put down. And not just because there's glue on the cover.
A Tale of Puppets and Princes
The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal is an illustrated short story set in the world of Cold Magic.
a three-volume study of vampire physiology
Sword & Sorcery
Sword & Sorcery
The rules change when worlds collide.