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Concept art & assets used in We Know The Devil
game spaces + architecture
game spaces + architecture
game spaces + architecture
Thousand Rooms is a visual novel following the behaviours of four characters and a room.
game spaces + architecture
The digital version of the book preserving the art of Glitch
process sheet for forgetful rpg
This contains the The Letter - a horror visual novel game's digital artbook and exclusive wallpaper pack.
The art of "Spectrum: It's Live in Colour!"
30+ Stylised Dinosaur Illustrations inspired by Street Art and the Trash Polka tattoo style.
An Illustrated Pocket Field Guide
A book dissecting FFVII from anti-capitalist, anti-christian, and existentialist viewpoints.
Digital artbook for the game Chess of Blades
A Sonic Fanzine for Charity
A collection of fantasy and werewolves illustrations.
important tips for leftist protesters!
my illustrated mental hospital diary
You can become a REAL game developer. Learn the basics and get resources that will let you get profits from your game!
queer meditations on science and suicide
a short zine about game design & life
Artdisk is a zine dedicated to sharing information related to art and games.
This is an art book for The Mind's Eclipse.
a sensual guide to canadian roadside attractions
Character and creature designs
100 computer-generated books for NaNoGenMo 2017
An Experimenter's Manifesto about Imagination as a Powerful "Empty" Possibility
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