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Tabletop role-playing game

Also known as TTRPG, tabletop role-playing games are tabletop games when you play a character within a set of rules. Typically actions are determined by speech and checked for success via dice rolls.

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Explore books tagged Tabletop role-playing game on Also known as TTRPG, tabletop role-playing games are tabletop games when you play a character within a set of rules. Typ · Upload your books to to have them show up here.

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Guide to hacking games based on Blades in the Dark
Our debut issue exploring the strange worlds and new horizons of tabletop gaming
A zine of data, dice and disobedience
A Mausritter Adventure Location by @Lux
Rules for Blackpowder Weapons in the Dying Land
Handouts Pack for Masks of Nyarlathotep, "...widely considered one of the best RPG adventures ever made"
A primer for amateur designers to make their first Blades in the Dark hack
Tips for running Blades in the Dark
Issue 2 celebrating the changing face of tabletop games, from D&D B/X to the best new games of today
The original feat tax document for the Pathfinder roleplaying game
A minimalist OSR game about fighting for abolition.
Visual poetry/prose about the horrors of going home inspired by a solo journaling game
Systems Reference Document and Open Game License
Are you a stinking pile of no good rotten filth? MÖRK BORG Compatible
A MÖRK BORG compatible set of Classes and items to expand the lore of Misery 4:3
A Collection Of Affirmations To Help You Create With Confidence
A scenario for Yokai Hunters Society RPG
An encounter location for RuneQuest
Call of Cthulhu Scenario dedicated to the memory of Greg Stafford
Destroy the source of a plague of numbers before you succumb to madness and self-immolation.
Handouts Pack for Horror on the Orient Express, "The most ambitious Call of Cthulhu adventure ever created…"
Handouts Pack for Berlin the Wicked City, the multi award-winning Call of Cthulhu supplement set in Weimar Berlin
An Adventure for 4th Level characters for Low Fantasy Gaming RPG introducing Stephen Smith's World of Wierth setting.
A MÖRK BORG compatible fowl room of demonic hunger
Handouts Pack for Call of Cthulhu's Mansions of Madness Vol 1: Behind Closed Doors (Call of Cthulhu)
A cosy queer portal fantasy novel
A zine of anti-canon food magics, food revolutionaries, food fights, and food folk tales for tabletop roleplay.
Survival horror 5E adventure for the holidays.
Handouts Pack for Cthulhu Dark Ages 3rd Edition, mythos roleplaying in a world lit only by fire.
Introductory System-Agnostic TTRPG Horror
Handouts Pack for the multi-ENnie Award winning supplement for Call of Cthulhu in the land Down Under
A Tale of Terror by Sandy Petersen, the godfather of Call of Cthulhu
Quickstart Preview of Pendragon 6th Ed, dedicated to the memory of Greg Stafford. Also in Russian, Italian & Japanese!
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