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"Old School Renaissance" or "Old School Revival." Tabletop RPGs that are inspired by the early tabletop RPGs of the 1970s

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Toptagged OSR (125 results)

Explore books tagged OSR on "Old School Renaissance" or "Old School Revival." Tabletop RPGs that are inspired by the early tabletop RPGs of the 1970 · Upload your books to to have them show up here.

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MÖRK BORG compatible reference cards. A set of 166 tarot sized cards for use when playing TTRPGS.
Introductory System-Agnostic TTRPG Horror
Weird fantasy gonzo-infused colonial New World setting OSR | Lamentations of the Flame Princess | Old School Essentials
A horrible little zine of plague themed stuff for MÖRK BORG
BESTIARY is a book of monsters for the MÖRK BORG TTRPG.
One page freeform roleplaying game, in the tradition of the founding fathers of rpgs.
Grappleoid Terrors are here to infiltrate your game! A multi life stage creature based on the TREMORS movies.
43 double sided print and play tarot sized cards filled with a strange creature for your next TTRPG session.
Enjoy playing with this new character class for Mörk Borg
Become a Death Notary and Kill with the Stroke of a Pen; 1 New Class & 1 New Monster based on Death Note Manga
Roleplaying adventure of mystery, dungeon delving and dark psychedelia
The ENnie-Award Winning Setting & Bestiary
A random Bug generator with over 5,800 possible combinations incl how to catch, combat stats, & effects when eaten.
Rules-lite Classic Traveller the way Marc Miller plays it
Hardcore cyberpunk rpg, based on The Black Hack v1
ttrpg fanzine about cats, in four volumes
All of that Great Punk Rock Flavor You Love, None of the Added Cyber Implants!
A true and concise lexicon of the phenomena and epiphenomena of the Vastlands.
A Cy_Borg Sewer Crawl
One judge vs one player in a funnel adventure for DCC RPG
TTRPG microsetting, witch in the woods
A pamphlet adventure about stumbling blindly through a village overrun with insects.
A 14+6pg Murder Mystery with d6 Rumors, 3 Cases, 4 Big Maps, 3 NPCs, & 1 Killer; Inspired by the BUNNYMAN for CY Borg
Un jeu Historique dans l'Heptarchie anglo-saxonne du 9e Siècle
MÖRK BORG courtroom drama based on fiendish legend from Lublin, Poland
An original 2d6 game about German old school fantasy. In English.
The Annals of the Grog Empire
Simple add-on to spice up combat in OSR and rules-lite games
This Band Sucks! A Shitty Band, Their Tour Bus Dungeon, and d4 Reasons to Give a Fuck. Cy_Borg ttRPG!
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