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episodic space opera
episodic space opera
episodic space opera
episodic space opera
Frequently Modulated is a horror story about Bigfoot and the power of radio.
Your ten years on the station are up. The Company sent a pair of clones to replace you-- and they've got a secret.
A short collection of fictional religious parables.
Where dreams are the gateway to an alternate reality
episodic space opera
Stories of Romance and Robots
This is an art book for The Mind's Eclipse.
A collection of sci-fi short stories and vignettes
A short story about a gun and her girl.
A story about freedom, power and leadership, set in an exotic far-future city.
a short story about being on an island
The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal is an illustrated short story set in the world of Cold Magic.
Screenplay for a short, silent scifi animation about making distant friends in videogames.
the story of a traumatized butch & disabled alien, told through poetry
Short fiction about love, loss, and robots
This is a digital pre-buy of the unfinished web serial Tomorrow It Rains
Tom likes to play with his knife...
Science Fiction Short Story about a quirky alien and a scientist with a secret.
What happens when your magic supplier starts over-charging you? And how did Jess end up snared by a black hole?
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