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episodic space opera
episodic space opera
episodic space opera
episodic space opera
short stories by Naomi Norbez
Your ten years on the station are up. The Company sent a pair of clones to replace you-- and they've got a secret.
Stories of Romance and Robots
Where dreams are the gateway to an alternate reality
episodic space opera
A collection of sci-fi short stories and vignettes
A short story about a gun and her girl.
Sword & Sorcery
Sword & Sorcery
a short story about being on an island
A story about freedom, power and leadership, set in an exotic far-future city.
The Secret Journal of Beatrice Hassi Barahal is an illustrated short story set in the world of Cold Magic.
This is a digital pre-buy of the unfinished web serial Tomorrow It Rains
Short fiction about love, loss, and robots
Screenplay for a short, silent scifi animation about making distant friends in videogames.
Science Fiction Short Story about a quirky alien and a scientist with a secret.
A /Sonic Generations/ x /Final Fantasy VIII/ fanfic about cake and time
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