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A collection of mundane magical sigils.
Three witches best learn to trust each other, and fast...
I Took An Arrow For That Nice Druid Girl And... Wow, I Didn't Know This Could Happen If You Got Reincarnated?
an erotic short story
Eric and Karen go out on their first date, but Amy's enchantment ensures Karen is going out with another girl!
Eric, Robin, and Anna go to the sisters' old farmhouse with Anna. Anna shares her magic with Robin.
poetry zine series, issue 01
Jugo de rol autocontenido, misterio en la nueva españa
Enter a world divided between Mankind and The Order
A novel about a hunter just trying to get by
A young soldier tries to persuade a war hero to lead an insurgency.
A reclusive author meets an young adventurer who's a fan of his most notorious book.
lesbian paranormal road trip adventure
Some knowledge is so dark, it should remain buried six feet under.
a girl and a fire and a trail of ghosts
A short story about dolls, and funny feelings about gender
A /Sonic Generations/ x /Final Fantasy VIII/ fanfic about cake and time
The Everyday Lives of a Witch and a Werewolf — After the Horror Story.