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Santa's Secret Transfic Stash Vol. 2

A bundle hosted by Chiri Vulpes with content from 28 creators.
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A bundle of short stories originating from a Secret Santa writing exchange in December 2021. These stories span a wide variety of styles and subjects, including fantasy, sci-fi, and realistic fiction, but most of them in some way deal with transgender themes.

Starting in February 2021, some of these stories will be cross-posted to Scribblehub, but by purchasing this bundle you can support over 25 different trans authors and get easy access to over 200,000 words of fiction for your reading device of choice!

Includes the following items:

At $6.00 or above

A cute transgender story set during Christmas!
A transfem erotic light novel where an egg finds herself.
Sophie sees more than she ought to, and learns the nuance between secrets and closets
It's the last summer before college. The final days of freedom before boredrom sets in again. Let's go exploring.
Eldritch Horror Romance, Oh My
A snow storm forces four college students to make extended holiday plans together.
A short story about a two-person adventuring party and their encounter with a magical instrument.
A road trip with friends goes awry when they wake up a week later with no memory and new bodies.
A short wholesome story of a dense egg captain of a space fairing crew during an alien gift holiday
The child of a famous superhero family decides to try out being a villain. And also
A lonely and desperate trans woman gets some help for Christmas
a chance meeting at a high school reunion
Upon arriving on Callisto, Amice intends to transition by getting a new android body.
A heist thriller starring three egg thieves and — ugh — capitalism.
Three short stories about college kids figuring out gender (and finding love).
Magical School? Unrequited Rivalry? Lesbian Witches? Yeah... It's Gay Time.
A short story about a chance encounter between two people who once knew each other.