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TTRPGs for Trans Rights - West Virginia

A bundle hosted by Rue (ilananight) with content from 257 creators.
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This bundle ended 2024-06-02T06:59:00Z.

For the third year running, TTRPGs for Trans Rights is back—this time, benefitting LGBTQ+ folks in West Virginia and Appalachia. Often, queer and trans folks in these rural areas get forgotten or written off, trapped by gerrymandering and circumstance. But moving isn't an option for every person living in a state that is legislating against them, and so, we fundraise!

All proceeds from this bundle  will be donated to Project Rainbow - West Virginia's only LGBTQ+ shelter, and an advocacy center that helps queer and trans people throughout Appalachia.

Project Rainbow is a nonprofit organization based in Monongalia County, West Virginia. Since its inception, the project has been curated to serve unsheltered LGBTQ+ individuals to help them better navigate the housing system safely and compassionately. Project Rainbow has opened The Rainbow House in an effort to serve this community and meet this goal. Although the shelter is our community's most urgent and immediate need, Project Rainbow recognizes that there is far more work to be done. They serve as advocates for the individuals we serve, and the Appalachian LGBTQ+ community as a whole. They also work closely with partners in the housing system, health and mental health care systems to not only find solutions for their guests but to make these systems themselves more accessible for their target population.

Previous bundles have benefitted trans-centered organizations in Florida and Texas. For more information about the Trans Rights Bundle project, or to get in touch with the organizers, visit our website:

If you  are a larger publisher who uses their own platform to distribute games, please email or DM me on twitter if you would like to participate in the bundle. We're happy to work with you to figure out a method for you to be a part of this

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