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Introducing the widget! widget

The widget is an embeddable piece of HTML that you can put on other sites that enables visitors to download or buy your game!

The entire download and purchasing flow is available through the widget. You can name your own price, download free games and see files that have individual prices.

If you’ve already got a website for your game then the widget is the perfect way to take advantage of what provides while still keeping your game’s page.

The widget comes in two colors, dark and light: widget light widget dark

You can find the widget page on your My Games page, right next to the Analytics link.


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I have an embedded code that i want to turn into a html file, how do I do that?

How do I make the game downloadable from my website?

RIght now it just makes a direct link to


Since we pay for bandwidth, we don’t provide direct download links. You have to link people to your page to download your game. Thanks


fair enough, thanks for clarifying!

how would you attempt the animation shown in the first gif on this page?


you can't, facts