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Yeah like a GPL / CC / MIT license.

It would just confirm that it's free to use. 

I've seen many developers be scared to use assets in case an artist pivoted and edited the post to include "you must pay...etc".

Would it be possible to specify the license in the description of the assets, they look great!

Thanks dude!

Ok, I seem to have got that working.

However, I'm unsure on how to change the font size.

Stack overflow is saying you cannot change the size of the test of an iframe due to security issues?!


I was wondering if there was any way to make the iframes has responsive.

They look great on computer, however, they are wider than the screen width on every mobile phone!

Thoughts would be appreciated!

I really like the atmosphere of the game. 

My only two recommendations are to make the player able to skip the death scene, & make jumping mechanic more bouncy

how would you attempt the animation shown in the first gif on this page?

fair enough, thanks for clarifying!

How do I make the game downloadable from my website?

RIght now it just makes a direct link to

I'm gettting:

Cannot read property 'length' of null

(1 edit)

can't wait to play it!

you can't win, how sad xD

awesome game! Really enjoyed playing it!

If you have the time, I would suggest either stopping or slowing down the barrels when a story option pops up.

I know it doesn't make logical sense, but sometimes the moving barrels distract me and I interrupt my reading of the options cards.

Still awesome submission!

This is a clone of super hexagon, nice game, but I would prefer if you made that more clear

Solid Game, awesome work!

This game was awesome!

(The bubble effect is making me a bit ocd though, try and spawn them off screen!)

I really like this! I'm wondering whether there could be a slow moving enemy as well!?

Love it!


source code here

I believe it is just a library, sorry, i forgot the name of it!

Very Hard yet fun,

I like the pixel art!