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Improved buyer emailing & Kickstarter integration

Hey all, it's been a while since we announced any updates but we've still been hard at work. Today we're launching two new features:

Kickstarter integration


If you've run a Kickstarter campaign and are looking for a way to distribute your digital rewards then you're in luck! We're introducing a really simple way to import all of your backers, assign them access through download URLS, and contact them via email. In addition to sending out your game's files, you can also distribute external keys (eg. Steam keys).

We've written a new page in our documentation describing in detail how it works:

Here's a quick overview:

If you're looking to import your backers, divide them up by pledge amount, and send them their files, then you can use the self-service CSV import. Just download your CSV export from Kickstarter, and upload it to The tool lets you create groups of backers by pledge amount, and preview what files they'll get:


Your import will show up as a download key group on You can export the keys along with what email addresses they belong to just like any other group.

If the CSV import is not enough, we've worked with Kickstarter to get access to a special API that will allow us to download your backers directly from them. In order to use this feature you'll need to add's Kickstarter account as a contributor. This will allow for more complex reward assignment, like using the questions you provided to your backers.

Learn more:

Configurable recipients when sending emails


A great way to engage with your buyers, whether you've released a new version, added Steam keys, or released a new game, is to use's Email feature. We've enhanced the email editor to let you have finer control over who you contact. This update works great in conjunction with refinery and the Kickstarter import mentioned above.

You can now choose what groups of people to contact:

  • All buyers
  • Anyone who has claimed access with a download key
  • Individual reward groups
  • Individual download key groups

For example, if you've run an early-access program with's refinery, you might want to send a special message to your first set of backers. You can now select them specifically when drafting the email!

As always, you can find the email tool on the Interact tab of your game's edit page.


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