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Import Indiegogo backers and more

Since introducing the Kickstarter backer import tool last year, projects have delivered digital rewards to over ten thousand backers. This includes a claimable download on, handing out Steam keys, and sending a notification email when files are available.

Because of the success of this tool we’re making it open to new types of file imports so you can easily import a list owners into our system.

Indiegogo CSV imports are now supported

If you’ve run an Indiegogo campaign you can now upload their CSV export to get your backers into All the same features from Kickstarter imports are available, like splitting backers into groups by their contribution amount. Our docs have been updated to reflect this.


Import from anywhere using a generic format

If you have a list of email addresses you want to distribute a game to you can now easily import them. We’ve documented most basic CSV format you can upload to create keys for a group of people. After you’ve imported them, you can use our mass email functionality to notify everyone that their files have arrived.


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