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Alternate download mode and improved download text

There are a few updates to the download page today.

I’ve recently learned that’s storage provider, Google Cloud Storage, is blocked in some regions. This was preventing people from downloading games. Starting today there is now an Alternate download mode that you can enable on the download page. You can find it by clicking the Downloads not starting? link on the bottom right of the file list.


Once alternate download mode is enabled, downloads will be proxied through’s server. This means if you can access the site you can access the downloads. The disadvantage is that download speeds will be slower, so you should only use it if you can’t normally download.

You might notice another update in the screenshot above. I’ve added clarification text to purchases to explain how download pages work and how you access them. Although a simple change, it should help clear up any confusion for anyone purchasing your game.


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I just had a user from India who had problems downloading, and enabling this alternate download mode eventually solved it for them. But! They weren't able to enable alternate download mode from my mod's page because I don't have it set up to accept payments, which means users never see that page with the 'downloads not starting?' link.

on the games i have found it towel required or like camping it downloads a little and then says failed -forbidden


I cant find the button


Which game is this for?

(1 edit)


i have found it some  games but not all