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I just had a user from India who had problems downloading, and enabling this alternate download mode eventually solved it for them. But! They weren't able to enable alternate download mode from my mod's page because I don't have it set up to accept payments, which means users never see that page with the 'downloads not starting?' link.

It will be released when I'm happy it gives the best first impression it can. At a minimum, it needs True Happiness to be integrated, and for the changes to be understandable without needing to first read out-of-game instructions.

I host a copy of all of my major mods on because I have control over the download page and can provide the mod without ads. For unreleased mods in particular, it lets me easily give access to friends and patrons that are testing it and giving feedback.

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It sounds like the script might not be installed properly.

Check these things:

  • Is the "roBurky - FitnessControls.ts4script" file inside the mods folder?
  • Has the .ts4script file been extracted from the zip file? Some mod guides incorrectly say to keep script files inside a zip file. But .ts4script files need to be OUT of the zip file.
  • Is the .ts4script file no more than one folder level deep inside the mods folder?
  • Do you have both 'custom content' and 'script mods' enabled in the options menu?
  • When you launch the game, do you get the window showing what mods you have installed? And does Fitness Controls show up under both the 'custom content' heading and the 'script mods' heading?

If you need more help, come join us on the Discord server for some live support.