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Gif & WebM Dumpsite (Throw your stuff in here)

A topic by i.i created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 1,148 Replies: 11
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Regular Dumps Are Important


Here are some from a unfinished game of mine:

The local solar system:

A star:

It was going be some kind of procedural space galaxy trading strategy thing, but I lost motivation to work on it. It did get a bit further than this, but I don't have any image of it.


This is really cool dude. You should work on this more.

Thanks! I would love too work on the game, but I don't (think) I have any compelling mechanics for the game. Simply, the game wasn't any fun. I started in the wrong order, made the graphics first, which was fun, but there wasn't really a game.

I found another gif, showing what it looked like when a planet was selected:

I wouldn't say that's necessarily the wrong order.

As long as a game/toy has these two things, in my eyes it is a good piece of work.

  1. Great immediate feedback.
  2. Great atmosphere.

So what does that mean?

Great immediate feedback is the instantaneous response the game gives back to you from player input. For example, in mario, even just walking around and jumping up and down is pretty enjoyable. This is key. Gamefeel would fall under this category.

Great atmosphere is the story, graphics, sound design and overall immersiveness. Does the universe you've created in the game extend beyond what's immediately there? Do I find myself imagining exploring different elements in your game within my own brain? If people find themselves creating headcanon, then you've done a good job.

You've already well on your way with number 2. Personally, I'm not a fan of the selection UI. I feel like it doesn't fit right with the rest of the atmosphere you've got going, but you can definitely find a way to add number 1 into what you've got going.


I totally agree with you and haven't actually thought about it that way. I think I was imagining it as becoming a game at some point point and that is probably why I abandon it, because I couldn't come up with any kind of "good" game play.

Maybe it could become a toy at some point. You are definitely making me second guess my choice of stopping developing on it :)

I will save your comment somewhere, so if I'm ever in doubt again about the direction of a project, I can look back on it.


I love the art style! The star is very art deco.

Motivation is a hard thing to keep, especially the longer you're on a project. Sometimes you have to take a break and come back to a project with fresh eyes and mind. I feel like you could make something great out of this.

Thank you!
Yeah, as discussed above, maybe I'll turn it into something at some point.... Let's see :


We just dumping GIFs here?

This is the 2nd playable character that I'm currently implementing. His name is Vandheer, he's the games final boss. God his basic movements down - now doing attacks!

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the fluid-yet-sudden sense of movement to the animations, really shows character and looks fun

I agree, the animation is fluid and snappy, which works well with something focused on melee combat. Are those vector sprites? it looks like it'll be a ton of fun to play.


Oh, what the hack. Might as well show off my one and only gameplay GIF so far:

It's from a game called Attack Vector, that I never put on because of the exotic system requirements. Hopefully you can run it; the GIF only gives a... shaky idea of what the game is like. But it was the best I was able to make. Enjoy!