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Thank you!
Yeah, as discussed above, maybe I'll turn it into something at some point.... Let's see :

I totally agree with you and haven't actually thought about it that way. I think I was imagining it as becoming a game at some point point and that is probably why I abandon it, because I couldn't come up with any kind of "good" game play.

Maybe it could become a toy at some point. You are definitely making me second guess my choice of stopping developing on it :)

I will save your comment somewhere, so if I'm ever in doubt again about the direction of a project, I can look back on it.

Thanks! I would love too work on the game, but I don't (think) I have any compelling mechanics for the game. Simply, the game wasn't any fun. I started in the wrong order, made the graphics first, which was fun, but there wasn't really a game.

I found another gif, showing what it looked like when a planet was selected:

Here are some from a unfinished game of mine:

The local solar system:

A star:

It was going be some kind of procedural space galaxy trading strategy thing, but I lost motivation to work on it. It did get a bit further than this, but I don't have any image of it.

What about a tutorial post and request section?