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Random Uploaded Images Breaking

A topic by Jusiv created Jan 29, 2020 Views: 473 Replies: 7
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UPDATE: As of 9:44 AM on January 31, 2020, all of the issues described here appear to have been resolved for me.

I just opened up my dashboard today and found that all of my games had their icons as broken image links. I would post a screenshot directly here, but it seems any image I upload also appears as a dead link so I'll provide an imgur link instead

This affects all 12 games I have put on itch. I haven't checked the site frequently since the end of summer 2019 so I don't know how exactly long the images have been broken, but I'm positive they used to all work. 

Upon further investigation, it seems the problem is bigger than that. Viewing the games from my main profile page it appears that their covers images were, fortunately, unaffected: However, I've found a number of images (both .gif and .png ones) across my game pages have been similarly broken. In one case, here, only certain images have the issue.

The full list of my pages that have been affected is as follows:

And yes, I did confirm with someone on a different network that the images are broken.

I can re-upload them all if absolutely necessary, but I'd love to know there's a faster fix or a way this issue could be addressed and prevented in the future!

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Sorry for not replying sooner everyone. All uploads were processed correctly, but the server that handles delivering images to your browser was having some issues. Image processing is restored now. It is not necessary to re-upload anything. Thanks


Yeah, all my previously working GIFs in the sidebar have disappeared visually.

When I go to "Edit Game", under "Add Screenshots", there are missing image icons where they once were.


Just searched for this topic. It's happened to several of mine as well.


Uploading images isn't working for me.  


Glad I stumbled across this thread, I've just setup an itch account and setting up my first game going crazy trying to upload screenshots :D

I'll just go ahead and assume it's broken and sit tight for a fix.


Was having the same problem, for some reason only on one of my pages, For a moment I wondered if my artist accidentally claimed my pictures or something. hope this gets solved soon! Just to be sure, keep a backup of your images on your computer I guess! Can't be sure whether when it gets fixed your images will be there again, or you have to reupload them!

UPDATE: The issues with my images appearing as dead links appears to have been resolved. I also seem to be able to upload pictures again, as demonstrated with my banner here.

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