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Aw, thanks much!  My favorite part of the dev was re-discovering the vision occlusion algorithm I did for an Ultima clone so long ago. 

And really loved making a game  that wasn't about fighting or danger but just exploration and discovery.

Haha, this is amazing. 

Wow!  I played this back on my brother's Intellivision console. Really great job!

Ah nice!  Hope that works in all the browsers!

Yeah that's it -- and I had problems with it in various browsers (like it only worked in one or something) so I didn't try using it again.  But it does look cool.  Hope there is a more stable and all-browser solution.....  

That’s an old programmatic filter by someone else .  Wl try to find. 

Fantastic!  Really has the old arcade feel, sound, look!

Fun lil' adventure!  Finished it, had a good time.

Would love to see more now that you've got your own SCUMM system going!

Very cool!  Also, I am bad at it. :D

Hey there, k!

Wait, are you the Jenny Schmidt I *KNOW*?!?   :O

Really interesting concept and controls! Fun. And lots of interesting props for a tiny little Pico-8 spritesheet!

Sweet!  Way to crush that bug!

No problem!  Thanks for jamming!

Sweet! Will help people play!

Fun! And hard! I am skeeeeered!

Um..... what are the controls?

Awwwww appreciate it!  Thanks to you and others for making fun entries. And to everyone that didn't finish, hope you had fun anyway!

No problem. After the jam, I will create a TBJ4 directory and copied the fixed fonts there while I remember it!

THREEFONTS.PNG is fixed in the files directory:

That font is fixed, but green, in text16.png, so use that one.

D’oh!  I’d fixed that.... and grabbed the wrong one. Whoops!  Good catch! 

There won't be official judging, but people will play all the games -- if it is paid, people won't likely play it unless very interested, so I'd just add a price later at least after the weekend after the jam.  Most anyone playing jam games will be done after next Sunday.

Up to you, but would be great to get your game played for sure. 

I can have the artist detail the sprite, but I am zonked for the night -- will try to respond in morn, but Colin's basically got it right.

No problem! Thanks for the great submission!

And glad the games could inspire you!

Yeah, you can make colors transparent, rotate, flip -- just not ADD information/detail to sprites.  Many of them are made to use palette and transparency tricks.

Love how it adds mechanics over time, and love the nutty, loose controls!

Nice!  Great job -- like how the items change each level!

Super fun! Finished!  This was a blast to play!

Fun! Like how the item changes each level!

Update: there are some more  platforming tiles to pick and choose from now!  See the FILES directory.

Here are new platforming-style tiles/sprites for use in TOY BOX JAM 3! Look here!

New Platforming Fun Gfx!

All the great ones are done by the genius artist Toby (go praise him on Twitter at ). All the ones that look like Keen 1-3 are my "art". :D

Enjoy -- Toby may get to polish up the ones I did soon. But didn't want to wait TOO long into the jam!  Have fun!

If it is comical like Super Meat Boy, that's fine.  

I mean I don't really care about the cart label.  One could say it would be hardcore to make it out of the assets, but it is probably okay since it isn't what gets run as a game.

Yeah, the spirit is just not to add detail to the assets. Controlling them is fine (can set flags on sprites, and so on).

This is for beginners to find resources about making games in Pico-8. It will not contain EVERY resource, but only the ones that beginners need to get going.

Pico-8 is a fantasy console. It uses a scripting language called Lua. All the tools for code editing, sprite and map editing, plus sound and music editing are all built in!  The Pico-8 community is friendly, and there are lots of resources to help you get started!


- Play some games!

-- Note: games use the arrow keys and Z ( O button) and X (X button) usually. Return is the pause menu.

- Peek at the code on the site by clicking Code under the cartridge window!

- You can also download the Cart by clicking Cart, then Right-Click on the cart to download it. 

- A great 72-page beginner's guide by @MBoffin : 

- ALSO check out @MBoffin 's great educational toolset, carts covering one concept each!

- Nerdy Teachers have a great intro to Pico-8 and little, well-organized tutorials!

- Watch the LazyDevs BREAKOUT HERO tutorial series:

- Check out Liquidream 's beginner tutorials on Pico-8:

- Consult the official manual:

-  Or Fandom's Wiki on Pico-8 that is more verbose:

- Remind yourself of command syntax with the Pico-8 cheatsheet:

- Check out Pico-8 Zines #1 - #4 !

- Awesome Pico-8 resources list:

- General resources listed on

Join the Pico-8 Discord:

Okay that's a good start for resources! Now go out there and try to make something!

1. There are small 8x8 Neat-O ones too, but I guess you saw that later.

HARDCORE: You cannot manually draw any sprites to "make them bigger".  You can SSPR them, or simply DOUBLE sprites in both directions, not adding any new information.
EASY: Manually sizing up platforming type tiles is okay for use with Neat-O, but you might just double them and wait a few days... ahem....

2. Not 128x128, but they have to use the chunky pixel sprites, so might 2x, 3x, 4x scale them.  No need to adhere to 128x128 if not in Pico-8. 

3. You can use anything in the files.  The original jam was one sheet but I did add some with the ARG.  I've just been adding more as I go. I may add a SUPER HARDCORE that only allows use of the new set of gfx, but then I need to make a for-sure decent one-sheet that is great.  Even though there are more gfx, the spirit is that you just use one spritesheet even if you cobble it together.  

I hope that answers a few things!

Thanks for the help, merwok!

CHECK OUT THE "MESSAGE FROM MAX" which has the fix AND adds another spritesheet!

Hey all, some Captain Neat-o sprites were duplicated, and one climbing frame was messed up -- here is the fixed one!

Also, I found this spritesheet on an odd disk that was in TOY BOX JAM 2 -- you can use this too! It's got CHICKENS!

Thanks for understanding. Have fun!