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No problem!

Wow, this is LOVELY and awesomely fun!  Stellar entry!

Yay! Nice.

Very cool! Congrats!

Great! Glad you had fun!  Feel free to keep using it -- I may expand the word set (it's already at ~3400 "phrasey-bits") but will have to do compression to do so.

(Btw If you missed submitting, I extended the jam until 7pm PST. :)

You're welcome!  And great job getting the jam done! Woo hooooo!

No worries! I extended the jam deadline until 7pm PST. Submit away!

No worries -- I just extended the jam to 7pm tonight so submit away!

Nice! Great names. And glad you have a cool name for your next game!

Some folks barely missed the deadline -- so if you want to get a game submitted, you have Sunday to do it as well!

Hope that helps the stragglers!

Yeah would be nice!

Haha ain’t that the way

Well, hope it works out for ya!

Absolutely! Have fun and hope they are a success!

For this jam, I didn't do judging.  There are arguments for both sides.  So nope, not this time!

Oh, I don't think you can have two playables on one page.  I'd just make another page for the other one, and have a link to it in your text.

I know nothing about Tic-80 export options, sorry. Only Pico-8!

Looks great! One question:

Why not have this playable on the page with an EXPORT TOPHOP.HTML ?

I wrote directions on my jam:

Whoops, I copied from last year's and didn't change -- FIXED IT!


Nice!  Will look forward to it!

Yeah FreeSound is great and there are graphics and sounds on Open Game Art:

In the future, if you are getting more into it and  want LOTS of sounds/music, SoundRangers has ones you can buy.

If your game is realistic, you can make it with your phone and your voice!

If it isn't, then you could use a sound/music editor that has built-in instruments. (Pico-8 has one for more complex sounds, and can export WAV files.) Here are a bunch of free ones:

Good luck!

Haha, nice!




Yeah, join any time!  Will clarify it is okay after the 16th too!


Here's how to make your Pico-8 game playable on!

  • Export from pico: EXPORT FILENAME.HTML 
  • Rename  FILENAME.HTML to INDEX.HTML (cuz that is what wants) then ZIP those two files.
  • Now, in upload, choose HTML instead of Executable and upload the zip
  • Choose 750x680 display size (Thanks again, KittenM4aster!)
  • After you upload, you can change the theme of the page to match your game, like this:

Those are the tricky bits -- fill in the rest and you are good to go!

They sound great!  Well, if you post ANYthing by the 1st, you can just update that title later!

No, but it is a Pico-8 game, it is just really easy for people to play it if it is exported to HTML. A LOT more people will see it!

I'll repost my posting instructions from TOY BOX JAM, which I summarized on the Jam Page. Will be a new post in a few minutes!


Yeah sure!  People also can upload "whatever they have" as the jam ends, and keep working on it.

Haha.... that should be interesting!



Awesome name!

(1 edit)

Great! Have fun brainstorming!

Good luck!

Nice! Keep a-goin'!

Could be cool!

Haha, that's great.