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Thanks! Yeah I need to add a confirmation dialogue or something. Glad you had fun!

Haha, yeah -- well maybe Scrap Boy PT on Picotron! :D 

Haha, this was hilarious!  Love the quotes, firebomb boss got me... will try again another time....

Great!  Glad it was a fun learning experience!

And congrats on the first game jam!

Wow, this looks great!  Need to edit your theme to show screenshots!

Oh heck yeah! Cool.

Glad you had fun!

That's some precision platforming!

Yay! Glad to see animated water and good use of assets!

Had fun exploring a little, getting Vials. Will have to check it out more later!

(Would love it if the nessages had black outlines or backgrounds.)

Way to Jam! Congrats!

Yay! Glad this Jam could getcha going! Will check out Quiet Helix!

Cool powerups! Scary ninjas!

Aw too hard on yourselves!  I finished the first room or two -- ya got crate pushing going, rooms, a dude running around. Not bad!

Haha this is so nutty, love it.

That was really fun! Love all the new mechanics/puzzles each level!

Clever symbol use too. Interesting figuring out where I have to go and how doubling/halving works!

So different looking with the B&W font use!

So flappy!

Fun little game! Neat-O Returns!

Haha this is the best LITERAL SNEK on a TRAIN game.

Yours is the best abstract SNEK AS a TRAIN game. :D

This is the best snake on a train game I have ever played!

Okay great! Have fun!

Aw, well you got it started!  Good luck for the rest of the jam!

Either hit Return/Enter on your keyboard or refresh the page in your browser. 

NOTE: the game does NOT save your progress (I hit the code token limit) so you can also click the pause button next to the right side of the game window, then continue in that tab later.

If you are on mobile, that little rectangular button above the O/X buttons is like pressing Return. 

Awesome job!

Yeah, happy that people can enjoy solving the mystery anyway!  Glad ya got it!

You don’t need to know French. Look closely and slowly around each line.  LMK if you need more help!

Ah k cool.

Ohhh heh well glad you found that!

Yay!  Excited to see what you and all the other jammers make!

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Ohhhh okay crazy -- weird it was a webp?!? 

My Mac shows it and reads it as a jpeg... hum....

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Okay cool!  It downloads with a weird name, maybe suggest saving as fontloader.p8.png?

Great entry, thanks!

Great work!  Thanks much!

Post what you are thinking of making here!  Fun to see whatcher doin'!

Yep, thanks for pointing that out!  Jet lag is a hard one before a jam release!

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Okay replaced -- things uniquely in this zip that aren't found elsewhere are added (three things).

Just download the again.

Ah looks like in my sleepiness I didn't export those for non-Pico-8 folks!  Bad me!  Will update the zip and respond here when done.

Updated the graphic -- don't know how the old version got up there.  Probably jet lag sleepiness, thanks!

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Somehow the old, incorrect PIECE OF PAPER got uploaded!

PLEASE RE-CHECK "Piece Of Paper" (and download new one if you downloaded it).

That's what I get for self-QA-ing the upload. :P 

Also, the didn't have assets converted for non-Pico-8 use, so that was fixed!

Have fun!

It says 2-1?  Yikes! Will check the files.

Okay great!

This was tested pretty thoroughly. 2-5 is correct.  (I originally had 2-1 when I had a mind-blip and misidentified the animal.)  It may be that you need the North American name for it.

9-2 = 9-3 is to make clear they are the same, because testers tried to include both, leading to an extra letter.