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Haha, that was great!  What a fun, high quality lil' game!



Heh, thanks!  Also adding Story Plot section soon!

And will have a "general game idea guru" tool up here soon too!

Cool, easy to understand mechanic, and gets more complex as you go! Great game!

Very cool!  Makes me miss Ecco, and that's high praise! Thanks for the birthday link!

Played this awesome game on Lexaloffle -- thanks for the birthday link! :)

😮😮😮 Nice job. And thanks!

Heh aw thx!

Thanks! Heh.

This is gonna be amazingly handy! Thanks!

Also, the animated logo at the top is pretty cool and clever.

Very very cool game!  WATCH OUT FOR BATTLEBUGS though, and those shrooms that poison you. I AM KING OF THE BEACH!

Charming, awesome, and terrifying!

Really great how there is intimacy and personality to the boss!

Great job!

I saw! Thanks for the nice comments. Great overview!

Thanks! Yeah, I can’t beat it either! :^)

Super great jam game!  Would love to play a full length one!

Thanks much!

Thanks!  Hard to make one with so few characters, but I got something!

Aww, you're welcome!


Awww thanks! Making Pico-8 games takes me back to my beloved Apple ][ days! And I did this crappy game (albeit with some okay polish) as my first P8 game cuz it is the smallest-scope game I know. Now that I have finished one (haven’t truly programmed in years), I will go back to my larger scope project with a better mindset!

Fun game!  Good action, clear graphics. Kiiiinda wish it had a more extensive song, heh! But really nice effort!

Amazing game!  Really want the cart on my GameShell!

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Also hope you will have your Meditation game somewhere, the loader won't load it.... :(

Wait!  Sixth load got in. Nice!

Super fun! Can't wait for the full adventure! 

I love this!  Great polish!  Vines look so climbable though... Anyway, having a blast!

Woo hoo! Pip release dayyyyyyyy!

Wow, clever idea!  Fun!

Very cool game!

I saw your twitter conversation -- hope Zep puts this check and the sound thing in!

Ohhhh ah k, thanks!

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Is the mobile support in the Pico-8 file, or in the HTML? Because I’d love to do mobile support.

Sorry for the Pico-noob question!

Fantastic game!

Great theming, amazing execution! Feels like a classic boss battle.

GOOD NEWS: Haha, this is really great!  Loved the variety and abstractness and silliness and seriousness. Well done!

BAD NEWS: Accidentally stole a rare unicorn horn and now Imelda won't talk to me. <sniff>

Really fun!  I was gonna say, hey you used that guy's cool SCUMM demo and then I remembered you were "that guy". :D :P 

Great job on the scary cutscenes and music!

Had to pony up for that sweet, sweet ride, yo.

Awwwww I just saw it was BEDFORD FALLS. Awwwwwwww.

Attaboyyyy, Nicholas, attaboyyyyy....!

Or should I call you, Saint Nick!

THIS. GAME. IS. SO. FUN. Great job!

Haha, this is great.  Sleigh Defender!

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Hahaha, that was amazing and hilarious! :D