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Hi everyone,

We have just released version 2.1.1 of Wheely World which was purely an engine upgrade from an older 2017 version of Unity to a more current version.

Wheely World now integrates a lot better with newer devices and operating systems and is also much more reliable on various Linux flavours.

Enjoy :)

Back to let everyone know that the linux version is working now and is uploaded ready to go!

Hi Liam,

Finally got around to adding full screen support (controller support too), sorry for the delay on that.

Still no local multiplayer, hopefully that might be next on the list.

Hey Stuart

It's been a crazy year, not a lot got done for Wheely World but I've FINALLY found some time to add full screen mode and controller support, linux uploaded minutes ago.

Hopefully full screen will help your dragging issue but if you have a gamepad I'd recommend trying that, tonnes of fun :)

It's been a long while since Wheely World has had an update but we've finally done it!

We have added controller support for both mobile and desktop versions of the game and added full screen support for desktop.

Linux is yet to be updated as there have been a few issues with the older version of Unity we're using and the new features but I will get that uploaded asap and update this post.

Race to Victory in the All New Royale Mode or get a High Score in Runner Mode!

Hi everyone.

Wheely World has been on itch for a while now and when we launched we decided to go with a lite / paid model to match releases on other stores.

We were really keen to use itch's pay what you want system but were a bit unsure if it would seem unfair to users of other stores.

We have decided to just follow our hearts here and swap Wheely World over to the pay what you want model after seeing how generous people were by paying (and in some cases more than we asked) even when we were running a free promotion.

Hopefully this will allow more people to experience the full product.

Choose your favorite world, customize your ride and go for High Scores in Endless Runner Mode, or Manage the Mayhem and Race to Victory in Royale Mode, the choice is yours!

The aim is to complete the challenges, earn stars and unlock new worlds and vehicles. Skillful use of power-ups will help you take down your opponents, all while racing over, under and around the ever changing scenery.

You'll never have the same run twice. Welcome to Wheely World!

It's exciting to hear people playing this on Linux, I'm a Linux guy myself.

Full screen should just work, I'll try to get an update out with a toggle.

Local multiplayer is something we've talked about for a long time, would be tonnes of fun.  Maybe if enough people ask we'll make it happen ;)

Thanks for the support!

That's a great point about the locking the cursor, I will try to find some time to add that in.

The music was composed for us by a couple of very talented guys named Jeremy Mayall and Chris Lam Sam, really happy with the result :)

Hi everyone,

We have been really enjoying our experience with Itch since launching Wheely World and wanted to do something to support the people supporting Itch, so we've decided to give away some free copies!

Wheely World is crazy endless driving, high score chasing (also with battle mode) game set on a continually changing cylinder inside an arcade machine.  In fact it was heavily inspired by the old mechanical arcade machines with similar gameplay.
We have builds for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Head over the the main page to claim your reward!

All feedback is more than welcome, so let us know what you think :)

I apologise if "Release Announcements" is the wrong forum to be posting in but I didn't see anything more appropriate.

Just thought I'd let anyone reading this know that today we have released a lite version of Wheely World today which allows people to try out the core game play of Wheely World for free.

We released the lite version for all platforms, Android, Win, Mac, Linux.

Enjoy :)

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Hi everyone,

Wheely World is the first game released by Cloudland Studios, a two man studio fulfilling a high school dream of releasing some games together in our spare time around jobs and families :)

Given our limited time to build our first game we chose to tackle a genre we might not usually play and try to put our own spin on it to create something new that we would enjoy ourselves.

Wheely World is an endless runner at it's heart, however we recently added a battle royale mode to the mix.
It plays out on a revolving 3D cylindrical world with procedurally generated hills and objects which build up over time to make the gameplay get wilder the longer you commit to the world.
Hills and objects have persistent locations on the world so you can learn the current world and plan your path around it.
Deciding when to reset the world and when to continue can be a key part of your strategy!

Wheely World was very bare bones when it launched on the Apple and Google play stores but it has built up over time into a much more full gaming experience which is why we haven't brought it over to platforms like itch until now.

We hope you enjoy the jumps, flips and carnage :D

Glad I stumbled across this thread, I've just setup an itch account and setting up my first game going crazy trying to upload screenshots :D

I'll just go ahead and assume it's broken and sit tight for a fix.